Some of you need to sit down and hang on to your hat, for I am now about to make a stunning admission with great humility. For all those who encouraged me to go lighter and to cut my length,  you were right.  Yes, though I love my long, dark hair….I am now ready to admit this was the right call.  I like it and am growing fonder of it day by day.  Please hold back all the comments stating..I told you so!  Just relish in the fact that you were right.

I have had several questions about my hair and nails.  Let me say both have something to do with heredity, and with the supplements I take, the foods I eat, and the water I drink.  I have placed a few products in the slide show below that I use often.  I began about three years ago making a mani-pedi a priority and I do this twice a month.  It has especially helped my feet to have constant footcare…for I have funky feet…and it helps my confidence to have pretty nails…actually they become an accessory to my style!  I hope this helps those of you with the questions.

I love questions, and you are always welcome to email me at

Please share your nail and hair secret here…and, of course, you can say, I TOLD YOU SO, as long as you…………………………..


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