Would You Wear It #18

Hi Everyone, welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  This is where I show you a style I stumbled upon and you give your opinion.  Please do not just say yes or no, but tell us why you feel the way you do.  Today, I would you to concentrate on the mannequin in the forefront.  Here is a different view of it….

So, what do you think, ladies………………………………..


Let us know, and then you might look over some of the pieces I found below on sale.  Also, make sure you enter to win the new product, Femarelle HERE!  And, as always, ………………………………..



  1. I have a similar tunic length top in a peach print & a black print cropped top. I wouldn’t buy this top though because I don’t care for the print. BTW this style is cute with a wide ibi style belt or a skinny belt & worn over leggings, skinny jeans or bare legs it’s very versatile.

  2. I like the idea but not a fan of that print. But I would at least try it on and see how it works for me.

  3. This would be a great option for today at the Kentucky Derby with the roses. I could see wearing this with the slim leggings or pant and cool sandals for sure.

  4. This garment is memorable so for a special occasion it serves a purpose. I like the side view and it makes sense for warmer weather. When I was younger I wore belts. Now I don’t. Excess fabric frustrates me. I don’t understand what fashion designers are thinking. Without a belt, I’m concerned this garment would be baggy in front. I need a full time tailor, LOL

  5. This is not my usual style—too flowery and loose fitting for my active, sporty life. However, I find it very pretty and think it might be a good item for a vacation. I can see wearing it for a long weekend in Palm Springs, or on a cruise ship. Best of all, I think it would fit right in on my yearly trip to San Antonio. I can just imagine the movement of the material while dancing the cumbia!

  6. I really like the flowered pants and top to the left in the background. I’d wear that. I might wear the tunic with pants the same color as the flowers.

  7. While I do think it is pretty and it would probably look good on someone, I would not personally purchase or wear it. While I love the length and the slits, the neckline is way too high to be flattering to my rather generous bosom, and I suspect that the sleeve length might also be unflattering to my older arms.I would wear it over black leggings and a tank top if it had a lower v neckline or lower scooped neckline and three quarter length sleeves.

  8. I would not wear it. I see the tunic has a reduced price tag on it too.
    Peach is not a color I can wear., nor is the loose fit good for my figure.
    I need a shape to look my best.

  9. This is definitely not for me. Having a longer torso & shorter legs, the length of the tunic would not work. I also don’t like the print.

  10. I love this, but being 5’3” I find tunics like this to be made for much taller women, so the proportions rarely work for me.?

  11. I would not wear this particular color and pattern because too short and large chested for all that action. However, love the style, particularly if the pants were slightly more fitted. I hope I can find it in a less patterned version.

  12. Not a fan of big flowery prints! This looks like a tall lady style…at 5’ 2” this would touch the floor! I think the concept is good and maybe the fabrication would be better as a vest style and super cute top underneath. It needs, in my opinion, a long necklace to break up the wall of fabric!

  13. It is a cute style, I adore loose and flowy styles. Especially attending a fun event, like a brunch or BBQ. But this particular grouping are in colors that do not suit me. I love the peachy tones, but they look terrible on me.

  14. Thought you might like to know that I went to Macy’s this morning specifically to try this tunic on. It was lovely on the hanger. I looked at it on from the side first and I really liked the long slits. From the front, however, it fell in a straight line from shoulder to hem. The photo above hints at a curve at the waist, but it wasn’t like that on me. My mind has been opened, though, and I might try something similar on in the future. I also got 5,000 steps in mall walking before the store opened. Win!

    1. Good for you Linlee!! I am impressed you tried it on and I am impressed you got your steps in. You go girl!

  15. I think the style of this tunic is very stylish. I could see wearing it with leggings or loose linen pants. It would be wonderful and so cool in the warm summer months.

    I am sorry to say that I do not care for the print. I like the gingham but I do not care for it with those large flowers. It could be the mix of colors, too — not exactly to my liking.

  16. I know people who would look lovely in the tunic. I on the other hand, would not look so lovely, so no, for me. I like the other pieces and would wear those, except the sleeveless top, I’d have something over it to cover up my upper arms. All the colors would be good for me, too.

    I’ve come to look forward to your Saturday posts, the most, to see what new items you’ve found and see who of us they would work for. It’s almost a game. =)

  17. Not a chance! I even tried this on for a dressing room diaries a few weeks ago. Disaster on me. Made me look 20 pounds larger than I am. I loved the concept but the result wasn’t right for my shape.

  18. I am only 5’2”, so this style would not look good on me. While I do like florals, this large floral print would also overwhelm me. I also think this style wouldn’t flatter someone with a pear ? shape like me. I think the printed color pants are pretty with a different colored top.

  19. Although I think it’s cute, the print reminds me of an apron my mother always wore! That is a bit too much print for me to pull off, also, as a larger size woman.

  20. I have to say no. I don’t care for the idea of dresses with pants or leggings. For me, they look and feel bulky and dumpy. It would be constantly creeping up the legs/pants. I would like this as a dress, though. I like the flow of it and think it would be a fun dress. The print is very nice for a dress. The sides would have to be sewn up a little more. The tops behind it are more my style with pants. I actually had a dress years ago that this reminds me of.

  21. Nope not for me. I don’t dislike the concept and if it was a solid color, maybe. To me it just looks matronly—or like the designer was trying to get as many trends in as they could. A v-neck would be more flattering and I’d wear it with skinny pants in the same solid color. With necklaces. Not leggings. I always feel like that m trying to be someone I’m not in leggings and long tops. Plus I think a more fitted look is actually more flattering (not more fitted leggings -eeeks—but nice skinny pants like your EF)

  22. Even though I like this look, there are too many things that would make me say no to this one. The color is wrong (maybe black gingham) the flower print is too large and the length is too long on the tunic. I’d like it better with white leggings or skinny jeans.

  23. I like the general concept of a tunic over pants but don’t like the high neck or the huge floral print. To me the combination of gingham,big flowers and the large unbroken expanse of fabric looks like a tablecloth.

  24. I would try it I am short but love the colors I would have to have matching pieces underneath tho because of the see thru fabric I think it would dress up a simple tank and matching pants and be very festive

  25. I am not real fond of the large print, but I would try it on, and maybe with a cute tank top underneath and a pair of skinny jeans I would like it.

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