Fashion Over 50: My Warm Weather Must Haves #1

It is time to begin a new week and in San Antonio our weather is heating up!  I thought this week, I would share a few of my wardrobe must have pieces for warmer weather.  Let’s start the week with white pants.  These are another pair of Eileen Fisher pants …which have definitely become my go-to pants for work and nice occasions.

I feared white pants for a long time, but once I began to work them through my wardrobe I became a huge fan.  I really watched how other women wore them…particularly on the blogs, magazines, and women around me.  I love to watch what other women are wearing in my community and often gain inspiration from them.  I would not have worn darker colors on top of white pants without watching other women.  I have three pair.  This shorter length (perfect for warmer weather), a nice white trouser pant when a more professional style is required, and a pair of cropped white denim for casual.  Though you can wear them throughout the year now, I tend to wear them more during spring and summer.

I also like to continue colors and prints I love throughout the year…such as leopard print.  I was so pleased when I saw that it works just as well with white as with darker neutrals. And I love, love, love a beautiful purple with white pants! (Purple on, right?) If you fear white pants (as I did years ago), I encourage you to try on several pair…pick the best fit and just dive in wearing them.  I believe once you give it a try, you will like them as so many do.  Look for a great fit.  I do not believe they make us look larger just being white…I think it has more to do with the fit of the pant.  Any color, poor fitting pant will make a woman look larger.

I have selected some items below for your consideration. (I own the Eileen Fisher and Soft Surroundings Metro Denim)  Yes, I am a huge fan of EIleen Fisher pants and there are some new colors which are beautiful and fun….I have Serrano on my radar…not white but spicy for my San Antonio life!

How do you feel about white pants?  Are you in or out?  Let us know below, and also make sure if you are interested that you enter the Femarelle Giveaway HERE.






  1. I’m a fan of white pants for certain! I love yours with the leopard print top and the blazer, very classic! I LOVE those lace hem jeans from Soft Surroundings! I have that gift card and this is one of the pages that is turned down in my catalog. I plan to try those on. My problem with pants can be that since I’m only 5’4″, they can run long and that would spoil the lace effect, so we’ll see. But I love the feminine detail! You are so right about fit being all-important, especially with white since they can show things that don’t show up in dark denim or darker fabric pants! Your hair is pretty Pam, is it lighter still? Maybe just the sunlight, but it is flattering!

    1. Remember Soft Surroundings does have petite sizing… Sometimes it looks lighter and sometimes it looks darker. Go figure! Must be the outdoor light!

  2. I have worn Eileen Fisher pants for years but now the legs are too wide, yours look great. Could you mention the exact style of these? Thanks

  3. I love, love, white pants in various lengths and fabrics from dressy to denim. I absolutely believe it’s a myth that white makes one look larger. With so many different fit and style options out today, white can be worn beautifully. A flowy pair of white pants with a bright, colorful tunic can be very dressy and chic. I believe there are endless possibilities with white. We may not all look like Diane Keaton, but we can take a page or two from her wardrobe.

  4. Love white pants and also white denim. I wear mine a lot with black tops or jackets, polo shirts, or sleeveless blouses (think Jackie-o, she did this all the time!) and also with blue denim jackets and stripe tops. Flowy tunic with skinny leg white pants is a great look. Just need to check the rear view and keep it in mind!

  5. Have you noticed many women over a certain age don’t try clothes on? I have courage as I tried on a pair of white capris. Much to my surprise, they work. I have looked ridiculous in the dressing room. I have avoided the mirror unless I think a garment might work. I am amazed at what works and what doesn’t. I see women my age wandering shops who are desperately trying to find something nice to wear. They try nothing on and walk away disappointed. Oh, a sense of humor helps in the dressing room! It’s worth the work to find something for warmer weather!

    1. I am going to pay attention to this now, Linda when I go shopping! I know my Mother in law hated the dressing room and preferred to take a stack home and do returns. I am too busy for returns…I need that time in at the store. And you are right…a sense of humor helps tons!!

  6. Love the outfit, but GF – it is way too hot for a jacket in Texas already! My menopausal butt sweating in the AC:)

    1. This is a light weight jacket. I do not wear it on days when the temps are up to 100+ and I do not wear it when I am outside a lot. I wear jacket mostly in spring and going into fall…but also when I am in air conditioning most of the day. I am born and bred in Texas…and I jackets are an important staple in my wardrobe. Thanks Leigh.

  7. I’m also a fan of white pants. I had to replace mine this year and purchased the cream EF raw hem crops and a pair of Kut from the Kloth denim, I simply adore both. Another white “must have” for me is a denim skirt, it works in so many situations when I want to look slightly more dressed up, yet still be cool.

    1. I love that EF cream white…I think it is called BONE. Such a great color…thanks Kim.

  8. I have a white denim jacket I love, but had a terror of even trying on white pants. While many women wear them well, many honestly don’t, and I was afraid I would be a “don’t.” I finally allowed myself to buy a pair and, while I don’t get compliments (after all, they’re just white jeans), no well-meaning friend has had to set me straight either. I made sure to buy new no pantyline nude underwear, and I wear them a little looser than regular jeans. It is a shame that many well fitting styles were too see through. Like Pam, so far I’ve only worn them with something dark and a little long and flowy on top. Still a little outside my comfort zone.

    1. Sounds like you have found your own white pant comfort zone, Linda! Thanks for sharing…

  9. I have a pair of white jeans, a white denim skirt, & a white denim jacket. I might wear the jacket on a sunny day in February, but usually hold off wearing the jeans & skirt until warm weather hits. White & messy Midwest winters just don’t go together.

  10. I didn’t wear white pants until I began seeing them on fashion blogs. Now I have a cropped pair that I love for warm weather wear. I can’t imagine wearing white pants in the winter though, not because it’s a rule (I don’t believe in being tied to fashion rules) but simply because there’s already too much white in our Canadian winters!

  11. One of my favorite summer outfits is my white pants and black lace top. It’s classic and stylish and I always feel wonderful when I wear this combo.

  12. I have been a huge fan of the animal prints, since they made their comeback some years ago, …I think they’re here to stay this time? (No, I don’t dress head to toe, just one piece or accessory at a time.) You look great, the whole outfit is well put together.

    1. Thanks Diana. I don’t go head to toe either…but I have several pieces and accessories in animal prints.

  13. I’m all for white. They just have to fit well. I love what you are wearing and of course, purple would look smashing! ☺

    1. You are so right about the fit, Janet! It has to be just right…thanks for being here. Happy Wednesday!

  14. I love the animal print time. Do you mind sharing the brand? I love your outfit so much that I want to try to copy it. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Glenda….the leopard tunic/tank is Chicos from a couple of years ago. The kimono jacket and pants are Eileen Fisher. It should be pretty easy to mimick. Have fun!

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