This Eileen FIsher jacket is new to my closet…I fell in love with it at the EF fashion show I recently attended.  I have about four white jackets hanging in my closet, all purchased in search of the white jacket which would be “the one.”  But when I put this one on, I knew immediately my search was over.  It is worth the investment to me because I will wear it often and the cost per wear will be low.

Why do I love it so much….here are the reasons:  1. The longer length  2. The bone color is not really white (I am actually not a huge fan of white white) I prefer the creamy options 3.  The Tencel®/Lyocell/spandex/rayon fabric is wonderful, light, and machine wahable.   I decided to get the jacket I loved, and take the others to consignment.  I have found the one I want to dance with.  Today I am wearing it with Eileen Fisher pants, an older Coldwater Creek tank top, an older Coldwater Creek bracelet, a necklace purchased at a local boutique, and my very comfortable stylish Rockport flats.

So, here is what I want to ask you today….if Stacy and Clinton renewed What Not To Wear and showed up at your doorstep with $5000 to only be spent on your wardrobe, how would you spend it??   How would you balance quanitity over quality…would you want to shop in New York or in your hometown…how much would be accessories vs. clothing??  Knowing what you know now about yourself…how would you spend the $5000??

Sometimes we are faced with quality vs. quantitiy decisions…I went with the EF coat and I am glad I did.  But it is not always easy…

Please tell us your thoughts…how would you spend the money…and then ….


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