Fashion Over 50: How I Wear A Summer Vest

I do not wear vests often, but I am really enjoying this casual, cotton vest I found recently at Target.  Now, I have had some of you tell me you hate this military-green color…you think it is drab, throw up, yukky…I get it.  But it is also one of my personal favorite colors… on me!  I love to wear this green and it really compliments my eyes and coloring.  I know it is not for everyone, but I have seen lightweight vests in other colors in case you like the look.

This is a casual Friday at work day…especially on a college campus where I am now…or it is a grocery store-run errands style.  Chicos has a brand of no-iron blouses and they are great!  That is what I am wearing here.  I also like this vest alot with black.

And, of course, a little touch of animal print is always acceptible.  This Lucky Brand flats were real finds at Marshalls, since I like the comfort and quality of this brand and I needed new animal print ballet flats.  Wore the others out over several years.  The jeans are my favorite METRO LEGGINGS FROM SOFT SURROUNDINGS…they come in petities, womens, talls, and misses!  Most of you know I wear them often in several colors!

We have spoken often lately of “pumping up” our casual.  To me this is very casual, yet on a nice level.  I will wear this vest all year long.  The vest, shoes, and blouse (the blouse shows blue in the slide show but it comes in ecru) are all at the beginning of the slide show below.

So what about you…do you like vests in warmer weather?  There are so many sales going on that your head will spin but I did find some great pieces out there and have them for you below.  Enjoy your day everyone…hope you got to sleep in!  Now,




  1. I like vests as a warm weather 3rd piece. Yet finding one the right color and shape is tough, not to mention that so many are holiday themed.

  2. I know, Lavenia. I stay away from the holiday themes now! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hello Pamela, Can you tell me if this vest runs true-to-size? I’m thinking about ordering it online. Thank you, I hope you have a relaxing day!

  4. Hi Kim, I am a 16-18 right now with curves, and I bought the XXL…so I guess it is slightly smaller since most my size might go XL. I hope that helps…I really like the vest and it does have a tie in the back where you can pull it in if you like.

  5. The vest isn’t a color that I wear, but I do like layering so vests are good for that . I also wear a shirt similar to the one you’re wearing, with a tank top underneath. I wear the shirt open then I can take it off & just wear the tank top if I get too warm.

  6. I love vests and have recently found JOSEPH A sleeveless light weight cardigans at NORDSTROM RACK that arevwonderful.
    P.S. Love that green color!

  7. I bought the same vest in gray and I would say order one size up. The gray goes well with black jeans or leggings with a blush pink tee. Sometimes I were it with a camo tee. Very versatile pieces. I am glad I bought it. It adds that third layer.

  8. I am smiling, Pam, because I LOVE this color also. I think we have similar coloring so I understand why you like it — it’s always been one of my favorites. I like vests very much and wear them often. I really like your look today!

    Love your Memorial Day poppy flower! Many thanks to all who have served our nation!!

  9. Thanks for the military green support, Beth! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

  10. Love your outfit. I like to wear vests and have one that is similar to the one you are styling. I also was reluctant with the green, but have fallen in love with the military green color. I have to admit I now have a lot of it. I wear it more like a neutral with lavender and other colors.

  11. Absolutely love the vest. Will have to check out Targets. And your hair color looks great on you!

  12. Count me in as one who loves the military green. It’s a color without being a COLOR, and therefore, a little more sophisticated. I like how you’ve styled it, and also like this color – and the green in the same shade but a bit darker – with navy, with powder blue, and with a dusty pink. Christopher and Banks has some pretty, tonal embroidered vests this season in white, hot pink and aqua. It’s hard to find summer clothes that cover a few bumps, and a nice vest fits into a wardrobe very well. In autumn, wear it with a mock turtleneck in black and with a buffalo checked scarf, and get even more wear out of a piece from Target!

  13. I like your entire outfit. The vest adds a certain flare of style that the outfit would otherwise lack. It all looks great on you and I think I might have a little sickness for cheetah or leopard print shoes. (I have 6 pairs in different styles.) I also, have to be careful with vests, as I am apple shaped with a large bust size. I do think this vest from Target might work for me, though, it doesn’t appear to add visual pounds like so many vests, do. I’ll have to check that out!

  14. I really love these shoes…so comfy. Thanks Diana…I share in your love of the print.

  15. I wear this army green color frequently
    … jacket, shorts, trousers. It’s a better neutral for my coloring than khaki. And it goes perfectly with my favorite blues!

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