Happy Weekend, everyone!  It is time for WOULD YOU WEAR IT.  This is where I take pictures of mannequins while I am out and about, and then bring them to you, to see what you think. Please tell us why you like it or don’t…or offer your styling advice to store display managers..  So, ladies, look at this outfit and tell us………….


After your comments, you might spend some time on the items I have found below…there are so many fun pieces on the market for spring and summer.  Also, tomorrow I will give you my update on two weeks of intensive I MATTER time.  So, I hope you will return…there are some fun posts ahead for next week…the first week of May…and as always


Now, for some big news …one of Macy’s biggest sales of the years, Friends and Family is going on right now…I will share something fun about it on Monday, but for now…I found some fun pieces in the sale which gives you 30% off…

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