Would You Wear It? #11


Welcome to Would You Wear It, a Saturday feature where the audience decides if they would wear a style or not.  Last Saturday was the first time there has almost been complete agreement on a look..and just about everyone hated it.  So today, let’s look at these three mannequins. Tell us

  1.  Which style are you most likely to wear and why?
  2. Also, which style are you least likely to wear and why?

I look forward to reading the answers…so tell us, ladies……………………………


Give us your thoughts and remember to always



  1. I would not wear any of them. They appear to be designed to camouflage the female form. They look very sloppy to me, like sack clothing. The black top in the middle would be nice over skinny pants, except for the floral cutting through the middle. Just not my style. I like to look like a woman, and these garments are just so shapeless!

  2. I tend to follow the rules of: Loose on top-Skinny on bottom. So, even though the pink linen outfit is a pretty shade, I couldn’t do it together. Same with the floral top. The palazzo crops take away from it. I’d wear the cranberry dress, if it were longer.

  3. I feel exactly like Karen. The volume is overwhelming and would completely swallow me up! I’m struggling to find clothes these days that have shape!

  4. I agree with Karen, too. These garments are shapeless and I would not wear them. I browsed the Dillards website and found many dresses and tops that appear to be relaxed, yet use a wide variety of techniques to give shape to the female form.

  5. The dress on the left has fabric and sleeves that are okay for summer. However, I look frumpy in the other two styles. They are shapeless.

  6. The wide leg pants maybe. The length of the dress is too long for me. Not sure about the print on the black top. The other one is pink! So no. Probably not.

  7. I would not wear any of them. All the looks would overwhelm me at 5’2″. Also, if I wear wide leg trousers, I go for a slimmer top. If I wear a flow-y tunic, I wear slim leg pants. These all seem shapeless to me, and while I have areas I want to mimimize, large oversized doesn’t work. I feel like I just look sloppy. This is a fun series. Love your blog and your viewpoint! You are a real gem!!

  8. Baggy, baggy, baggy. Is this a violent reaction to the skinny jeans trend? Maybe this company should make burkas — they are just about as flattering. No.

  9. I like the black top and the scarf that is shown with the pink outfit. I am not fond of the pants. As for the dress, I prefer my dresses to be at or slightly abicebthe knee or foll length. The mid-calf makes me look frumpy.

  10. I would not wear any of them.

    I want to emphasize my positve features, not hide them. Too much fabric, not enough shape. I like the color of the red dress, although I would not buy it. I tend to avoid short sleeves, as my arms are definitely not a feature I wish to draw attention to. I stick with garments with 3/4 or long sleeves.

    Those wide legs on the pants–no way!

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day. May the “luck of the Irish” be with you, lassies!

  11. Not a chance!! The word “sack” comes to mind! And, my daughter, who has no problem telling me exactly what she thinks, would simply have a “fit”as we say in the south!

  12. I would not wear any of the posted outfits. There are times that I do like the baggy look but these do not flow well together. Maybe they are too baggy…. too much fabric.

  13. I would definitely wear the pink one. Looks so comfortable and summery. We’re traveling to England this summer on a garden tour and it is just the kind of outfits I’ll be packing. Thanks Pam!

  14. Too much volume! I would wear the pants…but with a fitted top. The tops are what I call “I give up” clothing, because it just hides everything. Ugh, why do designers keep trying to cover us up, just because we are “of a certain age”??

  15. Hi Pam!
    I don’t think I would wear any of them. I am 5’2” and they would overwhelm me. I agree with the other ladies as there needs to be a balance between roomy and sleeker. If I had to choose one , it would be the pink one! The colors and scarf ( I love to wear scarfs) are pretty but the pants are way too baggy and wrinkled looking! My least favorite is the middle tunic… it’s way too unstructured and would be overwhelming on me. The burgundy one looks a bit boring to me! Thanks Pam!!

  16. I love the loose dress – wonderful saturated color – would be nice on a muggy summer evening so definitely would just wear it as it is with sandals or espadrilles. I would definitely wear the tops but over slim legged pants. Black for the print and white with the pink (absolutely with the print scarf as pink washes me out). I think the flowy tops over flowy pants is just not a good proportion. I think a knee length flowy top over wide-legged bottoms could be done in very light fabrics.

  17. I honestly agree with most everyone. I do not like these styles nor the fabric. The only things I do like are the necklace on the left, the scarf on the right and the color of the dress. I tend to prefer a more polished look. My legs are the thinnest part of me and the styles would do nothing to accentuate my legs.

  18. I vote yes on the middle black flowered top. I like the black sides and the spring flowers in a vertical line down the middle. All the rest gets a no.
    Too pale or too shapeless.
    My first reaction to the dress was, “They make surgical dresses for operating room nurses now?”

  19. Except for the dress, I wouldn’t wear them as they are presented. But, I would size the tops down to be less baggy and wear them over slim pants or shorts. I would wear the dress if it was a little shorter. I like the others feel like they are overwhelming as they are presented, but if you look at the online images for them, they aren’t that baggy. For me, its always important to get the right fit. I am wondering, do retailers go a little over the top on styles when they dress the mannequins? Its like they want them to look the way the models dress for shows. That is not the way I dress and can put me off.

  20. All three are too loose and baggy for me. I prefer clothes to improve my pear shape not make me look like a fashion victim. One good thing is the pretty color of the dress. Not everyone can wear pale shades, even in warm weather.

  21. I’m saying yes to the black top and ivory pants! I’d wear that combination for sure! As for the dress and pant suit — no. I don’t mind the way linen wrinkles, but these two outfits look baggy and sloppy.

  22. I think they’re all too loose and baggy. I’m not small, but these clothes would, instead of camouflaging, make me look twice as big. A well-tailored piece that has the right shoulders and sleeve length is what I would choose every time. This looks like a hot mess!

  23. I can’t think who would look good in these clothes. The dress might work as a swimsuit coverup, maybe?

  24. I agree with the majority on too baggy and shapeless. One point for colour and pattern.

  25. Oh, unfortunately none of them. The pink linen already looks bad and it hasn’t even been sat down and wrinkled. I feel sloppy in linen. The dress is for a thin body, sigh, not my curves and bulges. I like the floral top except for being sleeveless, I try to stay away from that style. And being 5’1″ the loose and flowy pants tend to make me look shorter and squatty. These are for a body type far different than mine.

  26. Did someone put plus size clothes on the skinny mannequins? I personally don’t like Palazzo pants, but the other pieces are all fine,and look quite comfy while still being neat. It’s just a matter of better fit/sizing in my opinion. I think it’s just a “fit” issue here.

  27. I personally would not wear any of them, and while I have seen acquaintances wear similar things, they make the wearer look terribly frumpy. I agree with another comment already made above — I can’t think of anyone these outfits would look good on!

  28. These outfits would swallow my 5’1″ frame, and therefore I would not even try them on. The cranberry dress looks like a sack; maybe a belt would improve the look. The floral print on the black top is interesting, but much too overwhelming. The pink outfit is a disaster–wrinkled, shapeless–yuck! The scarf is nice, though. I hope this type of clothing is not a trend.

  29. These outfits are all a no for me! Way too baggy and boxy. I’m only 5’ 2” but I feel this is not a good look for even tall ladies. Why would anyone want to look any bigger then we already are! The floral pattern looks dated to me and very busy. I love when you do these!

  30. Too shapeless for my apple body shape. I need built in shape in my waste line or else I look huge. (Large busted adds to the effect.)

  31. I might possibly wear the dress with a belt to give it more shape. The only nice thing I have to say about the other outfits is that they would be cool in hot weather. I can think of other items to wear that would be more figure flattering in hot weather. Those colores would not look good on me.

  32. I love the black top with the floral column in the front. I think it would look great with skinnier pants. I’m not a fan of super baggy on both top and bottom. The pants might not be bad if they were paired with a narrow top. I would wear them both if they were paired that way. The dress is something I’d NEVER wear. It has no style at all.

  33. Too sack like for me. Some of your other ‘would you wear it’ outfits look fun to try on even if I wouldn’t choose to wear them but these don’t even pique my curiosity! I feel a bit depressed when looking at them.

  34. I love the colour of the dress on the left but the neckline and probably the style would not suit me.I like the necklace though.I wouldn’t wear the other outfits either:I don’t like the floral pattern down the middle of the black top and the pants would overwhelm me.The pale pink outfit would be ghastly on my pale skin.Does the necklace in the middle have little bells?

  35. I think these outfits are the perfect example why one should not wear oversized clothes to make you look slender. I would look like a blimp wearing these clothes. I believe in wearing clothes that fit your body. And the dress on the left looks very frumpy and the floral top would just draw attention to my bustline . The outfit on the right looks like PJ’s. So nope, I would have to pass on these.

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