We had a wonderful surprise for Spring Break last week…our grandchildren came for a visit!  They were so excited when I said it was time to take pictures for the blog, so the boys and the puppy jumped into the spirit of spring.  My Spring Break wardrobe was mostly denim inspired and that is why I chose to show you a couple of denim outfits this week.I could’ve made money on this photo bombing, but I let them do it any way without a payment…Gigi rarely says NO!

This is a Talbot’s cardigan; a Tahari Tee; a beautiful silk scarf I found at a consignment shop; and my Soft Surroundings denim Metro Leggings.  Navy blue is such a nice, softer option for black.  And these lightweight cardigans make perfect transition pieces to have. I find myself selecting navy more and more lately as I have resolved to wear more color this year.

Photo bombing wore the puppy out!

How do you feel about substituting black with navy?  Are you in or out?  Let us know and make sure you always…


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