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Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week…I have missed being here, but welcomed into our family a beautiful, big baby boy last week!  He came into the world at 10 lbs. 11 oz and both he and my daughter are doing great.  I now have three awesome grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter.  The trip required a plane flight with a three hour layover in Dallas.  It is always an invitation for me to people watch.

I have told you before that I like to be comfortable, but still look my best when traveling.  When I look my best, I just enjoy the trip more.  But, so many travel as if they got out of bed and maybe brushed their teeth, then left to go to the airport.  It is amazing how casual some travel.  However, on this trip, I saw many women who inspired me with their style.

Yes, I am stalking here, but stalking great travel style for women over 50.  I really liked this outfit…it looks comfy but is a style from sandals to the colors that I would wear.  It is a nice mix of color and neutrals.  Now, the next woman was a bit more dressed up…

But, I really like this look…particularly her jacket and pointed toe flats.  I think she looks quite chic and yet, still comfortable for airline travel.

So, how do you like to dress when flying?  Do you think about looking your best or just getting to airport and on your way?

I found some travel options below for consideration.  It is great to be back and thank you for being here…as always….



  1. Welcome back Pam, and congratulations on that new baby boy!! I am always amazed at how people dress when I’m at the airport. Much too casual and often just sloppy. I think it’s not just travel, it’s everywhere (I’m remembering your post on how we’ve become too casual as a society). I’m one of those who dress nicely to run errands, travel, go to lunch or out for coffee, whatever it might be. Like you said, you just feel better and more confident when you put effort into your appearance. And like Jennifer points out, you are treated with much more respect. The women you featured here look great! I especially like the first outfit with the neutrals and the coral colored top! She looks comfortable and yet so classy! I’m heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a day trip to the markets and the conservatory, so plan to dress in a similar way. I got some fabulous jeans at Soft Surroundings (white with blue vines, LOVE them!!!) and will take a cover up similar to the one in the first picture for the A/C. I’ll bet a lot of comments will be from women who do put an effort into their appearance!

    1. Your Soft Surroundings jeans sound great, Karen! And I knew you would be one who likes to travel looking your best! Have fun on your trip!

  2. I agree with dressing as if you have tried to polish up while traveling. I love pajamas in the house. It has me shaking my head when I see folks in pj’s in the airport.
    I prefer to wear traveling clothes that are comfortable, show effort, yet can handle an emergency situation.

  3. I wear (nice) pull-on knit pants or leggings for comfort, but not white because plane seats and airport seats can be grubby. I wear comfortable slip-on shoes (loafers, Mary Janes, or CLEAN canvas shoes with elastic “laces”) and footies or socks. I don’t like wearing sandals because my feet get cold on planes and I cringe at the thought of walking barefoot in the TSA screening area if we haven’t been pre-approved. If I don’t wear a jacket or sweater I have one in my tote.

    1. Thanks for sharing Marcia! I got randomly selected for a full body search this last time and I was so glad I had on clothes that fit well and didn’t have a lot of extra fabric.

  4. Congratulations on the new baby boy! Such fun ahead.

    I too like to look pulled together when traveling. However, I have to be prepared for travel emergencies. One just never knows. This level of preparation requires, for me, athletic shoes and comfortable clothes. I just could not travel in sandals or dress shoes. It is a difficult balance to strike, to be sure. A useful post to see clothing options, though.

    1. Thanks Kelly, I agree with comfort wear on the feet. I wore flats this last time and some of my flats and dress flats are as comfortable as athletic shoes…yes to Rockport and brands similar!

  5. Congratulations! I travel for work frequently. I used to dress much nicer but after years of delays, cancellations and the like, I do dress a bit more comfortable now. I never look like I just rolled out of bed though! Comfortable sneakers are a must and a scarf that doubles as a pillow.

  6. I typically wear jeans and a nice top with a sweater or jacket. Shoes are slip-on and not sneakers. I check all baggage except a tote bag of sorts, which my purse fits in. I don’t like lugging around a lot while waiting to board.

  7. Welcome back and congratulations on the new grandson! How exciting!

    Malls and airports are great places for people watching and observing what they wear! I dress for comfort when I fly. I usually wear jeans, a nice top, and a jacket. For footwear, I generally choose my comfortable hiking/walking sneakers as I definitely want to have them with me and they would take up more space in my suitcase than the other shoes I’d take with me.

  8. I wear either jeans with a print or striped top and a sweater with good walking shoes. These tend to be my heaviest items so there is a reason behind this outfit. I don’t wear a plain top in case of spills and tend to stick to darker colours. But yes, I do try to look properly dressed rather than as if I just rolled out of bed!
    My largest suitcase is 20″ and it gets checked. I carry a tote bag onboard along with a smaller sized cross-body bag. I walk with a cane so don’t want to be burdened with too many bits & pieces that I can’t keep track of.
    I would not wear white pants nor high heels or sandals, I think you need proper shoes for safety reasons and because it often gets quite chilly onboard.

    1. Very good points…thanks Margie. I like the looks of the white leggings on the woman I pictured…but I confess I do not travel in white.

  9. Congrats on your new grandson! What I find hard about traveling is when you go from hot to cold or viversa. Any good idea?

    1. Thanks Vivian. When I am traveling and changing climates then to carry a cardigan or jacket becomes a must, but I know it is a pain!

  10. While the birth of a 10 pound baby can be stressful, although it’s probably better with your third child than your first, the upside is that they hit that “don’t need a feeding every 2 hour mark/sleep through the night” stage faster. With two older brothers the he seems like he’s hit the ground ready to do battle.

    Both your ladies look suitable for an airport, although I think wearing white is dicey on a plane as you never know when someone’s drink is going to end sloshed over you. Given that you are squished up in a small space I think it’s best to dress in such a way that nobody is exposed to your body parts that they’d just as soon you kept covered. I’ll forgive pajamas if they cover you up, but I just as soon not be subject to short-shorts.

    1. I told my daughter exactly what you said about larger babies! There really are alot of advantages…once you get them on the outside. I completely agree about white pants. I love the look, but the practicality when traveling is questionalbe…thanks Rose!

    1. I hope you read the blog regularly, Cynthia. I feature my favorite brand of pants often…from denim to dress pants. I wear pants almost every single day!

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