Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for June

I love it when the first day of the month and the first Friday of the month hit at the same time!  For anyone new to the blog, on the first Friday of each month, I give you a style tip to keep in mind for the month.  It is officially June 1, but not officially summer.  However, down here in Texas we are sweltering already…making many of us dread the rest of this summer.  It promises to be long and very hot.  Already, we have had several days in a row of 95+ heat!

My style tip for June is…HAVE FUN WITH COLOR!  Summer is the perfect time to experiment and wear some “out of your comfort zone” color combinations.  All of the pieces I am wearing today have been in my closet a long time.  I will just go through where all of them originated…

Orange tunic top:  Joan Vaas from Neiman Marcus (clearance sale)

Slimsation White Pants:  Soft Surroundings

Striped Bag:  Soft Surroundings

Impo Peep Toe Wedge:  Stein Mart

Bracelet:  Consignment Shop

Anthropologie Scarf was a gift

Necklace…I have had it so long, I honestly to do remember where it came from.

However, I have never worn any of these things all together in one outfit…so I had fun putting it all together.  Just consider summertime a great excuse to play with your color combinations…the scarf and bag work because the colors go together though the patterns are different.

Don’t forget your toes!!  There are so many beautiful bright colors which will make us endure the heat better as we look down at our happy feet!

Can you think of some new ways to put together pieces you already own and perhaps enjoy summer color more?  Please share with us what you are considering…then go look at some of the fun pieces I found for you in the slide show below.


It’s A Great Weekend to Shop Sales!  Here are some items I found for you….




  1. Pam, I love the bright colors on you! Loving that orange poncho! Your highlights in your hair are stunning! Yay summertime! (but not so much the heat & humidity!). I’m following in your camp, and already am mixing & matching colors/pieces in my existing wardrobe. It’s like having all new clothes! ha! Nice shoes/bag!

  2. I like this combination of orange, pink, and stripes. This look reminds me of tropical fruit salads eaten on a shady patio on a sunny island. Wow! a quick relaxing vacation created from a bedroom closet in Texas.

  3. What a fabulous outfit, Pam. The bright colors look great on you and reflect your “ever bright” personality. Your hair looks terrific, too! Altogether a winning summer look!

  4. I’ve been eyeing yellow and thinking it would be fun to add to my look. It’s Not flattering to my complexion so it would have to be in a small dose, lower down on my body, possibly an accessory.
    Love how fun these colors are on you!!!

    1. I don’t think yellow, especially bright yellow, is a good color for me, either. However, I have a very bright yellow blouse that I bought because I loved the blue flowers on it and it coordinates beautifully with a navy sweater. I get more complements on that blouse than almost anything else I wear. People say it’s such a happy summery color. So, you never know!

      1. I haven’t said this in the thread today, Susan, but this is a color I wear often and I always get good comments on it. But it does fit my coloring! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love an orange top or a primary orange print top paired with white bottoms (pants, jeans, shorts, capris). It seems so summer and so cool.

  6. I love this outfit better than any you have ever shown. It is extremely flattering both style and color wise, and looks wonderful on you.

  7. Your outfit definitely has a tropic look. It is very fresh & looks great on you.
    Here in the Midwest, we went from winter to summer in the blink of an eye. Six weeks prior to Memorial Day, we had snow. On Memorial Day, it was 95. It is definitely time for those bright colors to make an appearance.

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