Would You Wear It #10

Are you as glad as I am to see Saturday here?  So, let’s talk LEISURE WEAR…the athleisure trend has been around for awhile now, and I saw this dress and athletic shoes styled in a window a couple of weeks ago.  In honor of spring break, tell us what you think about this for casual dress.  Remember to explain your answers of why you feel the way you do….now, ladies, answer this question………………………………


And, as always, KEEP SMILING!


  1. Definitely not for me. I find nothing attractive about this dress no matter what the age. The cut, the colour … not one thing is appealing.

  2. No. It looks confused. I do not care for this trend. For too many years it was too common for women to go everywhere in jeans and tennis shoes, and I don’t ever want to go back there. This trend, for me, would make me feel like I didn’t try. Even more so because it has not caught on where I live. No for me!

  3. It’s just a plain stretchy tube with sleeves, stripes on the sleeves & the brand logo on the chest to break up the solidness. One would have to be bone thin in order to wear this with out looking like a sausage. So no I wouldn’t wear this I’ve got curves (& a few lumps n’ bumps) this outfit wouldn’t do me any favors. I don’t like the kicks either. Nope not an outfit for me

  4. I do not think this look is for me.
    I like the leisure look but not the dress.
    I must wear a compression stocking and I look at clothing with that in mind.

  5. No, just no. When would a woman wear a dress (or is it a top and skirt) to work out??? This wouldn’t even be a reasonable option for tennis. This makes no sense – it’s not even cute. Are retail sales down so much that marketing is forced to come up with this??? Everyone say “YUCK” three times!!!!

  6. No. I agree with all of the reasons listed. Besides, it is just not attractive at all. I want to have some ‘pretty’ in my outfit somewhere!

  7. I DONT like this dress. It looks like an undergarment with sleeves and is just homely. And it would reveal every imperfection. I would not wear this.

  8. LOL…I don’t think it is to work out in..just to have the look of it with regular clothing. Thanks Maureen…you made me laugh!

  9. Nope not for me. I wear athletic wear to work out in the gym, but I always feel weird if I have to stop somewhere along the way, like I’m not appropriately dressed. You’d need to be very young and thin to wear this- even then I don’t think it’s attractive. I like the shoes though!

  10. I’m thinking this simple look is too complicated for me. I can pull off a basic style dress like this but…not without a jacket or scarf and sandals. So what’s the point? I’m looking for cotton, classic summer dresses!

  11. I rarely wear dresses but the comfort of athleisure wear, in general, is appealing to me and my life style. I am not, however, crazy about this particular dress. I wish atheletic wear would get over having to have a brand name so prominent. I am wondering if the blue on top is part of the dress or a reflection of lights in the window? I see the blur of it goes past the dress.

  12. There is a reflection of lights, Diane. I apologize for that. I do these with my cell phone when I am out and about. I almost did not use the image. But the blue has nothing to do with the dress. Thanks for understanding.

  13. My shape is not meant for this dress. I can barely tolerate yoga pants in the privacy of my own home…lol. But I do think this little dress would look cute on a thin fit 20-something year old…Better than some get-ups I’ve seen. The dress is not too suggestive or immodest. I personally would have no problem wearing the dress with sneaks ?to casual outings in my younger days. ? The mannequin looks good this time, Pam.?

  14. Would look great on Rita Moreno, or on any woman of any age with a flat middle (no muffin top), and no lumps and bumps. I think it’s cute, and I can remember a day (very long ago!!) when I would have worn it….This is an unforgiving fit, so it has to be worn on a pretty darn good figure: no tummy bulge or thigh bumps. Just being realistic,I hope, and do not meant it as an “ageism” thing. Wallis Simpson could have pulled it off in her 80’s

  15. Dress no, but shoes definitely! Everyone is commenting on the dress, but no one mentioned the shoes. I would love them.

  16. I think it’s hideous. Nothing about it is attractive or flattering for anyone. The shoes are cute and would be appropriate with a jog suit, shorts, or jeans (although I only like tennis shoes with actual athletic shorts, tennis outfit, or athletic pants. No, I wouldn’t ever wear that outfit.

  17. I would never wear this for all of the reasons mentioned above… definitely for a younger woman and I wouldn’t even wear it if I was younger and had the shape. It is just not pretty and doesn’t look good with sneakers. Maybe a flip flop would look better with this dress.

  18. I ditto out of the above. Just plain ugly for anyone or any occasion. Though I would never wear this ugly dress, I do wish I had the figure to wear it like a model would.

  19. I don’t wear dresses anymore, so no. I’m not crazy about the dress with the athletic shoes. And I don’t especially like the company logo on the dress. I’m not a huge fan of athleisure. It’s great for young moms, but not for someone my age. I look better in pulled together outfits.

  20. I would not wear this dress – it seems to have a mixed identity but that might be because of the branding. However I have worn, t-shirt style dresses (with a sneaker) especially as a nicer alternative to shorts or jeans.

  21. I don’t like this. I don’t wear dresses now and I don’t think that this would be attractive on any body shape.

  22. I don’t think the athleisure dress trend will stick around for very long. I could have worn this 50 years ago when at 5’8” I weighed 118 pounds, but would never wear it at my current age. Actually, I don’t think I would have worn it back then either, because it just isn’t cute. I do love the “Would You Wear It?” feature of your blog, though!

  23. Thanks Mary…I think this is the first one where everyone is in agreement so far!!

  24. No way would I wear it. I can’t see myself doing anything active in this dress. Even though I am petite and on the thin side, I still think it would feel constricting and uncomfortable.

  25. It might be something you could wear to play golf with some leggings under it. Looks like an interest idea but I wouldn’t buy it or wear it.

  26. No, it’s not for me. I think the dress is a little too long & the shoes are too clunky to wear with a dress. In summer, I wear knee length skorts with sneakers because I hate being hot, but those shoes are too heavy looking.

  27. It’s the kind of thing I might throw on over my work-out clothes, just so that I wasn’t wearing them in public, but even then…it’s just so boring! It’s not even flattering on that mannequin – imagine on a real person!

  28. So I will be the dissenter :). I liked it and thought it was a much spiffier alternative to the sloppy, hot, draggy denim with sneakers. It looks like a great errand outfit. And if sized up for a slightly looser fit, I think it might be flattering even on a more mature figure. It certainly would look more attractive than shorts for veiny legs. I too dislike big logos, though.

  29. I’m in a minority here, but I would wear this dress without the advertising logo on it. It looks very comfortable to me. I’ve actually bought a few casual dresses to wear this summer instead of shorts. I’m not a fan of those particular tennis shoes with it, but Skechers has some casual flats I would wear with it.

  30. This is definitely not for me! This look may be for tall, thin, and young…three things I am not! It’s plain and boring and it’s confusing…an athleisure dress? I showed it to my 16 year old granddaughter and she said she’d never wear it! But I do love playing with these posts! So fun!

  31. I like the idea of wearing a very casual dress. (Sure beats the pajama bottom look.) But with my current body, I’d have to wear leggings to hide the veins and pale while skin, and at least 2 sets of Spanks to even begin to hide the middle age midriff. Kind of defeats the casual feel.
    I don’t mind the athletic shoes. But I’d choose a pair with a little sparkle, comfortable and fun!

  32. I can vaguely remember dresses like this being around before.I think they are definitely for a young person,and on the right body it could look casual and sporty.I would never wear it at my age, as it is not me.I do wear stylish gym wear that allows me to pop on a zipped jacket at the end of my gym visit and feel presentable when I pop into a shop.I do like the shoes/trainers.
    Thanks for giving us something to “talk” about again.

  33. I spoke too soon…we have someone who would wear it! Thanks Carol for giving us your thoughts!

  34. I spoke too soon…you are not alone, Linda. Others said they would wear it! Good comment…

  35. I think the dress is cute.I would admire it on someone fit enough to wear it,and I know many of those people.I also don’t like to wear prominate brand labels,even going to the gym

  36. Not for me either. Not a fan of athletic wear outside of gym, and a few errands.

  37. I do not care for this look. Even on the very thin mannequin, the combination of that dress with athletic shoes looks choppy and clunky. It isn’t very flattering. As for the dress, it would have to be worn by someone extremely thin and fit. Otherwise with would emphasize every bump and roll!!

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