Spring is in full bloom where I live in Texas, and Spring Break has been full on all week.  The time has changed, so we have officially said goodbye to winter…though the calendar does not say it!  For those still waiting, perhaps this beautiful image will give you hope!  Now for the news…..

The New York Times introduced us to a new clothing site for Women over 40…learn about this new place  HERE.

For those already planning your Easter meal, Southern Living has offered a different way to cook your main course…find the recipe HERE.

I don’t think I would ever wear lips like this, but AARP brought us makeup tricks that always work.  So Find the MAKEUP ARTICLE HERE.

Grandmothers need to know just how much the retail world is changing.  Say goodbye to this kids wonderland….find the news here.

Finally, Barbie celebrated a birthday this week…I just want to know where’s her menopause weight gain???  Find her age and story HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and for understanding a different post schedule this week…please leave comments on any of the stories here!  And make sure to….


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