Would You Wear It Holiday Extravaganza

Welcome to a special Memorial Day Weekend, Would You Wear It Extravaganza!  This is where I take pictures of mannequins I discover and ask your opinion on the looks.  Please tell us what you think and make sure to explain your answers….don’t just say Yes or No.  Now, to make this even more fun, I am collaborating with my BBF (Best Blogger Friend), Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life.  So, after you finish on my blog, then go to Jennifer’s site to comment on her mannequin..  It is 2X the Would You Wear It Fun!  But….wait…there’s more…I have three mannequins this week for your consideration!  I told you…an extravaganza!  So, ladies, what do you think…..


Tell us your opinion…spend some time below with the Nordstrom sale (40% Off!!)…and then go see Jennifer’s look at A WELL STYLED LIFE!



  1. NO!! The jacket is too casual for the dress. Maybe paired with a white denim jacket this would look better. I don’t like the different directionals of the fabric print on the dress either.

  2. Let’s take the center striped dress first. First of all it makes me dizzy! The only item I would wear out of all the pieces is the black jacket and only over a column of white. The layered sleeve on the left side with the cut off jeans could be dangerous! In a strong wind, it could act as wings and lif you off the ground. LOL! Don’t even want to mention the one on the right!

    1. LOL! Thanks Pat! Hopefully we all stay on the ground when we are walking around this weekend!!

  3. The only piece I like is the denim jacket. I don’t wear off-the-shoulder tops because strapless bras are torture. I don’t like the cropped, wide legged, frayed hem either. If the item had just one of those characteristics, they would be acceptable.

  4. No,way too oversized, pants in wide denim, too big, ruffles on top to big, skirt too long and ruffle too big, dress too big and pattern too big, and too bold. Denim jacket I would wear if it fit. I’m a petite size small or 6, and 5’5″. The oversized look doesn’t work for me.

  5. Hi Pamela,
    I quite like the juxtaposition of the jacket with this dress. Very street smart. I personally wouldn’t wear it only because I’m not a fan of pattern. I’lll do the large scale polka dot this season but that’s a push. I’m happier in my ‘own skin’ when I’m wearing primarily solids. I can see my 20 & 30 something daughters wearing this style. .

    Have a super MD weekend & happy shopping!

  6. Nope, none of these three outfits are attractive “as is”. I would rearrange things by taking the white tee under the denim jacket to wear with the denim capris. The black sporty jacket over the “tacky” dress would look good now with my tee, denim pants and comfy shoes (the shoe stylist on the mannequins did well. lol). I’d purchase the denim jacket too as a wardrobe staple. Ix-nay on that yukky off the shoulder top, the lost-cause striped dress and the lost on the prairie ruffled skirt. ???? p.s. the brightly colored handbag is a keeper.? ?

  7. Not a single one. Not a fan of wide crops, this looks very unflattering. Don’t like the dress and it looks confused with that jacket and the skirt and athletic shoes looks sloppy to me. Sorry for the negativity! ! I do like the gingham top, just not with those crops. It would look pretty with white jeans and cute shoes.

    1. Thanks Karen…you are voicing your opinion…not beging negative. That’s what this platform is about, but I like that you ended on a bright note!

  8. Start with the good all the kicks they look lightweight & comfy, the denim jacket looks just like the one I wear & the cute red bag is a definite yes. As for the cropped fray pants & off shoulder top. Nope the crops look grungy with the fray hem I just don’t like the wide crop look. Off shoulder tops are cute on younger women it would drive me bonkers I’d feel like it was falling off. The strip dress is not my jam with every which way stripes maybe in a solid color. The black jacket is sloppy looking. The ruffle skirt would have to be shorter for me to wear it’s just the wrong length for me. I would wear the T-shirt because I don’t wear some one else’s name across my chest (or rear).A solid color T would look nicer with the skirt.

  9. I don’t like any of these looks for me, and I am not sure who would look attractive wearing any of them. I agree with the adjective “dizzying” mentioned above and can’t imagine anyone I know, any age, wearing any of these AS IS on the mannequins.

  10. Denim jacket – yes – everything else no. Either too loud, too young or too dizzying (I agree with Pat Noakes). Regular follower of Jennifer Connolly so it’s nice to make your acquaintance Pam!! Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

    1. Nice to meet you as well, Debbie. Thanks for stopping by…I hope you will be back. Happy Memorial Day!

  11. These would all be a no for me. Each one has a piece that doesn’t fit: the Salvation Army crops with the crisp gingham top (cute, but way too young for me), the athletic jacket with the long dress (can’t imagine it looking good on anyone), and the ruffled skirt (too much going on in a skirt) with the denim jacket, tee shirt and black (why?) athletic shoes. The red bag is cute, but being tucked up under the boobs is very distracting and restricting. Sorry to be negative, but none of my money or closet space would be expended on these outfits.

    1. Don’t apologize for giving your opinion, Donna. That is what this platform is for. This is how we learn about clothing and hopefully send a message to stylist and display designers! Thanks for being here.

  12. I would wear the pink skirt. It would suit my shape (small-waisted) and the size of my frame. Unfortunately, that type of skirt is not sold where I live, and I don’t shop online internationally. I would prefer a dark color.

  13. A big no for all three. I don’t wear off the shoulder tops because I can’t stand to wear a strapless bra. I would only wear the wide legged frayed capris(?) to clean house or work outside. The dress is just too much. The jacket would be OK with workout wear. The denim jacket is OK, & I would wear it with casual wear. The rest of that outfit looks like something my 16 year old granddaughter might wear, & I don’t think the two of us should be wearing the same styles.

  14. No. I am not a ruffles kind of person. I don’t like the ragged hem. No one likes seeing me in sleeveless dresses, and I would not wear it with that jacket. All in all, not my looks.

  15. I know that this clothing combo is a current trend. I forget what it is called. High-low, or something like that. It is where you combine higher end style, like a dress for instance, with a lower end, a jean jacket or tennis shoes. I find it very interesting and have been trying to come up with my own combos. Personally, I am not crazy about this combo. But I think someone younger may be able to pull it off. The dress looks intriguing. But i doubt if I would wear it. It is just not “me.” I like simpler clothing. The jacket is really cute. I might wear that with a plain dress with no print. I like stripes, but the stripes on this dress are not my cup of tea for some reason.
    I like looking at these examples and thinking about them. Thank you for regularly having these posts! They are fun and helpful in my style journey!

  16. The more I am looking at this picture, I’m liking these pieces. Yes, the combinations are different mixtures, but I can see wearing my clothes that way while traveling. I think the different mixtures give some interest to the clothing. I am feeling like this is more me. I like casual, especially in the summer. I’ll have to look at some of my clothes with this in mind.

  17. As others have mentioned, my only choice would be the denim jacket. I think the outfits are for much younger women and know i would not feel comfortable or attractive in any of them.

  18. Oh my goodness, NO! The only items I would wear are the shoes on the middle mannequin and the jean jacket on the one to the right. In fact, I own very similar items. To me, all three combinations look poorly thought out and I don’t think any of them would be flattering.

  19. Oh good grief! Are designers/buyers even trying to sell clothing?? I could possibly see the off the shoulder/cropped pants appealing to a younger person with a very good figure but everything else looks mismatched and unflattering in style, cut and pattern. I could imagine me going to a thrift store, willy nilly tossing outdated clothing one atop another on me in 10 minutes and coming out looking like this. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Thanks Pam and Jennifer for bringing sanity and style our way!

    1. You are welcome, Janet. These mannequins caught my eye because I saw a woman who was clearly over 50 standing and looking at them. She was dressed very fashion forward. So, I thought I would see what the rest of you thought!

  20. I consider the center outfit ironic … crazy busy and incoherent yet at the same time a complete snooze with the sloppy, watch-a-grandkid’s game vibe and boring shoes. It’s the kind of outfit u put together when all your nice stuff is in the laundry.

  21. WOW!That striped dress looks like remnants sewn together to make a hanging sack. Would never wear anything like that.

  22. Yes, to the denim jacket and tennis shoes, and that’s it. Too much flounce on the blouse sleeves, I don’t do the Adidas look (athletic jacket), the skirt is not me, the dress is a strange striped mess and those cropped jeans look like they add visual pounds to anyone wearing them. People need to be careful with cropped pants, some styles/cuts look good, but others, not so much. Also, as much as I do like SLIGHTLY distressed jeans, I am not into the uneven hems, released hems or all the denim fringe hanging off of the cropped pants shown. Somehow, for me, it passes over the line from ‘fun fashion’ (slightly distressed), into full on sloppy. Still loving your Saturday posts! Even when I’m pressed for time on Saturdays, I will find the time for this one post.

    1. Thanks Diana…so glad you like it! It is fun to have some girl talk about clothes…isn’t it??

  23. I’m new to your site – this is fun! Definite “yes” to both jackets; they are classics. “No” to the other pieces. The dress just looks tired and droopy to me, not fun or breezy. Wide crop pants aren’t flattering for my long thin legs. I’m not a skirts person, but this one is a close call. I like the color, length, and design – it would look good with a simple white tee and espadrilles.

    1. Thanks so much for participating Susan and for stopping by! I hope to see you again here!

  24. This grouping looks like the display artist was given a bunch of random pieces and told: “do something with these.” Nothing alone is completely unwearable I guess, depending on what you like. But the dress is too much like a sack, and the jacket paired with it belongs with white yoga pants or other fitness attire–perhaps including the tee that is paired with the skirt. The cut-off capri pants look like wide jeans someone hacked shorter at home. Looks like some raggy thing I might wear to mow the lawn. The skirt would look better with a crisp white tee and sandals–just not on me. I have a similar jeans jacket I wear with some casual summer dresses in the evening. I have a bag like the one pictured, but I carry it like a regular shoulder bag–Not a boob attachment. Nothing wrong with the shoes with jeans, shorts, yoga pants or leggings. I would not wear anything as pictured. And the dress is definitely not for me.

  25. No to all of it due to the noise that each piece generates. I like quieter, elegant, classic, lady-like Grace Kelly/ Audrey Hepburn type styles.

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