Happy Friday!  It’s time for News for Women of a Certain Age…so you might want to check  these headlines before you head out to party during the weekend.  I try to find stories of interest to us!  Please comment on any or all…..

Millenials are thinking a lot about early retirement!  See who their inspiration is here.

You Might Be Surprised!

Shocker!  Anna Wintour may be retiring soon, read the story here, and tell us… do you think it would be good or bad for the magazine, and the fashion industry.

I really like this story, about the rest of the story behind certain fashion pieces…it is fun to learn the reasons…like when and why women began to cary handbags.

Here’s how to pack an essential beauty kit…perfect timing for vacations planned.

Finally, need some spring dinner ideas?  I found some for you at Southern Living!  Check out new ideas for spring dinners here.

Below, I have some more possible Mother’s Day Gift ideas for you.  Now, go forth to the weekend and party!  It is officially Fiesta time in San Antonio and it is one party after another for the next 10 days.  Viva Fiesta!


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