Updates on Closet Organization, Hair Change, and My FitBit

In the past few months, I have blogged about some changes in my life which some of you requested updates on how things are going.  Let’s begin with my closet re-organization.  I wrote that I had re-organized my closet and hung my clothing into famiies…that’s right, brand families.  The majority of my clothing come from the same brands and I realized I was always searching through the clothing looking for that Chico’s red top…or the JJill blue topper…or the Soft Surroundings green kimono. Knowing that, I took everything out…took a few things to consignment and a few things to Goodwill…then put it back in the closet according to brand families where they all hang together.  Like this:


Eileen FIsher



Soft Surroundings

Extras…organized into pants, tops and jackets

It has worked beautifully for me!! So much easier and time saving.  I love this and wish I had thought of it earlier.  My biggest challenge has been to make sure I put the garment back with its family at the end of a long day.  A couple of times when I was tired it ended up in the wrong place.  By the way, I put away my cold weather clothing.  Only spring, summer and early fall are hanging in the families!  Yes, I recommend it.

I wrote about my new FITBIT right after Christmas since it was a gift from my husband.  I had resisted wearing one for a long time with the excuse that I did not need a mother on my wrist nagging me with behavior changes.  OK…I admit…I was wrong.  I did (and do) need the nagging!!  Especially being a career writer who sits at a computer most of the day.  It does help to be reminded to get up and MOVE.  With my new job, there are many ways for me to move around…the environment is condusive for it.  Now, when I am jabbed to get moving…I take a few minutes and do it.  At my new job, there are many more 10,000+ step days.  I began a strict diet two weeks ago (more on that later) and the FitBit is playing a predominant role in my success to date.  I do believe it will lead to a major lifestyle change for me.  It is not my accessory of choice…but I need it to make sure I do not sit all day and evening.

Now that some time has passed, I was asked what I thought about my hair color.  At first, I missed my dark hair so much and was kind of down about it.  But, with the passing of each day, I have grown to love the lighter color (especially the highlights) and they do what I wanted them to…when my gray begins to show itself each month it is softer now and not as obvious.  So I really like it and hope I can continue with the highlights for awhile.  But, as you can see in this picture, I am still in a battle with the FRIZZ enemy.  Warmer weather in South Texas means increased humidity. So, I decided to do something about it and had an intensive GK Treatment, only available at salons.  I went from the top picture to the bottom one…..

It lasts up to four months and makes my morning routine much easier…and with less products.  I needed to “tame the beast” in a simpler way in order to get out of the house sooner and off to work.  It also is better when I work out in the mornings and get a good dose of “sweat head.”  I also began to use the GK Shampoo and Conditioner which are great products for color treated hair.  Just click on the LINK, GK SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER HERE.  The salon treatment was pricey, but worth it to me when frizz has always been a part of my life!  If you are in San Antonio and would like to visit my salon and get a special deal, then email me your mailing address and I will send you a coupon!  over50feeling40@gmail.com!

There are some closet and fitbit links in the slide show below, but if you have any questions about any of my updates, please ask…I hope to keep you informed and inspired for this amazing over 50 life we have!  Now, for all of you…………………………….



  1. I too have switched over from Winter to Summer clothes but I organize differently. I have free-standing wardrobes so one holds only tops – shirts, blouses, t-shirts that I don’t fold, summer cardigans – and then these are organized by colour. I have matching coat hangers and I use one of those extenders so that I can hang blouses on the top tier and cardigans underneath.
    The second wardrobe holds all my bottoms plus all my white shirts & blouses.
    What I do need is something new for shoe storage. I don’t have a massive shoe collection (mobility and foot issues limit what I can wear) but I would like them to be better organized than they are at the moment.
    I like it when everything is neat and tidy – it makes it so much easier to get dressed.

    PS – you seem to have a technical glitch happening. I keep ticking the “Save my name, email etc. box” but it doesn’t save anything so every time I want to comment I have to fill the info in once again.

  2. I love that our organized your closet in a way that makes it easier for you to get dressed. Our brains all function a bit differently, so it is smart to work with the way we are naturally inclined to think. Mine are by type of item and color. I don’t have much of a wardrobe, but I do find having things this way helps me find what I want.

  3. Wow that treatment made a wonderful difference in your hair! Well worth it. My closet is still
    In total disarray from the move so I’m plodding through trying to put things in place. That’s an interesting way to organize, I wonder if it would work for me?

  4. Love all your new lifestyle changes and very anxious to hear of your new “diet” (hate that word!) as I’m struggling with that! My wardrobe is predominately Chico’s (I should own stock by now!) and since it’s mostly one brand I have my closet color coded. I’ve done this for years after I worked with an organizer and it works great for me. My closet is also grouped into categories beyond the color coding. Jackets all together, shirts, tanks, pants are all that way too. I asked my hubby one year what he wanted for Christmas and he (in a gentle, loving way of course!) asked for closet space! I told him I couldn’t afford that and to pick out a tool or something! (We laugh about this still!).

    Your hair looks great and even looked longer in the second picture. I’m going to google that brand and look for it. Love your posts!

  5. You look great, your hair looks very nice! My brain too, tells me to organize by brands. I never thought about that but dislike hunting through everything for that certain favorite brand jacket or pants.

  6. That’s a great hair treatment! I struggle with humidity, workout hair, garden hair, and hat hair and the frizz factor is off the charts. Sometimes I just French braid it and let it go–not my most attractive look but I am an outdoors person so I can’t always be bothered. But it is nice to see the frizz beast tamed! And I love the color! You should never feel down about that change, it was a good one!

    I just organize my closet by color, then by type of garment. I don’t work(for $$, I volunteer) anymore, so most of my clothing is extremely casual. Gardening does not require that I wear anything other than jean capris and a t shirt, because sometimes I get seriously dirty. I mean, not just a little, but when you see dirt running down your shower drain. But thanks to that hard work, and my thrice weekly workout, the weight stays in check. Stuff redistributes, but that can’t be helped. Weight lifting helps a bit…

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement to us all!

  7. Your hair treatment looks so nice! I have a frizz issue as I’ve aged and my “grey” hair has grown in. That new hair texture tends to dry out (what was once any oily hair problem in my youth) and get frizzy in the process. I found that an application of vitamin E oil (I purchase from the local drug store) spread on my hair and left for about a half hour before washing, has really improved the texture. Be warned, though! The oil is sticky, not smooth like say, olive oil. It also take more washes to get out, so the days that I do oil treat my hair, it is a little bit of a time consumer.
    Also, I am a bit of a neat closet freak. Not neurotic, but I do clean it out and organize what might have gotten away from me, about 4 times a year. Seasonally. There’s just something about being able to open the closet doors to see everything neat, organized and making it easier to pull outfits together, …that makes my heart sing.

  8. I admire you, Diana. I should do it more often. Thanks so much for sharing on these topics!

  9. I love it this way…it has been so much easier! Thanks for your sweet words, Linda.

  10. Let me see how I do on this diet for a little while and then I will share. Thanks Jackie!

  11. It has worked well for me, Jennifer. Though I know it isn’t for everyone!

  12. Thanks Margie! I will check on the glitch and see if I can figure it out.

  13. I also need a nudge to move. It’s too easy to fall into the rabbit hole of my laptop or read all day. So, I set the timer on the microwave for 15-20 minutes to time my “sits”. It works better than setting my phone because I actually have to move to the kitchen to turn the timer off. Whatever works, right?

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