Would You Wear It #19

Since we have been talking warm weather fashions all week, I thought we would keep it going for Would You Wear It.  This is where you simply look at the outfit, and tell us if you would wear or not…and always explain your answers!  So, ladies, look at this dress and tell us



  1. I like the colors: black and white. I like the energy of polka dots. I like the size of the polka dots. I like the waist placement.
    The straps will not cover my bra straps. But the ruffly, flowy, asymmetrical skirt collides with the crispness of color and the energy of the dots.

  2. I would not. I like the fabric and the layers, but I think the waistline spoils the flow of the dress. I would wear it if it didn’t have the elastic waist. I think it would show off the design if it was not cinched in this way.

  3. I love it! And yes I would wear it, but I live near Seattle and we rarely get days warm enough for clothes like this. I’m 70 and thanks to good genes my arms and neck still look pretty good so I would wear this when I go on vacation to warm places.

  4. Oooh! Yes, indeed, I do like this dress—the back and white, the polka dots and the asymmetrical hemline. Even in the summer I wear a topper, so the narrow straps do not bother me. I have a collection of Nic n’ Zoe lightweight sweaters for summer. I can wear them with the waterfall part loose or tied at the waist. Here I would probably tie them. I can envision my black, white or red sweaters with this, but also think my blue, green or pink ones would be pretty and a bit unexpected.

  5. Well, I have a dress almost like this but these straps are too thin for me. I like the waist, asymmetrical hem and black and white dots. With the right undergarments and a topper, yes I would wear it!

  6. No, I like it a lot but don’t want to show my upper arms. Dresses with sleeves are so hard to find.

  7. No, I would not because I have no occasion to wear a dress like that and also it is far too busy. I can see it on a pretty teenage girl but not on a mature woman.

  8. Yes I would wear this! I like the polka dots and all over look of the dress. I would wear a light cardigan over it but when it gets really hot I don’t care what my arms look like – cooler is most important to me ?

  9. I COULD wear it but I wouldn’t purchase it because of the asymmetrical hemline. I rarely wear dresses and I would not wear it often enough before that hemline is “yesterday”. I love black and white and polka dots. The straps are too thin so I would wear a topper. It’s cute but not for me. Another thought – the hemline could be straightened, however, the dress would be too short for my “veined” legs.

  10. I love everything about this dress — the ruffles, the polka dots, the cinched waist and the unusual hemline. I think it is a flattering style for many women. A lightweight sweater would be perfect on a cooler day.

  11. I like the polka dots and the skirt shape, but the shapeless bodice wouldn’t suit my short wide body. It’s a fresh, pretty dress though.

  12. I don’t like this dress. There looks to be so much fabric, with the ruffles and all, that I’d look much heavier than I am. That I don’t need! Lol

  13. Without the asymmetrical hemline, I would wear it with the white short sleeved open weaver cardigan I have. I like the polka pots & the black & white, but am not a fan of that hemline.

  14. I like the polka dots and the flow-y design. But for me, if I wore it, I’d use a shrug to cover my upper arms. On a hot day, that kind of defeats the purpose of the cool dress. So, I’m a maybe, depending on the weather and a shrug.

  15. Such a pretty dress but difficult to wear. The straps are too narrow for a good bra and it makes you look short waisted. It also accentuates a thick waist and rounded stomach.

  16. Love this dress! Yes I would wear it although I might have to alter the straps or add a built in bra. The dress is fun but not too frilly for a woman over 50. Fabric, print are right and the style is timeless.

  17. I think it is so cute and maybe “Once upon a time” I would have wore it. But not now. I am too big in my waist. It is such a nice, fresh look though!

  18. Oh my yes I would wear this. Great for an outdoor venue with a topper or pashmina! Love the classic polka dot and the asymmetrical hemline! Shouts fun!

  19. I would like to try this on as I really like the look of it on the mannequin. In the past I didn’t care much for polka dots, but I find they appeal to me now, especially in black and white. Like several others, I’d be a little concerned about the narrow straps and I would also have to see where the waist fell on me as I’m quite long in the body.

  20. Yes…I would wear this dress but only with a cardigan or shrug to cover my arms.
    Love the black and White polka dots.

  21. I don’t really wear dresses these days but I would wear this one. I think the straps are wide enough to cover my bra straps (and besides I’d wear it with some sort of cover-up – probably a lightweight black cardigan) – AND I LOVE POLKA DOTS and wear a lot of black & white so this one is a winner.

  22. In a heart beat! I love the dots and the flow of the dress is so very attractive.

  23. Love the dresses. Wish I could wear them. Cannot wear sleeveless . And even if I could they would not cover my bra straps.

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