I have learned over the past 8 years that when it comes to my wardrobe it is important for me to be open minded and flexible.  This is the outfit I wore on Sunday to our Easter family cookout.  I bought this shirt last year attempting to like pastels.  I have not been a fan of pastels for a long, long time.

However, since I recently lightened my hair, I now seem to like pastels more.  The benefit is that I still like my staturated jewel tones, but for the first time I am liking the lighter shades as well.  This is big for me.  When I put this tunic on Sunday…I was surprised at how much better I responded to it now with a hair color change.  For me it is a lesson in flexibility and having an open mind to try new things.  If you also have recently changed your hair color, you might try wearing new shades and see if you like them in a different way.  This has expanded my warmer weather options and I am excited about that.I am also excited to pull out my warmer weather sandals.  We wear a lot of sandals in Texas and these Bjorn leather flip flops are vey comfortable…and fun!This rose is from my backyard..they bloomed beautifully last week after a big rainstorm.  My grandson helped me take the picture.  So cute!

Have you recently added any new colors to your wardrobe?  If so, please tell us about it.  Thank you to so many who have been sharing lately…what a great audience…now,


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