I listened in on a conversation recently where one woman clearly in her later years was describing to her daughter how she had lost her way after turning age 50.  She was disraught because she believed her best days were behind her and lacked direction for the future.  My heart went out to her because I know how it feels to lose your way…but I also know how it feels to find it!  My life after 50 has been exhilarating.  Oh, it has not been without it’s challenges, but I do not think life is ever completely challenge-free.

I have had more fun and surprise experiences than I ever expected to have in my fifties and sixties.  But, I had to chose to turn things around and I had to be open to learning and growing in new areas.  Then doors began to open. I had to take a few risks and I believe risk taking is a choice no matter our age.  Fear can shut anyone down.  I still struggle with feat sometimes, but I have learned to be a little bolder at this time of my life.

In a very small way, wearing these Lisette L Montreal ombre pants is taking a baby step out of my comfort zone.  I would not have worn these in my forties…believe it or not. But, I like them and I do like to reach out of my box occasionally.  The tops are both Chicos Travelers pieces and the necklace is Chicos as well.

What are some ways you have taken risks over 50?  Do you feel like you have lost or found your way later in life?  Please share….and…of course…




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