Macy’s Personal Stylist: Fun, Free and How She Helped Me

Last week, I was able to experience Macy’s Personal Stylist in the San Antonio location at North Star Mall.  Meet Victoria Martinez.  A bright, fun, and talented stylist with fashion and retail merchandising experience.  She is pictured here in her large office which includes a spacious dressing area and closets to store looks and purchases made by her clients.

Unfortunately, not every location has a stylist available at this time.  However, you can visit Macy’s At This Link and see if you are near one and even schedule an appointmtne online.  They are there to help you dress for any special occasion…including weddings and evenings out.  I spent a morning with Victoria discussing business casual.  She said to remember that business casual is still more on the business side than the casual side. She cautioned about wearing dark professional denim (for a more sophisticated look), and to keep jeans more to one or two days a week and not every day.  She reminded me of that old adage…toes and cleavage really have no place in the office.  So, for summer, a shoe should be covered or a peep toe…not really a full sandal.

She said this year to have fun with the details as we see here…a classic pinstripe, white blouse, and trouser pant are all taken up a notch and individualized with new details.  Of course, in our summer San Antonio heat, dresses are always a great option for business.  Macy’s has excellent brands for business casual in DKNY, Calvin Klein, INC, and Vince Camuto.   After we talked business casual, Vicotria helped me find a look for after work or weekend fun.  I really stepped a little out of my comfort zone with this Alfani top.  But I like it alot!  The sleeves work… The shoes are DKNY slides I found at Macy’s recently during a shoe sale.  I am very impressed with all Macy’s is doing to make their store functional for the customer.  They have even set up a desk just for returns, and pickups for online orders.  Also, Victoria would have brought my purchases to my car if I had needed it.  She can help with an occasion or with selecting the right gift.

It if fun to shop with another set of eyes, and with someone who knows the merchandise and how to style looks you may not have given much consideration.  Macy’s Friends and Family Sale is well underway with savings store and site wide.   I found these pieces as well as some others for your consideration below.  In the slideshow below, the top I am wearing is pictured in white (but it comes in black as well).  Also the Eileen Fisher pants I am wearing are pictures in white, but also come in black as well as other colors.

Has anyone of you ever worked with a stylist?  How was your experience?  Please share and, then, throughout the day…………..



  1. I LOVE your new top! It’s also beautiful in the all-white shown here. Just really a standout! Bet you felt wonderful in that! Victoria is showcasing some great looks in the photos. I especially love that polka dot blouse, and even the floral dress with the white GORGEOUS jacket – THAT kind of floral works, it looks like a garden, like it just happened and not contrived, if that makes sense! The green and white striped shirt, the white dress, so many beautiful things! I enjoyed reading her office wear tips. What she recommends is the norm where I work, though we are not allowed to wear denim in any form at any time, not even a jacket into work! But what she recommends is refreshingly professional and I really liked that. I have not worked with a stylist but sure would if there was one close by!

  2. It was fun to do this and I think most of us like to shop with a “friend” anyway…she was a great friend to go on the floor with…and it is a free service…why not use it when we feel we need the assistance. Maybe they will be at all Macy’s soon!

  3. That sounds like so much fun – shopping with an impartial – but knowledgeable – stylist! One question – does Macy’s charge for this service? That may sound like a “duh” question, but I’ve never had experience with a store stylist before! (And that black top looks awesome! 🙂

  4. Hi Shirley…the reason I put the word free in my headline is because it really is a free service. All you have to do is go to the link in my post and see if a store near you offers this…they are not at every store right now. Just check that out and go have some fun!

  5. You look top notch in the black pants and black Alfani top.
    I appreciate the business dress advice about no toes showing. Never heard that before.

  6. I love the outfit. It’s so much fun to shop with an honest friend!! Just yesterday I was admiring a grey floral raincoat-beautiful colors- and my friend said- ‘that color washes you out, I could never picture you in grey.’ You know, she was right! It was awful on- made me look tired. A good experience!

  7. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this, Eleni! Thanks so much…it works for many occasions for me.

  8. I know…One of my closest friends, who I loved to shop with, moved away and I have missed her so much…especially when shopping. We had so much fun and were always honest with each other! Thanks Susan.

  9. Those sleeves are awesome! I frequent a shop (when I need something or have gift money)…and the gal there has helped me step out of my comfort zone. Whether it is a scarf, jewelry or new top – well, I’m adding new colors and styles and having fun!

  10. It looks great with white, black, and silver gray….very versatile. Thanks Dell Ann.

  11. I love the white dress she shows in the photo. What brand is it?

    Love love love the top you are wearing. I think I’ll take my phone and your post to Macy’s to locate things.

  12. Have fun Jane! They are online too…just look at the slide show at the bottom of my post. Glad you are excited…there were so many fun pieces.

  13. Pamela,

    You look lovely in your new outfit. Enjoy wearing it and receiving compliments!


  14. Great top! I was pleased to hear a stylist recommend closed or peep toe shoes. When I was working, I never felt that fancy flip flops were appropriate for business wear.

  15. It is good to remember that guideline, especially in the warm climate where I live. Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  16. That top looks amazing on you! Good choice. No I haven’t worked with a stylist. I wish more stores had them. I think it would be a win win for both of us.

  17. I agree, Janet. That is why I did this post…so women would know the opportunity exists at Macy’s and that it is a free service. It’s fun too! I listened to her, but she was also great to listen to me when I thought something would not work.

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