A Word About My Hair and Nails

Some of you need to sit down and hang on to your hat, for I am now about to make a stunning admission with great humility. For all those who encouraged me to go lighter and to cut my length,  you were right.  Yes, though I love my long, dark hair….I am now ready to admit this was the right call.  I like it and am growing fonder of it day by day.  Please hold back all the comments stating..I told you so!  Just relish in the fact that you were right.

I have had several questions about my hair and nails.  Let me say both have something to do with heredity, and with the supplements I take, the foods I eat, and the water I drink.  I have placed a few products in the slide show below that I use often.  I began about three years ago making a mani-pedi a priority and I do this twice a month.  It has especially helped my feet to have constant footcare…for I have funky feet…and it helps my confidence to have pretty nails…actually they become an accessory to my style!  I hope this helps those of you with the questions.

I love questions, and you are always welcome to email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com

Please share your nail and hair secret here…and, of course, you can say, I TOLD YOU SO, as long as you…………………………..



  1. I have been thinking about Wella products for some time now, and I guess it’s time to give them a try. I remember Wella from when I was a teenager and it seems the time has come to try the products again. I’m not one who can say “I told you so,” but I do like your new hair color. I am still trying to find my perfect shade. Work in progress!

  2. I will be 68 next month,still coloring but considering. Take your time with transition. Your new look in flattering. Thank you for your daily contributions to my new (just retired) blog addiction.

  3. Hi Susan, so nice to see your comment. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind word.

  4. I am always a work in progress, Karen. And I really like the Wella products that I use. I am always fighting the humidity with my frizz and this has helped to tame the beast considerably!

  5. I’ve gone lighter over the years to help with the transition to eventually being all gray. I love long hair, but mine isn’t thick like yours, so I end up keeping it a bit shorter so it will look fuller. Enjoy your blog:)

  6. I think it’s fun to change things up every so often. Your new cut and color are terrific!

    But, what’s most important is that YOU are enjoying the change!

  7. I am enjoying it…it took a little time…but now I really like it. Thanks Beth

  8. I think you’re brave. Our hair is so much an expression of ourselves and it’s so hard to break away from the familiar. And even harder as we get older. I am not ready yet but Bravo!! to you.

  9. I think if I was really brave, Babs, I would go gray now instead of fighting it so much. But your kind words are greatly appreciated.

  10. That is very kind, Janet. I am just trying to go longer between appointments when the gray skunk line shows up!

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