It’s the first Friday of the month when I discuss one styling idea to keep in mind for the next 30 days. For the month of March, I would like to join in with Chico’s asking the question…#HowBoldAreYou.  The word BOLD has different definitions to different women…and we all have the line we are willing to cross or not.  I tend to be on the conservative side with clothing…every now and then I venture out for some fun.  I am not going to die my hair a bright color…or pose in clothing where my underwear is exposed…or dress like I am still in my college years…although kudos to the women over 50 who do so because they believe it is right for them.  I love Iris Apfel…and may want to dress like her in a few years, but for me, BOLD means I take baby steps into new territory and stick my toe in creative water.  So, when Chico’s asked me to pick out a garment which was in a BOLDER direction than I usually go, it took me a while to decide.  Then I saw these pants.  I liked them immediately on the website, but knew it would take courage for me to wear them out.  These colors are not my usual selections and the print is bolder than I have worn before…so I said…OK LET’S DO IT!

I paired them with a Chico’s taupe jacket, a Chico’s white flowy top from last year, and a Chico’s necklace I have had for several years…remember this has been wardrobe building week.  I plan to wear them with a different pair of sandals as soon as I can go sandal shopping.  But, I really like the pant.  It will be fun to have in my wardrobe and they are very comfortable.  Mixing things up a bit and stepping into new bold territory is a lot of fun. 

Now, some of you may be laughing at me and thinking, for you, this isn’t bold at all.  But, for the rest of us…it just might be.  So, I challenge you for March to select at least one item which is a bolder statement than you usually buy and then report back as to how it went.  Life is short, we need to have fun with our fashion …just because we can!!  I want to show with my wardrobe that I am creative… and wearing styles like these pants does exactly that.  (By the way, check out Chico’s new color, Malibu Punch…beautiful and bold.

So, ladies…when you want to show the world you are bold, how do you do that with your outward appearance?  How do you feel about experiencing a bolder side of you?  Any big risk takers out there?

Please share………………and then……………………

KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted this garment from Chico’s, but the words are my own.

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