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Time for spring sunshine, coffee, and news for women of a certain age.  This is the day I curate news stories which may be of interest just to you.  Please feel free to comment on any or all of these selections…and I hope you enjoy!

There is a lot of information about people who obssess over a clean house.  Here is an interesting new take on it….that I don’t want my husband to see, because I am not sure I agree with it!  Read about cleanliness HERE.  

This basketball looks old and used up, but this is a story about a female basketball player who is anything but old and used up.  Stories like this one are really inspirational!  MEET SISTER JEAN, THE HOTTEST PROPERTY IN BASKETBALL.


Apparently, there has been a great debate among chefs and cooks about CHICKENS!  READ ANOTHER SIDE OF THE DEBATE HERE.

We started the week discussing closet organization.  Want to know how Martha Stewart does it?  Read about her closet advice HERE.

Well, that’s it for now!  If all goes well, I have a Video Chat for Friday…unti then…..



  1. That article about cleaning was a real eye-opener. I’m willing to give it a shot to see how it works out. There’s not really a downside to doing all that cleaning. I admit that a lot of times I get home from work and I’m mentally exhausted and just want to read or be quiet, certainly not clean. But if it will brighten my mood, I’ll give it a go! I certainly do feel a sense of accomplishment when I do it, just not sure about amping up the happiness quotient, but what the heck! Worth a try! And I just have to say, having a “closet” like Martha Stewart’s is not in the stars for me, so I’m learning to deal with the limitations I have in my own VERY old farm house with VERY small closets (built in 1906 when people just didn’t have clothes like we do now.) There are some good tips for organization, no matter how large or small the space!

    1. That’s why I shared it, Karen…just for the information. I know few of us have closet like Martha…but it would be nice!

  2. I love Martha, but marble in the closet? I am a professional organizer working with clients in their homes every day. I think few people get to have a closet like that. This is always the line we walk.. wanting advice from professionals without feeling discouraged by our actual space and budget. As the piece said, when it comes to hanging clothes, not having them cramped is easier said than done.

    1. Pretty elaborate, huh? I would love to have you over to help me out…organization just sometimes leaves me clueless. Thanks for sharing, Seana.

  3. I know I’m happier when I clean. I’ve had many situations in my life when I’ve cleaned elderly families homes voluntarily. It’s a great feeling! I don’t resent others for not helping or feeling the same. Also, you do experience some humility cleaning after someone. I still have time for ‘loftier’ pursuits!

  4. Oh to have a closet like Martha Stewart! Or a Martha Stewart organized kitchen. That would, of course, entail getting a bigger house or eliminating bedrooms for my grandchildren. As for washing v. not washing chicken, I think people feel better rinsing everything they cook from meat to vegetables, but running cold water over anything doesn’t accomplish much other than knowing you did something. Having had food poisoning from chicken prepared in a very nice restaurant, I learned that all chicken has salmonella regardless where it is bought and cooking to the proper temperature is the only thing that kills it. There is no point in taking any chance in cross-contamination by rinsing in my opinion. It’s a horrible type of food poisoning.

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