Last week, we began to discuss using color and accessories to make statements with your style.  We discussed how simple it is to add one piece to make a neutral outfit special.  But, you should not lament if you have little to shop with.  This post is showing some of the accessories I have found at consignment and resale shops…including our local Goodwill SA.One of the necklaces above still had the Nordstrom tags on it for $49 and I bought it for $8  This makes your statement shopping more fun! The clutch below is a vintage Betsy Johnson which I found a Goodwill SA and I paid $11 for it.  I love a treasure hunt!  Also, in San Antonio many of my special pieces have been found at Garment Exchange.

“Style is not about what you have or what you can afford. You don’t have to be young, rich, or skinny. You can be you and develop an incredible personal style that gives you great confidence and allows you to walk through the world with a sure step, and feel great about yourself.”   – Stacy London

Yes, it takes time to shop consignment and resale, but it is worth the time and you can discover some real treasurers….and style making statements!  Some small resale owners will even give you notice when a piece comes in they think you will love.

Has anyone else had success shopping this way?  What do you think?  Please share and then………………………………………………..


Another fun way to shop is on this blog!  Let me share with you some fun discoveries below!



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