Would You Wear It #14

Happy Weekend, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear it?  This is a feature where once a week I post mannequins I have discovered around town and let you decide what you think.  I could not resist posting this group together, just to see what you think.  Would you wear any of them…all of them…pieces of them??  Give us your opinion, and please explain your answers as to why you feel the way you do.  Give it some thought and then tell us, ladies,


Then have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, and, as always…..



  1. Yes I would! All three with one exception being the distressed jeans. For me, it’s sloppy. I like different washes, but the distressed look, to me, after so many years of it looks like trying too hard to be 20 again. I especially like the lacy feminine top and like the contrast with very casual jeans. The jacket is classic, and i like the darker floral in the other top. Looks like it has interesting trim at the neckline. The ivory lace is definitely my favorite! Sometimes the sleeves can be a problem but these are the perfect length.

    1. I feel this looks to young for me. I would feel like I’m competing with my daughter. I prefer plain jeans Levi’s style no rips or patches. Tops usually don’t stop at my widest parts prefer tunic with classic jacket or leather jacket.

  2. The one on the left is “my look.” Yes, I would wear it. I love the buttons on the jacket. They bring a little something fresh to the usual open jacket. The slight distressing on the jeans is ok with me. The other two looks do not necessarily appeal to me, but in an effort to push myself a little outside my comfort zone I might try them on to see how they work for me.
    This feature (well, your entire blog) brings me such pleasure!

    1. So glad you like it Linlee..and let me applaud trying on things we do not normally wear just to see whay your think!! I really try to do this often.

  3. How nice & a wonderful way to start to the weekend! I have a similar peplum blouse to this it’s very comfy & hides a little overindulgence. I love the cream lace even the sleeves look like they wouldn’t be a bother, some of them sure get in the way of real life. The other top is nice & looks spot on with the white Jacket which is a closet staple here in the South and raises a casual outfit up a notch.
    The jeans are nice although I’m not partial to holey jeans other than maybe wearing an old pair for yard work.
    Yes on this week’s trio.

  4. YES, with the exception of the distressed jeans. My style is a little too classic for those, but I love the jacket, skinny jeans, and the v-necked tops.

  5. I like the jacket and would wear that as my 3rd piece. I like the neckline and the two rows of buttons. That’s enough to pep it up but not be too much.

  6. I’d wear them all except for the distressed and raggedy jeans. Not my look-way too casual-and when I think of all the jeans I’ve ‘moved on’ because they looked like that, I laugh!!
    I like the lace top sleeve length. Those bell sleeves are pretty but I have dipped some in the dressing before…and I also like the dark peplum top. Jacket is cute and reminds me of a Chico’s jacket I already own. I would get it out except it’s snowing here again. It looks like a very pastel top under it or is it white too? Thanks for the reminder of what I already have!

    1. Hi Ginger…click on the lady in the jacket at the bottom of the post and will take you to the store. The lady in the jacket is the same jacket the mannequin is wearing. Thanks so much!

  7. I would wear the jacket and both of the darker wash jeans. Since I’m usually at work, I try to find clothes that multitask, at least for casual Friday. I could wear the jeans then and also on the weekends. The jacket is nicely structured, has a bit of a London Fashion vibe, and could be made to look very expensive with a pair of slingback pumps. It could also look more sporty with a tee and fashion sneakers. The blouses are a little flowy and feminine for my style, but I would like them on other people.

  8. I like wearing dressy tops with dark wash jeans, so I would definitely wear everything here except the distressed jeans. I just haven’t been able to embrace that trend! My favourite piece is the adorable jacket which could be dressed up or down so easily.

  9. I love all three of these looks. At one time I didn’t care for the distressed look in jeans, but a couple of years ago I got a pair of Capri jeans like these and I like them for casual times. I really like the tops and the jacket as well.

  10. Yes, to all except the blouse in the middle has too much flare in the sleeve (will get in the way of everything, including drag over food) and even though I do wear distressed jeans, I do a more minimal distressing. Too much looks tacky, while a little bit is just right, if one does go for the look.

  11. PS I could be wrong about the sleeves on the middle blouse, hard to tell in this photo. I don’t know if that’s a really long flare or if the shot picked up the back of the blouse.

  12. Yes!! I really like all three. Love the lace top at right– lovely, perfect neckline, sleeves & overall cut. I would need different jeans. All three are easy to pair yet classic & cute!

  13. I am not wild about the floral print. I would pass on that one. Maybe a solid blouse with a patterned scarf instead.
    Love the jacket on the left. I think it would be a slimming look.
    I also like the lace too but would prefer a longer, lean look. I like the distressed jeans. I have two pair I bought at Chico’s.

  14. I love every piece! I like the distressed jeans too. The three tops and vest are ME! With darker jeans each look would be made less casual, I think these pieces would make a great addition to my wardrobe. ?

  15. I’d wear everything but the lacy blouse. A bit too much flair with the lace and bell sleeves. I’d wear everything else. Great choices for that in between casual and business.

  16. The sleeves on the lace blouse are too long. They would drape in the salad dressing! The jacket is nice. I noticed a charm bracelet. Are they back? No distressed jeans for me; I rarely say this, but I am too old for them. (i’m 70)And I do not like the floral blouse.

  17. I would wear all three! Except for distressed jeans can’t embrace that trend!! Best one one so far !!
    Would you wear these?

    1. I usually do not say what I think…but since you asked…Actually I own the jacket and love it with denim. I would wear the other two tops. But, long time readers of this blog know…I am not a fan of distressed jeans. This is the first time I have given my thoughts. I really do not want to influence any ones opinion, so hopefully everyone will still say what they think!

  18. I’m going with the majority about those distressed jeans. I just cannot embrace that trend. But, I do love all of those tops, especially the one in ivory lace. It is so feminine and I could see wearing it with jeans, dressier pants or a skirt! Love these posts, Pam!

  19. Love the jacket and lace blouse; but would prefer the blouse in hot pink or turquoise as white would wash me out! Do not care for the distressed jeans
    and would probably wear tops with dress pants or Chico’s Travelers pants, my
    fav go-to pants. I do like the floral print design but the neckline looks a little too low for my taste. Love these “Would you Wear This!!

  20. The white jacket gets a definite yes. I like the lace top, & with a bit of alteration on the sleeves to accommodate my short arms, I think I could wear it. The floral top would be a bit out of the box for me, but I would give it a try. I am in agreement with most everyone else about the distressed jeans & wouldn’t wear them. The other jeans I would at least try.

  21. Yes to all except the ripped jeans. I hate the look and have never worn ripped jeans except as a kid. I love the top in the middle best and the jacket next.

  22. I like the look on the left – the jacket elevates it just that little bit. I also like the lace top except for the exaggerated ends on the sleeves – loathe those. I speak from experience as they were popular many years ago and I vividly remember trailing them through food and catching them on so many things – while they look lovely they are nothing but annoying!
    And don’t get me started on the distressed jeans – I know I sound like my mother but seriously – people pay for jeans with holes already in them! Never.

  23. I’d definitely wear the two on the right, even the distressed jeans. 🙂 I’d probably leave the white lace top untucked, though. The one on the left won’t work for me. Jackets like that seem too restrictive for me. I’m a teacher and a new grandma and I raise and lower my arms ALOT. I need lots of freedom of movement. Also, I get too hot in jackets. Enjoying your blog!

  24. Love the jacket…would definitely wear it although I would probably need a different color. Love both the dark floral and lace blouses but they style of them wouldn’t suit my body. I may be 54 but…I actually have worn the distressed jeans like this but only in VERY casual settings or at the school dances when I was invited along with my teen kids. NOT to look young but because my 15 year old son digs it when I dress a tad younger for events like this. He said it works for me but I wouldn’t do that for other things. I did recently get rid of the jeans though…just not a work horse enough in my wardrobe to keep it. 😉

  25. The distressed jeans don’t bother me at all! I’m in my 60s, and always get compliments on the distressed jeans. Not my “regular” wear, but I do have a couple pair (the holes are not ripped all the way through to bare skin…reinforced under the “rips”). I don’t care for a double-breasted jacket. It’s too busy, and I prefer a more conservative classic blazer. I feel the classic look is more flattering and timeless, not to mention age appropriate. The frilly frou-frou blouses are no-no for me. Way too much going on with lace, flowers, flouncy sleeves, etc. Nope, nope, nope….

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