We had an interesting discussion a couple of days ago over a floral print jacket…some of you hated it, some loved it, some wanted to change the shade of the colors, and some found the jacket to be aging.  I would have fallen into the latter category.  But, the point here is to show that we each have our own individual preferences when it comes to prints.  I really prefer to wear them for work as I am doing here…either in a tank or an accessory.  For casual, I will wear prints more often in a kimono.

I have found that, for me, most floral jackets or toppers do make me feel frumpy and older.  I even feel that way in most polka dots…but not all.  Usually, this has to do with styling and fit.  I prefer to control my prints.  I have owned this tank for at least six years…I like the interesting detail on the tank and it goes with all my neutrals.  When wearing something like this print (especially with detailing), I do not wear alot of jewelry.  It can be just too much.

The print jackets I love the most are leopard prints and geometric designs.  But, I only have one or two of those.  Traditionally, you will see me in a solid or a neutral like this which keeps me feeling confident, youthful, and modern.   However, I do own several print camis or tank tops or blouses to place under those jackets.

Is there a particular print which makes you feel older or frumpy?  If so, please share about it.  Also, remember this week I am pulling looks from my closet and wearing them in new ways for summer.  I have not worn this tank with blue before…but I do like it!  I have put together a slide show of some fun ways to wear prints below!  Please leave your thoughts………..and, of course…………….


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