Wardrobe Essentials: Open Mind and Flexibility

I have learned over the past 8 years that when it comes to my wardrobe it is important for me to be open minded and flexible.  This is the outfit I wore on Sunday to our Easter family cookout.  I bought this shirt last year attempting to like pastels.  I have not been a fan of pastels for a long, long time.

However, since I recently lightened my hair, I now seem to like pastels more.  The benefit is that I still like my staturated jewel tones, but for the first time I am liking the lighter shades as well.  This is big for me.  When I put this tunic on Sunday…I was surprised at how much better I responded to it now with a hair color change.  For me it is a lesson in flexibility and having an open mind to try new things.  If you also have recently changed your hair color, you might try wearing new shades and see if you like them in a different way.  This has expanded my warmer weather options and I am excited about that.I am also excited to pull out my warmer weather sandals.  We wear a lot of sandals in Texas and these Bjorn leather flip flops are vey comfortable…and fun!This rose is from my backyard..they bloomed beautifully last week after a big rainstorm.  My grandson helped me take the picture.  So cute!

Have you recently added any new colors to your wardrobe?  If so, please tell us about it.  Thank you to so many who have been sharing lately…what a great audience…now,



  1. You look a lot younger. I don’t know if it’s the subtle hair color change or the light blue blouse
    But it’s definitely working for you!

  2. you look lovely with your shirt and sandals. i have recently experimented with the color blue. something much lighter than navy.

  3. I think you look great in the pastel shirt. I always remember what you have said about trying things you might have passed over before, and that the dressing room mirror is your best judge (paraphrasing!) I have added some brights to my wardrobe and am gradually adding them in while waiting for spring. It’s a departure for me too, but I’m really enjoying putting something on that is so different from all my darker things! I love the sandals you’re wearing – those are so much fun!!

    1. These sandals are fun, Karen. I got them at Marshalls a few years back and I love to pull them out when the weather turns warm. Have fun with your brighter colors!

  4. That color is just beautiful on you and looks terrific with your new hair color. I never thought about trying new wardrobe colors when changing hair color. Thanks for the tip!

    That rose is amazing! We’re still having snow here!

    1. I was more worried about what I wouldn’t be able to wear with the change. So it’s such a great perk that I can wear and like more and not give up anything!! Thanks Beth!

  5. I am loving your hair! I’m also trying to incorporate some pastels into my wardrobe. I figure it’s a good exercise instead of always defaulting to my comfort zone of neutrals. Great sandals!

  6. Hi Pam – loving your hair! Wanted to share my “color” experiences with you. At age 56 I decided enough was enough! That 8 week color touch up turned into 6, then 5, then 4….when my snow white “skunk stripe” started appearing 2 weeks after color, my stylist and I decided – let’s do this! With her help, I transitioned to lighter overall color at 1st with heavy highlights. After several months of this, I said “let’s go shorter!” & that helped, too. Four years later I am completely white with “low-lites” for contrast. Most of the time – I love it! I get comparisons to Paula Deen all the time (I love her!) & black, navy & turquoise are my friends! 🙂 ….BUT! I miss all those OTHER colors! When I had color B.W. (Before White!), I wore lots of white, corals, greens, browns! Pastels are not my friends anymore … And I LOVED my pretty brown hair w/caramel highlights! But,such is life! My mama was snow white years before she passed & now my daddy is too. My favorite aunt has beautiful white hair & I love when we are out&about with our white hair glistening in the sun! 😉 I’ve grown to love it & the other day after I had briefly visited my daughter @ work, a co-worker remarked “Your mom’s not that old, is she? Even with her white hair, she has a young face!” God bless her! It IS a process..and you have to be ready! But I know I would never go back – I just get a Cut-n-Style now with “occasional” low-lites every 4 or 5 months..and that is wonderful! Good luck on your journey, Pam!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, Shirley. I find it to be very encouraging. I am not ready yet to go that direction, but when I am I will think of you!!

  7. I love this top on you! With the new hair color, I think lots of pastels would work now. It’s not only hair color, its the general change in skin tone that happens as we age (I’m a lot older than you are, so trust me!) that makes it wise to revisit colors once in a while that we would not ordinarily wear. Last fall my dear husband bought me an Hermes scarf in colors I would never have picked out–the saleslady in Paris picked it out for me. And darn if she wasn’t right. It has shades of pink, mint, and blue-colors I would not pick for myself in a jillion years. It looked fabulous on! But now I kind of look for those colors and recently bought a top at Loft that combined them in a paisley and get lots of compliments when I wear it. Something to trying new things–and it gives us an excuse to shop!!

  8. Cute top and it looks flattering on you. It’s always a positive to step outside of comfort zone. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but worth the try. Love the shoes too.

  9. Often I say NEVER and end up wearing it that very season! I just added cotton light green pants. A pastel ruana I have matches the pants. After years of limiting myself to dark colors I gave it a try. Being a “pear” I wasn’t sure about wearing light colored pants. However, it seems the old guidelines are just that — guidelines! Tops and jackets have evolved so there are more options. This blog has opened my mind. When fashion designers disappoint, I no longer give up. I look at what Pam and others do. I love everyone’s enthusiasm! Thanks Pam, your hard work is appreciated.

  10. Pamela,
    I love, love your new lightened hair shade! You look youthful, and yes, lighter shades of hair color open up more options for wearing different colors. I’ve been wearing a lighter, blonder shade for years and have gotten many compliments. A friend sent me an older photo of me where my hair was much darker and a reddish brown. It didn’t seem flattering to me at all, and I thought I looked years older! I’ll never go darker again. I love the red sandals, by the way, and your top is very cute.

  11. While it’s great to be open about new things, I do feel that we need to be wary of thinking we like what are simply market trends. The pastel trend is really strong right now. Do we like it on us just because we are seeing that color everywhere, or because we realize it truly flatters us? If we haven’t liked ourselves in something up till now, I would suspect it is a market trend rather than our personal style. It might be fun, but I would indulge in it for fast fashion vs investment staples.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I don’t think the way I am responding has anything to do with it being a market trends. I have always felt that way about pastels until I changed my hair…so I do think it is more about a new color on me. Thanks!

    1. Absolutely, Janet. Purple is still my favorite…and it still looks good on me. We are sticking together!

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