Fashion details make our looks uniquely us and special, and sometimes it is fun to step out with details which might take some courage to wear!  Stacy London calls this joyful dressing (and you know how much I love the word JOY).   She writes, “A joy injection is achieved by dressing out loud.  Joy isn’t a whimper in the corner.”She also says it takes effort to switch off fear and see yourself in a new way.  It took alot of courage for me to wear this top, and I even wore it for a speaking engagement. Putting it with these pants takes even more courage…however, I was pleasantly surprised when my husband liked the outfit.  He encouraged me to wear it out all together.  Both pieces come from Chico’s.   A brand with a new advertising campaign about boldness!  I think many of us have fear based dressing because we lack the confidence to step out and we worry about judgement from others.   However, if the look fits who we are, communicates what we want to say, and is a flattering style, then why not go out and enjoy?I selected these sandals to wear with it, because the color is lightly part of the print in the pant.  These are by MIA and I bought them about six years ago at Nordstrom Rack.  I really like to wear them…the heel padding is great making them easy to walk in.

Is there a a garment right now you wish you had the courage to wear, but so far you have not been willing to venture out in it or purchase it?  It does not cost anything to go to the store and try it on to see what you think.   Tell us about the garment below.

In Stacy’s book, The Truth About Style, she quotes Dale Carnegie, ” Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.  If you want to conquer fear, do not sit and think about it. Go out and get busy.”  (I have said it before, Stacy’s book is the best style book I have read…out of many.  Click on the link in the title if interested)

I have selected some BOLD styles from Chicos below for your consideration.  Look them over and then


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