This is one of my favorite looks from last summer.  I began to look through the Summer 2017 folders seeking a little inspiration for Summer 2018.  Honestly, there were not that many outfits I was crazy about when looking at them now.  The photos I have put in this post are the ones I liked the best.  I have always considered summer dressing a challenge living here in South Texas.

The challenges for me are…

  1.  The heat outside and the cold air in some places inside.  We tend to over compensate with our air conditioning at times.
  2. My wardrobe has to work for so many different things…professional wear, casual wear, special event wear, grandmother wear… really does need to be a closet of separates which can be styled for many different lives.
  3. I wear more color in the summer, but still love my neutrals and look best in saturated color….not really pastels.
  4. I am not as inspired in the summer as I am in the fall and winter.  I am trying to work on it!
  5. My curvy figure makes lighter dressing more of a challenge to be flattering.
  6. It is very easy in the summer to cross that line into frumpy…if I do not watch out!

I would like to do some different looks this summer, but remain true to the messages I desire to send with my style and to re-fashion what I already own.  I have decided to challenge myself in new ways…particularly in the area of workwear.  Everyone here dresses down in the summer.  Some women allow capri pants and flip flops to rule even their professional wear.  But, I will not go there…even when it is over 100 degrees.

We will see what I come up with!  I am going to give it my best effort to try some new looks.  BTW….if you are new to the blog, these really are last year’s pictures and my hair was darker.  in the last four months, I have begun to get highlights and ligthen my hair…which makes it better in between appointments…the gray skunk stripe is gone!  I also changed my glasses from black to red frames.

Can anyone else identify with my challenges?  Does anyone love summer stye and have some wisdom to share?  You guys are the best…I love reading your reponses every week on Would You Wear It!

Now, if I were shopping…some of the styles below would be on my radar!  Look through the slide show and see what you think  Until then…..


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