Sunshine Botanicals: All Natural, Cruelty Free Skincare + A Special Offer

Recently, I was honored to appear on a Facebook Live progam with this lady, Emily Fritchey, the founder of the all natural skincare line, Sunshine Botanicals.Emily and her late husband were sound believers of the damage done to our skin from impurities and chemicals in the environment.  They studied the power of plants and, they believed, plants were the key to a youthful, healthy complexion.  So, I asked her to send samples from fome of their products for me to test and I am very impressed. The products have a silky feel and great aromas.  My face looks healthy and glowing after I use them.  They do tighten the complexion.    Here are the products I have tried and liked:

The Cellular Firming Cream is a firming, anti-wrinkle antioxidant.  It is very lightweight and smooth….infused with cranberry extract with white birch bark extract.  Love the way it smells…especially after the night cleanse.

Good eye serums and creams are very important to me.  They say this one reduces wrinkles by 15%, and helps with dark circles and puffiness. It does firm the area around the eye.  I like the way my eyes have looked using it.  Liquid 02 Extreme Eye Repair

More and more brands are making hydrating sprays and I have come to really like them.  They advertise: “Cellular Renewal Mist is a powerful and targeted blend of unique botanical extracts carefully blended to hydrate the skin, stimulate healthy cell growth and revitalize damaged tissue.”  It is very refreshing as well.  Cellular Renewal Mist

I have also tried their cleansers and do like them. This Cleanse & Purify is like pouring plants from the blender on to the face.  It is a refreshing cleanse and I really like it.   So this gives you an all natural, plant made skincare line to consider and to help out your decisions, Sunshine Botanicals is offering my readers a discount.  If you make a purchase and use the code PAM20 at checkout, you will receive a 20% discount.  This is one of the best all natural options I have seen.


Disclaimer:  I was provided product for testing, but the words are my own.


  1. I totally agree..when I switched to natural skincare, my skin started to look younger and healthier. This skincare line sounds wonderful!!

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