News for Women of a Certain Age

Hi everyone, it is time to build some headline words and see what is out there of interest for women over 50.  Please comment on any one or all of these stories….and thank you for being here!

Let’s begin with Hoda and Kathie Lee sharing some style tips for trending fashion…they include how to best wear pastel colors.  Find their fashion report HERE.

Over fifty, we may want to pay attention to the role house plants play with oxygen levels.  This is an interesting story about plants and oxygen HERE.

An interesting report about the role our superiors play in our lives in the workforce.  I found it to be pretty much spot on.  See the report HERE.

And if you want to get away from those bosses…or anyone else…then here is a new report on the fourteen best beaches to find for your retreat and what it cost to get there.  See the BEACHES REPORT here.

While on the beach (or your comfy chair at home), you might want to do some reading.  HERE ARE THE BEST HISTORICAL NOVELS…or add your own to this list below!  OOPS…left out the word ROMANCE…now that is important!

Finally, you may have a potluck on your invitation list soon.  I just love a good potluck…don’t you?  Here are some POTLUCK RECIPES FROM SOUTHERN LIVING for your next event….be the super star and try something new!

Anything here spark a comment?  Let me know if you still enjoy this feature!  It is fun to curate the headlines for you………….now……………….





  1. Lots of great ideas for new vacations spots!! I have been to Cozumel and it is beautiful, a quick 30 minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen. The snorkeling is amazing.

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