Would You Wear It #17

Happy Weekend, everyone!  It is time for WOULD YOU WEAR IT.  This is where I take pictures of mannequins while I am out and about, and then bring them to you, to see what you think. Please tell us why you like it or don’t…or offer your styling advice to store display managers..  So, ladies, look at this outfit and tell us………….


After your comments, you might spend some time on the items I have found below…there are so many fun pieces on the market for spring and summer.  Also, tomorrow I will give you my update on two weeks of intensive I MATTER time.  So, I hope you will return…there are some fun posts ahead for next week…the first week of May…and as always


Now, for some big news …one of Macy’s biggest sales of the years, Friends and Family is going on right now…I will share something fun about it on Monday, but for now…I found some fun pieces in the sale which gives you 30% off…


  1. Sorry but it’s a no for me on the top & jeans. The top has to many things going on the different crochet in the body & sleeves & the vest like embroidered area it’s too much for me. I don’t think it would be comfortable on my skin (I have fibro)
    The jeans are just terrible, ripped jeans dolled up with glitter, glass beads & drapped chains. I do like the shoes they are a nice neutral.

  2. Yes, but not together. I could see the top with a coral cami underneath (unless it’s lined) with either blue jeans or crops in one of the colors. The jeans I could envision with a rich berry colored top, maybe even a leopard top, with brown gladiator sandals or gold mules. I’m looking forward to your “I Matter” update. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks so much, Becca. I appreciate you sharing how clothing might affect your fibromyalgia.

  4. Thanks Kim…thanks for giving your styling options. I will have the update tomorrow!

  5. This top had potential, but I think they ruined it with the vest looking thing. The white top would be great without that addition. Jeans might be okay for teens and 20’s, but emphasizing rips (which I just never liked) with embellishments isn’t working. Too bad what they did to the top. The neckline is pretty, love that, but I think one has to tread lightly with florals as we get older. Too easy to slide into frump. Artsy florals work, like one of the tops way in the back of the photo, but not the flowers on the featured top. For the much younger, yes, I can see it. I’d wear the top minus the floral parts!

  6. I really like the top with a coral or pink pair of capris and fun sandals like yellow or the emerald green. Small stud earrings and no necklace.
    It’s a fun top the jeans not for me.

  7. The top is a possibility if the sleeves aren’t too snug. The neckline is nice and the vest-like appearance can be slimming. I wouldn’t wear the top with those jeans – too much going on with this combo. The jeans don’t fit my style adjectives.

  8. Good for you, Linda…looking at those style adjectives. That’s what I always do. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I covered the distressed leg of the jeans and felt the top would go with plain jeans. I covered the floral part of the top and felt a plainer top would maybe go with the jeans. I then imagined myself walking into a coffee shop this morning wearing the jeans and “saw” all eyes flying to look at the jeans. To me that meant that the jeans would be wearing me instead of the other way around. Bottom line: No, I would not wear this outfit as pictured.

  10. If the sleeves were short I’d wear the top. I would not wear the jeans. I don’t like jeans with holes or a lot of embellishments on them. I could see my DIL or granddaughter wearing those jeans. But they would never wear the top.

  11. I love everything about this outfit! The openwork/scroll design and the colorful embroidered panels make the top pretty and feminine. The neckline is nice, too. The embellishment on the jeans is different and edgy. Looks like the “holes” are actually covered which I prefer. Restricting the bold design to one leg is a good call. Finally I have found an outfit in this feature that I would be happy to wear. Thanks, Pam, for this fun exercise.

  12. I wouldn’t wear these two pieces together as the look is too busy. Each piece is eye catching and would look better paired with something simpler. I would consider wearing the top over a white camisole with plain dark wash jeans or a pair of capris. Though I like the look of a design down one leg of the jeans, I’m not a fan of distressed denim, so I probably wouldn’t choose this particular pair.

  13. I love the top. The sleeves give coverage but being holey wouldn’t be too hot, and it seems to drape nicely. I’d wear it with plain dark jeans.
    I don’t like the jeans at all – rips in clothing seems absurd to me, never mind the glitter.

  14. To me this fun outfit says “bold, adventurous and young at heart”. I don’t subscribe to the notion that I shouldn’t wear something because I’m a certain age. I love the crocheted open look of that beautiful top and the floral print vest look is unique. I would wear those jeans, too! I already have a pair of ripped and embellished ankle jeans that I love! Who says we can’t wear rips and bling if we want to! My husband loves my new fun, sexy and push the boundaries outfits!

  15. I think I would wear the top but with a solid pant in a color from the flowers, maybe olive or coral. Definitely would not wear the jeans. When I buy clothes I always like them to look clean, crisp and new. If I had a pair of jeans that had a hole I would not wear them. would not wear something that looked stained, discolored or wrinkled either. It is not the image I would want to present.

  16. Great Kathy! I do not think any one says you should not wear something you want to! Glad your husband encourages you and your style.

  17. I wish the top wasn’t so busy — I like the color, style and texture, but I think the florals make it too busy. I do like it paired with the jeans, though.

    I have to say I am not a fan of distressed jeans and I don’t like anything over-the-top. However (and for some unknown reason!!!) I really like those jeans! Go figure!

  18. I think all of us have moments where we really like something we did not expect to like. It just happens. That is why we cannot paint to broad a brush when making fashion judgements…you just never know what you might like, try on, purchase and wear!! Thanks Beth!

  19. Sorry, but not for me. I could see the jeans on 14-year-old girls who like flowers and bling. My first thoughts about the top were that it reminded me of those rolls of floral wrapping paper my mother bought at some discount store.

  20. I love the top and would wear it with pants or capris in any of the colors that are in the front panels.
    The jeans are not my style, too much going on.

  21. This outfit is a no for me. The top has too much going on with the flowers, crochet etc. The jeans are also too much. My bottom half looks large enough without calling additional attention to it! ?

  22. I would wear the top. I like the crochet & embroidery. It covers the arms, & the open work would make it cool. The jeans are a no. I don’t care for the distressed look or the bling. I prefer a simpler look for jeans, pants, etc.

  23. I wouldn’t wear it. I dislike that much machine embroidery in general (often looks cheap), and especially running all over my ample chest and apple-shaped figure. The jeans I think are really cool, but are so trendy I could get only a season out of them (that would violate not only my style ethos but my belief that ecologically, we should wear clothing a reasonably long time). They would be really fun if I were going to a rock concert, or a music or art festival, and then I would pair them with dark sneakers and a plain black tee. Or a graphic tee under a black shirt or denim (different wash) jacket.

  24. Definitely No on the top. Not in my style wheel house.
    Normally I would say no on the distressed jeans, but I WOULD wear these jeans with a black tee and big earrings that tie in the bling on the jeans. If it is cool enough weather I would love to wear a moto style jacket and biker boots to complete the look.

  25. That means so much! Glad you are joining in and let me know if you have any questions!

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