The Monthly Style Tip for March: #HowBoldAreYou

It’s the first Friday of the month when I discuss one styling idea to keep in mind for the next 30 days. For the month of March, I would like to join in with Chico’s asking the question…#HowBoldAreYou.  The word BOLD has different definitions to different women…and we all have the line we are willing to cross or not.  I tend to be on the conservative side with clothing…every now and then I venture out for some fun.  I am not going to die my hair a bright color…or pose in clothing where my underwear is exposed…or dress like I am still in my college years…although kudos to the women over 50 who do so because they believe it is right for them.  I love Iris Apfel…and may want to dress like her in a few years, but for me, BOLD means I take baby steps into new territory and stick my toe in creative water.  So, when Chico’s asked me to pick out a garment which was in a BOLDER direction than I usually go, it took me a while to decide.  Then I saw these pants.  I liked them immediately on the website, but knew it would take courage for me to wear them out.  These colors are not my usual selections and the print is bolder than I have worn before…so I said…OK LET’S DO IT!

I paired them with a Chico’s taupe jacket, a Chico’s white flowy top from last year, and a Chico’s necklace I have had for several years…remember this has been wardrobe building week.  I plan to wear them with a different pair of sandals as soon as I can go sandal shopping.  But, I really like the pant.  It will be fun to have in my wardrobe and they are very comfortable.  Mixing things up a bit and stepping into new bold territory is a lot of fun. 

Now, some of you may be laughing at me and thinking, for you, this isn’t bold at all.  But, for the rest of us…it just might be.  So, I challenge you for March to select at least one item which is a bolder statement than you usually buy and then report back as to how it went.  Life is short, we need to have fun with our fashion …just because we can!!  I want to show with my wardrobe that I am creative… and wearing styles like these pants does exactly that.  (By the way, check out Chico’s new color, Malibu Punch…beautiful and bold.

So, ladies…when you want to show the world you are bold, how do you do that with your outward appearance?  How do you feel about experiencing a bolder side of you?  Any big risk takers out there?

Please share………………and then……………………

KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted this garment from Chico’s, but the words are my own.


  1. Some may not consider this bold, but I sure do! Pairing those pants with the taupe jacket really works beautifully! And the necklace is fabulous! I tend to not want to stand out. I don’t want to blend in either all the time, so it’s a quandary for sure! I have this one pair of hot pink jeans that I frayed the bottoms on last year and for me, wearing that color for pants is really bold. Last week was my personal retreat, and bold for me was going out to restaurants by myself. I actually felt bold! (And I loved it, by the way!) I have always stuck with solid colors when being more bold, but I will definitely try some different things on this year like you have shown here, because why not? Like you said, have some fun and try different, fun things! I’m all for that!

  2. I like these pants and the whole outfit looks good on you. Being bold is a great theme for this month. I love, enjoy, and admire Iris Apfel’s approach but I’m a quieter in my choices.

  3. Love your story, Karen. Bold does mean different things to each of us. I feel as bold in my faux leather leggings, as I do in their print pants. It is good when we just ever so gently step out of our comfort zones.

  4. I am quieter as well…but I could see bringing out my inner Iris when I get into my 70s and 80s!

  5. These are very comfy and lightweight for the warmer weather we are beginning to have.

  6. Very fabulous outfit. It’s coordinated perfectly and the pants add just the right “bold.” You have encouraged me to take a bold leap too. I bought printed pants today. I am a Chico’s girl too!

  7. I have been looking at the print pants on Chicos. I may not go as bold as you have with this medallion print, but I plan to order a pair of print pants and see if I wear them. (I have the faux leather pants, and it took me months to try them. When I did, I loved them). I don’t mind saturated colors and have been looking at Malibu Punch items. (I don’t have any trouble being bold in solid colors). You are giving me inspiration to try some Chicos items that I might not have otherwise thought about.

  8. Love love love this look. It’s not too bold for me. It looks very stylish and classy on you!!

  9. Good for you, Susan! I tried on a pair of Chico’s printed pants the other day and loved them, but they were very similar to a pair of pants I had already purchased last year. This was my bold purchase, and believe me I debated about it all day! I got one of those 50% off online specials and what jumped out at me was a pair of girlfriend ankle pants embellished with pearls and other bling. What made me ponder was the ripped effect in several areas. Now, I wear ripped jeans sometimes–just not too ripped, it’s more subtle. I had to consider this purchase because it was definitely a trendy look. But they looked so cute online, I caved and made the purchase. We’ll see how much I love them on when they arrive! If they fit well and look great, then I’ll have fun figuring out what tops to pair with them and how I can accessorize the look. Being bold is fun!

  10. That’s great, Leona. I will be wearing these in a variety of ways this spring. Enjoy your new pair!

  11. Have fun stepping out your comfort zone, Elsie. I hope it goes well for you….it is fun to play with fashion…isn’t it?

  12. It is fun, Kathy. Please report back and let us know what you think when you get them!!

  13. This outfit looks great on you. I love the pants. Print pants would be bold for me but I love the look. Maybe it is time for me to try some.

  14. Think about it, Michele. Print pants are fun to do occasionally…I have enjoyed mixing things up a bit!

  15. Last summer my husband encouraged me to buy some pink & taupe flamingos on grey capri leggings. I wore them with a grey tunic. I not only got compliments from men & women but loved them myself. Can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough to wear them this year. I loved your pants from Chico’s. They looked very good on you.

  16. What a fabulous outfit, Pam! Love those pants with the jacket — you did a great job going bold!!

  17. I love the pants! Great look Great choice! Thank you for sharing. So happy I found your site in this time of ‘who the heck am I?’ Thank you for the encouragement and sharing

  18. You are so welcome, Doree! I truly hope it helps…let me know how you are doing in your own journey.

  19. I love your pants and your whole look.You’ve got me thinking about what to buy to “bolden” my look.Last month I bought a pair of bright earrings and they feel great to wear with a particular outfit.Stores here are filling up with winter apparel and I’m open to buying something different,but I need to see what I need.I normally accessorise to “bolden” my look.

  20. You are thinking the right way, Julie. I inventoried my closet today when I put away my winter clothing. That helps us not to over spend when we know what we have. Your earrings sound fun.

  21. I love the print pants! Seems it was not that long ago when we were all wearing “bold” print capris (think paisley, geo prints, etc). Nowadays, I am really liking the look of the print pants with solid neutral colored cardigans, ruanas, ponchos, etc. Your styling here is right on, Pam! It’s refreshing to see something a little different on bottom now & then! I keep my clothes around a long time (I am very easy on my clothes), so maybe I can actually dig out a new outfit from my own closet!

  22. I bet you can find something, Betty. It is nice how fashion comes around and around. Thanks for commenting!

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