Would You Wear It? #12

Happy Saturday!   It’s time for Would You Wear It?  Remember to explain your answer..don’t just say Yes or No…tell us why you believe the way you do.  The conversations have been lively and we always learn from each other.  Please share your thoughts and then….




  1. No not something I would wear. I feel for me it would make me pale looking plus I think it is a bit too matronly.

      1. I am sick to death of black and white. So no, I would not buy this.

        I also look better in a boat neckline than a V shape. So objection #2.

  2. I’d wear the top with jeans. I don’t wear too many skirts or dresses these days and jeans are my number one go to for pants.

  3. Yes, I would wear the top. A nice statement necklace would be a real plus! I do like the sleeves. I agree with Jennifer, as I would prefer to wear the top with different pants. The pants look a little shapeless. I have similar pants and have difficulies styling them. Pre-menopause, a belted top perhaps. Now now, LOL. The mannequin to the right is wearing sleeves I like in warm weather.

  4. Shapeless top and bottom at least in this gray and black.
    Maybe it would be acceptable in a zingy spring color.

  5. I had to think on this one for awhile. As pictured I would not wear this outfit. I am drawn to some elements of the top. I like the print and the fact that it skims the body. I like the rounded hemline. I like the V cut on the neckline, but wish the designer had filled it in with a black panel. Then I would wear a pendant necklace in an unexpected color, perhaps blue, green or yellow. I have not, nor will I, participate in the sleeve trend—too impractical for my lifestyle.

  6. I would wear it. I like the contrast of black and white. Like others said, I would probably put the top with some more fitted pants. But, colors, yes I would wear it.

  7. I would wear the top with black ponte leggings or skinny jeans also in black – I find long and loose looks better on me even at 5’8” and 145lb. I am thinking the flowing wide pants would just hang in my closet.

  8. I would wear the top with a slimmer pant. Short legs & wide pants just don’t go together. Black & white is a favorite for me. I would use accessories to add color.

  9. I would wear the top with black slacks. Love the colors and design of the top. A long necklace would pull everything together.

  10. NO, I would not wear this, although I like the design of the tunic the colors would totally be a wash-out on me. Tired of black & white; give me saturated color — as in the blue items I see to left rear. The wide leg palazzo pants I do like and would wear if I were taller.

  11. No to both top and bottom. Top has a too low neckline and too trendy sleeves. I never wear pants. I think Nordstrom has too many trendy clothes now. I am a classic dresser and wear things that are dateless.
    I think the fancy sleeve ending is this season’s answer to last season’s bare shoulder,

  12. Nope, I have tried to keep sleeves like that out of enough meals! I’d wear the pants with maybe a fitted tie waist blouse and nice sandals. I do love black and white but am ready for some spring color. Winter has been way too long here in KY

  13. I probably would not wear the outfit. I do not like bell sleeves or ruffles–I am not that graceful at the dinner table! The outfit is also a little dressy for my current lifestyle. Not crazy about the way the white shoes break up the verticle line.

  14. No, not for me. Not liking the pants at all, and the top is an okay style, but it looks washed out. The pattern on the top looks matronly to me. I’m not seeing myself getting on board with the baggy pants. Why add bulk where most don’t need it? Also, even on a reed thin mannequin you can see where the top would emphasize a tummy.

  15. Yes, I would wear this. I love the top! When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was being worn with a long black skirt which I liked. If I was wearing it with pants, I would probably choose dark wash jeans or, for a dressier look, slimmer black pants.

  16. I like the style but the neckline is too open … I find that deeper v-necks and more open necklines are no longer flattering for my 62-year-old neck. I look for a shallow v or a collar. So – a qualified “maybe!”

  17. I like the pattern, neckline and length of the top. Not a fan of the “run it through the salad dressing” sleeves, though.

    The slacks are too baggy for me, but at least they don’t stop at the ankle — not a look I can get into.

  18. You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white. The blouse is on trend with the sleeve detail. I would wear the blouse with slim capri black pants with some color heels and a sliver statement necklace. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Sorry, but no. It’s unremarkable. Maybe if the top was a solid color like turquoise with white skinny jeans or a white cigarette cut denim. Silver Flat Sandals.

    1. Don’t apologize….hopefully this exercise may help someone in the fashion industry see that women want! Thanks Kelly

  20. I would not wear the top even though I like the pattern on the fabric. I also do not like the neckline opening and the sleeves with all that volume at the wrist.Too much volume in tops,pants and skirts do not suit or flatter my body type.I wouldn’t wear the pants either.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  21. I am happy to see alternatives to skinny pants and leggings.Other shapes can be more flattering.The outfit needs accessories maybe.I really am trying not to become the old lady who only wears pants

  22. I like it and would wear it. I love the flow of the materials and the fact that neither piece is too clingy. Black and white is a staple in my wardrobe year round — and I could see wearing this in different season, aside from the hottest of summer days.

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