Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week…I have missed being here, but welcomed into our family a beautiful, big baby boy last week!  He came into the world at 10 lbs. 11 oz and both he and my daughter are doing great.  I now have three awesome grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter.  The trip required a plane flight with a three hour layover in Dallas.  It is always an invitation for me to people watch.

I have told you before that I like to be comfortable, but still look my best when traveling.  When I look my best, I just enjoy the trip more.  But, so many travel as if they got out of bed and maybe brushed their teeth, then left to go to the airport.  It is amazing how casual some travel.  However, on this trip, I saw many women who inspired me with their style.

Yes, I am stalking here, but stalking great travel style for women over 50.  I really liked this outfit…it looks comfy but is a style from sandals to the colors that I would wear.  It is a nice mix of color and neutrals.  Now, the next woman was a bit more dressed up…

But, I really like this look…particularly her jacket and pointed toe flats.  I think she looks quite chic and yet, still comfortable for airline travel.

So, how do you like to dress when flying?  Do you think about looking your best or just getting to airport and on your way?

I found some travel options below for consideration.  It is great to be back and thank you for being here…as always….


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