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Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age!  This is the day I curate some headlines you may find of interest!  So, let’s grab a cold glass of ice tea, and wee what headlines I discovered this week.

This is my friend, Valerie Ramsey.  She is a noted author, super model and professional speaker and it all began for her well after age 50.  She is in her 70s and a great example for the recent article in GRAND MAGAZINE about 70 being the new 40!  Seriously?  Read the article here.

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As we begin summer, there were skincare tips in the news this week…I do a couple of things on this list so I am not helping myself to look any younger.  READ WHAT WE SHOULD DO HERE.

We are constantly told to focus on eating color, but here are 8 WHITE HEALTHY FOODS!!

Speaking of food and cooking, I found this fun offering from the Home & Family TV Show on their website.  They have several DOWNLOADABLE COOKBOOKS HERE.  Now, how much fun is that!

Finally, a little ecouragement for those of us who think our sun may be setting…so to speak.  I loved this article on 1010 Park Place about 94 year old, Lee Moczygemba, HERE’S WHAT 94 LOOKS LIKE.

Now, go out and enjoy life and, by all means……………………………………………………………..



  1. Lee Moczygemba, what an inspiration! My mom is 93 and thinks she’s the oldest person on the planet and all she talks about is when she “gets to die” and asks constantly, “why am I still here??” Lee is living proof that my mom’s mindset isn’t a given, we can be vital and involved no matter what our age. I know a lot is luck with health and all, but we do have some control over it and this article really inspired me. Not that I want to work 40+ hour weeks forever, but I see the importance of staying active and involved and social. More and more I read that being social and getting out in the world is crucial to aging well. I was also glad to see someone publish a list of “healthy white foods.” White foods have taken a beating over the years and I enjoy (and eat) every single thing on the list!

  2. Hey Pam. Glad to see the focus on some of these white foods, many of which are loaded with important nutrients. However, even a cursory look at research on dairy will show that dairy/yogurt is incredibly unhealthy. This isn’t really in dispute anymore. It is well known that countries with the highest consumption dairy products have the highest incidence of hip fracture. There is also a decent link between dairy and reproductive cancers. Doctors know nothing about nutrition and this is one myth that refuses to die 🙁

  3. A few years ago, I lost weight and my GYN doctor asked me how I did it. He criticized how I lost weight even though I reached my goal. Jenny Craig has helped me, not hurt me. I substitute dairy products. Also, some folks criticized me for losing weight by dieting. I guess they wanted me to kill myself at the gym. I enjoy walking. Nothing wrong with the gym, J.C., walking or common sense. Regarding food, when in doubt – leave it out!! Healthy living is a journey. My new physician is more supportive and I surround myself with positive people.

  4. Enjoyed these articles, Pam. Mindset is definitely something I need to work on right now. The article about Lee Moczygemba and about 70 being the new 40 are good reminders of what we can achieve if we determine we can. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Pam,
    What great articles, especially the one on Lee who is 94 years old. My dad is 86 and has the same philosophy. He still walks 2 miles everyday and surrounds himself with all ages. He was a very active grandfather and even went with us 10 years ago to take our son to college. Attitude is everything and who you put yourself around is huge. I love her line, wake up, dress up and show up.

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