Women Over 50 and Changing Metabolism

I am a researcher…part of my love for traditional journalism…and I love to read and discover.  So, my research in the past three years has been to learn more about over 50 health, and most recently (last year) to learn more about my metabolism.  It is easy to make excuses like, “Oh, I am older and metabolism just naturally slows down so I just have to live with it.”  While it is true that we do slow down with age, it is not time to give up on factors we can control.   In fact, it is amazing how we can change the way the things are and that it is never too late to begin.  When I changed jobs in 2016, I had just lost 30 pounds and had been going to the gym for strength training for two years.  I was feeling great and planned to continue my weight loss.  It has been going in the right direction.  But, I going in, I did not know how excessive stress and discontentment with my work situation would affect me. As I gained back the weight, I also began to feel bloated and uncomfortalbe all of the time.  In doing research about all I was feeling and experiencing, it kept coming back to one word….metabolism.According to Good Housekeeping, metabolism is the engine within our cells which keeps us going…and, despite genetics, our decisions affect it greatly.  So, I decided to be more purposeful about my food decisions from supplements to what was on the table (and that took alot of research!)  But, even after a year of exercise and eating better, I still felt sluggish and bloated.   That was when I discovered this statement which I had never considered before……………….

“Stress: Long-term stress releases hormones that screw with your digestion so your food isn’t used as efficiently (Good Housekeeping)”

I was still working in a stressful situation at that time, but made some decisions to change a few things….and now that my stress has been changed, I am hoping it all will finally get the results I seek.  The following is what I have done, that has yeilded big results in my own life….but as always, discuss with you doctor what is the best plan for you…..


1.  I wear the Fit Bit now to get me up and moving during the day.  My work tends to keep me desk bound so the reminder has helped!  Find it on Amazon HERE.

2.  I have small doses of these spices every day!  Two in my protein smoothie after workout, and I drink tumeric in my AMBER SUN TEA, over ice, unsweet everyday!

Before I go to the gym to workout at 5AM (M-F), I take a Green Tea tablet and a healthy dose of liquid B-12.  I have noticed since doing this that my heart rate is just where it needs to be during the day in fat burning mode, but not too elevated.  If I am not going to go, I still take the supplements in the morning.  Find My Green Tea HERE  and my vitamin B-12 HERE.

After doing my own research, I believed I was swimming in bad bacteria and that a pro-biotic was nedded.  Again after my own research, I discovered this one Endomune, which was actually developed locally.  It is pricey, but you want a good, proven pro-biotic.  I feel so much better…no more bloating and I just believe my body is overall healthier.  Find Endomune HERE.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a new addition to my daily decisions.  I am not sure of anything with it yet, except that through reading I decided it would be beneficial to take 2-3 tablespoons a day.  This is the brand I selected from our local grocer, HEB.  Dr. Oz says NOT to use the pills because they have too many added ingredients that do not benefit.  He also has on his website an cleanse he recommends.  I am not doing that at this time.

When I add all of this with some much needed rest and now with a new work environment, I am feeling a giant turn around and so much better.  The challenge with my new job going forward is to keep my morning workout the same.  I really want to stay where I am because the women I work out with are so encouraging and motivating to me.  I feel comfortable there and I love my weight class trainer.  I must make this happen where it all works together.

Biggest lessons are to understand that STRESS is not a cliche…it does affect our health; and, finally, know not to use age as an excuse.  I take complete responsiblity for the shape my body has been in, and I want to be responsible for better decisions going forward.  So far, the results are good.  (Remember, this is what has helped me.  I highly recommend your talk to your doctor and do your own research as well!)

Would anyone else like to add what you do to speed up your metabolism……..please do, and through it all………………..




  1. I have read much recently on the stress factor. In the past month due to negative changes here at work, my stress level has increased tremendously. I noticed that I was feeling bloated and had gained some weight. I put a recurring appointment on my calendar with an “out of office” notation for my lunch hour every day. My friend and I (who have been walking together for years now) agreed that this hour is carved in stone for walking away from this office. On the very bad weather days in winter we do walk inside, and have worked out a one mile loop that we do four times (large health system, lots of space!). Now we are back outside and walk to the local university and use the track, and with walking there and back and our laps around the track, we get in 4 miles. I come back more refreshed, and have noticed the weight starting to come off – albeit very slowly, but it’s working! Managing stress is my major challenge. I do plan to stay at my current place of employment until the end of the year when (hopefully) I will retire and move on to something that, as I mentioned before, gives me joy. I do have lots of plans, so we’ll see. With the welcome change in the weather, elevated spirits and moving more, I feel very positive and better able to manage the heavy load of stress! Your salmon, greens and fruit look delicious! It’s great that you have found a place you enjoy working and feel fulfilled. That goes a very long way!

    1. So far, at my new job, I am walking more. They even want employees to take time to walk at least 20 min during the work day and that does not come out of lunch or breaks. It is a wonderful atmosphere for encouraging good health. Sounds like you are doing better on the other side of the “winter doldrums” . I am glad to hear that, Karen!

  2. One of the things that I have added to my daily diet is 1 Kevita sparkling probiotic drink a day.
    I had a health issue and I found this and I found it give me the probiotics (I do take a probiotic supplement as well). It also has apple cider vinegar in it. The flavor of this that I usually gravitate towards is the one with Lemon cayenne pepper. I do also like the one that is lemon ginger.
    My mother started on these at the same time and she has some heart health issues and she claims that they have helped her some with her energy.
    I take the methyl version of vitamin B12 and of methyl folate as I have a hard time metabolizing the synthetic version of B12 and folic acid.
    I also try and drink mainly water (other than the Kevita )

  3. Stress can definitely put the weight on even if you’re not overeating. I had to work in a stressful retail job for five years. After I quit I was overweight, tired and easy to pick up whatever bug was going around. My blood pressure was soaring and cholesterol outrageous. About a year ago I made a major decision to get my healthy self back, I’m down 45 pounds, dr is going to reduce my meds. Best of all I feel great! You can do it just take baby steps, start with your diet eat health foods and add some exercise just walking makes a difference.

  4. There is a very interesting article in the May issue of the AARP Bulletin. The cover story “Health Fixes, what really works (and what not to waste a nickel on) to help you live longer and better” is really informative. There are so many products now that make outrageous promises. As we get older, it’s important to stay informed.

    1. I will look it up. I know these things are working for me, and that is why I wanted to share. Thanks Shirley!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these with us Pam. Life has been very stressful and I am packing on the pounds. I’d never heard about the cider vinegar and will add some to my routine.

    1. Well, you look great, Jennifer! But, I know we are all aware of where we want out weight to be. These tips have helped me.

  6. Sue,
    I have a question for you. When you refer to Metro Denim from
    Soft Surroundings. Are you wearing Metro Leggings on the pictures
    For your blog?

    1. Yes…I am wearing Metro Leggings on my blog…they fit more like a pant. This is Pam by the way!! Thanks for asking.

  7. I had to deal with cancer 3 years ago. All of the items you showed are also in cancer fighting diets. You’re on the right road for a healthier body!

    1. I hope you are doing well, Diana. Thanks for the encouragment…what you said here means alot.

  8. Pam, do you take the apple cider vinegar directly or do you mix it with something? It seems like it would taste bad alone. Thank you!!

  9. Yes to all you have mentioned Pam. My issue is a very stressful job and no end in sight.I’m trying to find some answers but it’s tough. So much for life getting easier as I get older! Hah! Anyway, a note on apple cider vinegar for those new to it: there are tons of things written on the subject but find some good information on it. It should be good quality, not taken straight and sipped through a straw to avoid harming tooth enamel. I am a big believer in its benefits. My two cents.

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