The Market at Macys: A New Shopping Experience

We all know the world of retail is changing at a rapid pace, and it is refreshing to see a favorite retailer like Macy’s developing new ways to keep in- store- shopping an experience worth leaving the computer to enjoy.  The Market at Macy’s is a special area of the store for pop-up shops by rising. unique designers and brands.

The only bad news here is there are only ten Market at Macy’s locations in the country.  To my delight, San Antonio has one at Macy’s in Northstar Mall.  I had a lovely time visiting with Barb, the store manager and learning more about the current shops in our store. Out of the shops I saw last weekend, I had two favorites.  First was the jewelry by designer Kinsley Armelle….(ok, my granddaughter’s name is Kinsley, but this is also beautiful jewelry)! Of course, a set of bracelets had to come home with me!!  I love these…they are so chic and unique…you can mix and add any way you like.

And, I adore the Love Pop cards.  These amazing three dimensional creations became famous from Shark Tank when Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) invested in the venture.  Now, that I have see them up close, I will always want to send a Love Pop.The Market at Macy’s is such a fun experience with clothing, jewelry, specialties, eyebrow threading and on and on.  It truly makes shopping Macy’s a full day trip…it was already fun, but now so much more.

On my way out, the shoe sale called my name and two new pair of sandals came home with me.  I have always loved Macy’s!  If you are also in one of the cities with a Market at Macy’s, let me know what you think….

What do you think of this concept for major retailers?



  1. This is such a great concept! The closest to me is Pittsburgh, where I happen to love visiting, so I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there. Your bracelets are beautiful, and good for you on the shoe sale! Hopefully this will catch on and others will open up. We had a Macy’s close in my area, but two remain, so maybe they’ll jump on board with this!

  2. Pam , you look better than the mannequin you are standing beside. The bib necklace, black shirt, and black print pants you are wearing look waaaay more appealing for purchase. Macy’s should just ask you to stand real still for awhile. LOL

  3. You are so sweet…this particular designer is targeting much younger women and has fun designs. I would wear them if I were young again! But, your words are very sweet.

  4. I am sure Macy’s will love to read comments like this Karen. Thanks so much!

  5. I was a Macy’s shopper too, until ours in Tyler closed last year. I like the bracelets. It’s been years since I was at Northstar but it was almost deserted. I guess it has gotten back in favor over the years. I sure hope Macy’s can hold on through this online shopping craze. I need to actually try on clothing and the brick and mortar stores are dwindling. We have Dillard’s but they do not stock XS tops so shoes are about all I purchase there….well, maybe a purse or two!

  6. Hi Terry, North Star is alive and kicking. When I was there last Saturday, it was packed with shoppers. I guess everyone is excited about the return of warmer weather. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I think our closest Macys is in Birmingham, but given that they are in a nearly dead mall, I doubt they are doing this. It’s nice to see Macy’s try to come up with some new concepts. I think one way for these stores to offer more is to offer more personalized service and unique things. In VA we had a wonderful store that offered personalized service – like when I tried on a dress, and the sales woman went to the scarf department and found me the perfect scarf for it. One of the nice things about Chicos is that they will help you pull together an outfit, if you ask. Pam, you are a great Ambassador for shopping!

  8. Wow, both of you ladies look like models !! At the very least I would have mistaken you, Pam, for a High-end buyer. Love your outfit – ageless.

  9. Thank you Elsie! I love great personal service and I love to shop. The ladies working in the Market area at our Macy’s last weekend, were excellent.

  10. The problems my Macy’s has are not related to their selection.
    They are a great place for pants as they carry a big variety of pants, many geared towards gals who aren’t bean-poles.

    The problem where I am is that they’re hardly staffed and all it takes is one person trying to return something without a decent receipt to gum the checkout up.

  11. I hear you, Ginger. I miss the days of really great customer service…it still exists, but is now the exception rather than the rule.

  12. Of all the major retailers, Macy’s is one of those stores that we need to support. May 18th 1995 New Orleans flooded and my home was ruined. As I walked into work the next morning, HR was greeting the employees and taking notes of those affected. To my surprise, I had $10,000.00 placed on my Macy’s card. I am so grateful ?

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