Kimonos For Women Over 50: Dressy Or Casual

I started a discussion this week about kimonos for women over 50.  Another thing I love about them, is that you can take them from casual to dressy for any warm weather event.  This look is a casual style I would wear for running errands….a summer evening BBQ….attending a casual eatery with my husband…or a movie!   It is another Soft Surroundings style, I picked up a couple of years ago.

However, most of our favorite retailers carry kimonos.  I found some beautifes at several locations in the slide show below.  And how dressy or casual they go can often depend on the choice of accessories.  These sandals were from Marshalls last year and I love the look. They also can go dressy or casual.

Now, as we discussed yesterday, some are more flattering than others.  I would not wear this one for a dressy occasion because it is not the most flattering fit on me.  But, I love the colors and the print, so it works for casual style.

Do you ever wear kimonos for dressier events?  Please share………………..and, as always…………………………..



  1. I just looked at all the choices you posted, so many I’d grab in a heartbeat. I am especially drawn to the yellow floral because I love yellow! The black and white tile print also, so many of them are so pretty! Such a breezy finishing touch that adds interest to what may have started out as a simple outfit! Your sandals are very cute! I have an extremely difficult time with sandals (finding them) due to my feet that I have wrecked with all my years in pumps! I spent over an hour trying on countless pairs on Saturday and came away with some cute flats instead. Even the Clarks and Rockport’s didn’t work! Oh well…I do like the flats a lot!

  2. This is a great look from head to toe. It says creative, artistic, feminine, and approachable to me. Love the jeans and the shoes are awesome.

  3. Love your look Pam! For some reason, I bought several wraps, kimonos, ruanas and ponchos over the past couple of years. Now I find that I am wearing them more often, and happy I did that, especially since my shape has slightly shifted. They are very comfy, functional, fashionable as well as flattering in my opinion. Hail to the kimono??!

  4. Yes, I wear kimonos and ruanas to formal and casual events. I’m planning on wearing one to a summer wedding. It is cotton, soft and adds color to column dressing.

  5. Love this look on you! I also have a few kimonos and love the third layer that adds interest to an outfit. To me, they finish an outfit and can be dressed up or down. You look great!

  6. Ooo, I like these. I’ve never worn a kimono as part of a dressy outfit, but you have given me an idea. I’m thinking a long summer skirt or long flowy, wide leg pants. Some statement jewelry including a couple of chunky bangle bracelets and I believe it would work just fine.

  7. You are making me want to buy a kimono!! I have never had one and seeing the pics of you wearing them, I don’t think I can resist! ? ?

  8. Love the look, Pam! Love the colors in your kimono. Some of the ones you posted look a little shorter, so maybe there are some out there for those of us who are shorter :-).

  9. Yes, I have seen them worn at our door weddings and they looked both festive and comfortable.

  10. I’m not a huge fan of kimonos: a little too amorphous for me. I don’t think they merge well with structured clothing though they can be an important piece when one is going for that “with the flow” look…so to speak.

  11. It will be close to 100 degrees tomorrow, Dorothy and just go up from there…and stay there until October…kimonos are a perfect way to feel confident and stay cool in the heat. My more structured clothing is really during fall and winter and occasionally in the summer. If I was not as curvy, I could get away with structured pants and blouses and even more dresses. But for my current body type this is one of my favorite ways to go in the heat. Thanks so much!

  12. Your hair looks lovely in these photos. I realize there have been entire posts written about your “new” hair, but this is the first time the beautiful colors have really stood out to me. I am a fan! I also enjoy wearing kimonos .

  13. You know, it never dawned on me to wear kimonos for a dressy occasion but I certainly would with some of these! Beautiful! I may rethink what I wear for a summer wedding this year. It will probably be safe to order these online too given the unstructured fit.

  14. They really work for most any event, Janet…and I always feel quite stylish in mine!

  15. I tried on a couple of kimonos at Kohl’s. I felt as if I were wearing lingerie. I don’t think they are for me, but bravo to you ladies who wear them & look fabulous in them, including you, Pam.

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