Would You Wear It #16

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It?  This is where I find a fashion display and ask you to give your opinions.  The look above is a jumpsuit…not a dress!  Remember, when you tell us what you think to explain your answers as to why or why not…we learn so much from one another.   So, ladies….


Please explain your answers; and if you are shopping sales this weekend, you might look over some of the fun, money-saving specials below……and, as always,



  1. Definitely would not wear this. I feel that the baggy style and print make it look matronly. I am not a fan of jumpsuits. I had one once and the struggles in the restroom were enough to put me off of them forever! This one reminds me of my grandma’s house dresses.

  2. Karen, I remember wearing jumpsuit uniforms in the 80’s, took half my break to go to the bathroom LOL. Having said that, I would wear this on a tropical vacation. It looks cool, comfortable and fun.

  3. I think the jumpsuit is adorable but not so much for me. A little too much print for me and the style would overwhelm my small frame. I do love the neckline though.

  4. Oh the 80’s! It needs a belt. I would have worn this with red shoes, belt and ivory hose-in 1986.

    I’m in agreement with the bathroom struggle on this one. As I’m older, and go way more frequently, I will pass.

  5. I don’t hate this, but I would not wear it. What I find attractive in jumpsuits is the long, sleek look they usually have and there are some details that work against that here, mainly the cropped legs and the larger print. Exposed elastic waists always feel unfinished to me. A long self-fabric belt might look better, but then the tie at the neck would have to go. I always thought Cher wore the jumpsuit well.

  6. Cute fabric on the jumsuit although the style isn’t my cup of tea its sort of sackish but I’d never get out of it in time so that’s a no thank you. If I were 30 yrs younger I’d wear the shorts & other top. Sadly I’m a bit mature for it now it would not be flattering.

  7. Glad you pointed out this is a jumpsuit. My first reaction was I like the cut of the neckline, sleeves and waist. Since it is a jumpsuit instead of a dress — I wouldn’t wear it as all those flowers on the hips would make me look larger. I do like the colors but the pattern is a bit busy for me.

  8. Sadly, it wouldn’t look good on me because of the short arms, long length, and fabric. But I do like it, and I also still am thinking about how much I liked the sweater last week with the cool 3D appliqués. It was a surprise to me that so few people would wear it, but it would be right at home in my collection of embroidered cardigans. My best friend begged me not to wear the Easter one with the big bunnies this year, so I didn’t ( but was sad about it).

    1. Thanks for commenting, Laura. I let go of a lot of similar things like your sweater that I loved about 10 years ago. While I was sad at first…I eventually was fine and discovered a new and different style which fit me and I could have fun with. More joy may be awaiting you with some new ideas. Thanks for being open with your journey….

  9. This is a cute jumpsuit, and I’m sure there are some people who could pull this off. For my 16w over 50 figure, it would not work. Plus, I’m in agreement with several others that the bathroom struggles would not be worth it.

  10. Are jumpsuits making a comeback? I wore one in the 1970’s and it was quite nice and sleek. However, I would not wear the one featured above because it looks frumpy. The legs are too voluminous; the elastic waistband is an unattractive focal point and the print is better suited to a curtain. I do like the cap sleeves, however. I avoid jumpsuits now, at this mature stage of my life, because you have to practically undress to go to the restroom!

  11. The outfit on the left, I would have worn when I was younger and weighed less. I don’t wear anything with ruffles or frills as they visually add to my weight. (I wear sleeker, more tailored lines, to help keep the visual weight off my waste and bust line.) The outfit on the right, NO. I am an apple shape and jumpsuits do not ‘suit’ my shape. Cute on others, but not on me.

  12. It looks cute and would be nice for a summer garden wedding or party. I like the colors and easy style. I would at least try it on but the pant length might not work for a shorter, heavier person

    1. Good for you for at least trying it on, Sue. Sometimes that is the best way to know…thanks so much!

  13. No, I wouldn’t wear this for several reasons. I’m long in the body, so jumpsuits tend not to fit comfortably and then, as several others have mentioned, there’s the bathroom problem. On top of that, the fabric looks like it wrinkles easily and I don’t care for the print. It looks more suited to a tablecloth or a throw cushion!

  14. Wow! If it looks that frumpy and wrinkled on the mannequin, where you’d expect the store would want it to look its best (don’t the steam out wrinkles before displaying a garment so prominently?), I can only imagine what it would look like after a few hours of wear.

    No thanks.

    LOVE this feature of your blog!

  15. I am also one of those who wouldn’t wear this. Pattern to busy. Then as mentioned before there is the issue with the bathroom.
    The only thing I like is the neckline.
    I am 65 yes old and eventhough I have a small frame I wouldn’t like to be seen as mutton dressed ad lamb

  16. As I get older I stay away from all over prints. I have nothing against jumpsuits, actually bought a navy one this year. The one I bought is a cropped length. Here’s hoping I will make it to the bathroom on time!!

  17. I love the print — to me it is very pretty and feminine. But, I have to agree with the ladies above concerning the bathroom issue with a jumpsuit. I just can’t take chances.

    I think the print would make a beautiful blouse!

  18. I wouldn’t wear it because I prefer a more classic style. That said, It would look very cute on someone else with wedges, a bucket bag, and a fun straw hat. I might throw a denim jacket over it to give it some structure. And for sure I’d paint my toenails in that poppy red!

  19. Normally, I would say no. I don’t usually wear pants.
    But – if this is a two piece outfit, I would be sorely tempted.
    It’s lovely for summer.
    And… well… POPPIES!
    If my guess is correct and this is a two piece, then I would also state that I would NOT wear the top tucked in – certainly never into an elasticized waistband!!
    I also would hope that the pants are lined or the material is sufficiently robust – else a pair of pettipants would also be in order!

  20. I think it is cute, but not for me. I have not worn a jumpsuit since the ‘70’s when I would go out dancing! While I like the print and the styling, I feel that it would look better on a younger, thinner person than me. I think a third layer could help tone down the business of the print.

  21. Although it looks cool & comfortable, jumpsuits are not for me. I have a longer torso with short legs so most jumpsuits don’t fit very well. I had a couple of jumpsuits back in the day, but they were made for me by dear mother-in-law, who was an amazing seamstress.

  22. No! The allover floral print, bagginess & the fact that it’s a jumpsuit are all unattractive to me.

  23. It depends if I would wear this on a couple of things. I love the spring fresh fabric. This looks so light and airy. The poppies just pop. So as long as you can’t see through the fabric I might wear this, but I would likely add a jacket to this. I would want to break up the pattern a bit. Maybe a jacket and a color coordinating scarf.

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