It’s Memorial Day weekend, and most of us think of this three day holiday at the beginning of summer as a time to celebrate the end of school for children and youth, and a time to grill hamburgers and soak up the sun.  It is not wrong to celebrate summer, however, Memorial Day is also Remembrance Day…a time to reflect and be thankful for those who gave their lives that we may be free to hit the beaches and spend time with family.

The poppy has become a known as a symbol for remembrance.  You can read about THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE POPPY HERE.  I live in San Antonio, Texas…also known as military city USA.  One of our locals was commenting on the somber impact of seeing over 100,000 American Flags placed on graves locally at Fort Sam Houston.  It is a time to reflect and be thankful.  So this bright little flower is a powerful accessory for Memorial Day.  It says we are in this together.

Today, let’s remember and be thankful. There are many ways to assist veterans and their families, or families left without a loved one due to service in the military. You might look into how to assist others.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about this outfit and go back to fashion fun.  I am also thankful for all of you.


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