I completely understand this is a controversial topic…our Culture of Casual is what I call it.  I believe we all will agree our world today is much more casual than it was when we were growing up.  I am sure there are some of you who love it and some who do not…and I hope we hear from both sides today.  My husband and I are always amazed at how casual work life, going out life, and church life have become.  There are two major companies locally, that I am aware of, which allow their employees to work in just about anything they like (modesty is required)…shorts and tee shirts are allowed.

I believe the main reason so many people want to look uber casual falls into these areas:

  1.  It takes too much time to dress nicer than shorts and a tee.
  2. It takes too much money to have nice clothing.
  3. It is superficial and selfish to take time to look nice.
  4. They jut don’t care…it is not a priority.

I am someone who believes we should always strive to look our best for any occasion…whether it is for work or for a backyard barbecue.  Here are my points:

  1. It takes just as much time to dress nice as it does to be sloppy.
  2. You can look amazing at any price point.  You doubt that?  Let me take you shopping on a trip to our local Goodwills and I will prove it.
  3. I know there are some obessed with their style, but I do not believe every woman who strives to look her best is superficial.  In fact, I can do more for others and be more successful at work if I am confident which comes from how I look and feel on the inside and outside.   It is difficult to hold your head up high when dressed sloppy.
  4. Looking my best helps me to radiate joy and reach out more to help others.
  5. Looking my best is a legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren.   Life is short, I do not want them to remember me in shorts and a tee!  I want them to remember my smile, my faith,  my style, and my overflowing love for them.

I do hate to see our world today dressing down so much…maybe the fabulous style of Kate and Meghan will capture the attention of our young women in the US.    But, we can do our part in stepping up our own casual style and strive to have family remember us always for how we held our heads high and walked in confidence and joy.  Sometimes it does mean we are the bet dressed in room while everyone else is more casual…but I can handle that one!  I don’t mind standing out for that reason at all.

So what do you think, are there more benefits to the Casual Culture we now have that I do not see.  All opinions are welcome…as long as they are kind!

Outfit Note:  Last week, we discussed the fun of kimonos.  Today, I am wearing a ruana from Soft Surroundings.  A ruana is more like a shawl or a large scarf.  I love the ones I own, but do not wear them out in windy weather or you battle the ruana to stay on.  But, they are fun.  I found some for you to look over below.

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