Would You Wear It X2

Of course, I would not miss Would You Wear It, a favorite post of the week!  This is where you get to give your opinion on the outfit above…don’t just say yes or no, but tell us the reasons why you feel the way you feel about it!

Then head over to Jennifer Connolly’s site A WELL STYLED LIFE , andive your opinion on her outfit!  Two times the fun!  If you like the look above, I have the pieces linked in a slideshow below!  Now, ladies, tell us what you really think………………………….






  1. NOO! Too busy for me. Colors nice in theory but the jacket is too much! I like florals but not on a jacket. Feel they are cute on younger women but can seem matronly on older women. Don’t like where the elastic is on blouse either. Nice slimming pants though

  2. Would I wear it? Probably. I like the 3/4 sleeves and the color palette. Would I buy it? Probably not. I feel like I buy items like a blazer/jacket for the long haul – classics that I’ll have for a long time and can be incorporated into my existing wardrobe. If money were no object, I might buy it as a “wild card”, but I’d probably tire of it after a short time.

  3. I only like the pants. The blouse would not be flattering on me, and the print on the blazer is not appealing. I like the idea of a printed blazer, just not this print.

  4. I’m tall But with a bit of a pear shape so getting jackets to fit can be tricky. The shoulders are defined on this jacket, so that would be good for me. At 68, I love bright items like this with my grey hair … would wear neutrals as shown in pants and top and could dress it down and wear with black or white jeans and neutral tee as well.

  5. No, I don’t like it at all. A tall, thin young woman could probably put the jacket with jeans and a tee and look great but I think it would look matronly on most of us.

  6. No, it looks too inexpensive, the print and fabric look to be of low quality , sorry, I’m a seamstress.

  7. Jeans yes slim black love them. Jacket yes, pretty color coral/rose floral print on the black background tones down the brightness it would look perfect with my white gold hair & feel great on coolish spring days or nights. I’m not sure about the top but I’d try it on to see where the waist falls, the length & if any gap at neckline.

  8. Absolutely not for me there is way too much going on with this outfit. Too much pattern on a major piece that covers half the body. Maybe just a scarf in those colors would be better. I don’t care for the top underneath the jacket either. IMO a more fitted tank top would look better.

  9. Yes! I like everything about the jacket. I like the cut and especially the colors. A perfect jacket for column dressing! The neckline on the blouse and the horizontal elastic are not the best choice for me. I do like the tops on your slideshow (above), paired with this floral jacket. The pants appear forgiving yet comfortable. Fun jacket!

  10. I would not wear either the jacket or the top underneath, as I’m a large woman and I think I’d feel like a giant walking rose bush in the jacket, and the top underneath is too fussy for me. I think it’s a cute look for a petite woman. I like the hippy vibe, though!

  11. The jacket seems “dated” like something from the 90s and the blouse seems to fussy for the tailored style of the jacket. So no I wouldn’t wear this outfit.

  12. I love everything about this outfit. It is so me. I ha e a very similar jacket and whenever I wear it I get compliments.

  13. Yes, I would, or some form of it. I love the jacket. The blouse I would have to try to see how it looked, but I think it is beautiful. Black pants are always in style.

  14. I like the jacket but it might veer toward matronly–and I would wear a more fitted top under it, not the pleats and gathers shown. I’d try it on, but might not buy it. It’s soooo hot here in the summer, the ‘third piece’ would more likely be a linen big shirt or sheer kimono. Yes on the pants, would go with anything.

  15. No. I have never liked floral jackets. They remind me of smocks witn by older women when I was a child.

  16. Absolutely! I would wear this to work and a fun dinner with friends without a doubt! The vibrant jacket is paired perfectly with simple white shirt and navy slacks. Cannot go wrong with this outfit for me!

  17. I would wear the jacket if the flowers were more pink. Coral is a terrible color for me. Now that I live in Florida, I wear lots of floral tops. I should say, “In theory, I’d wear the jacket,” because I actually haven’t worn a jacket since moving to the south. I think it’s a pretty outfit, but not for me.

  18. I like it except for the blouse. Blouses like that don’t work on me. It’s too much fabric. I would do a more form fitting t shirt or blouse under the jacket and with the jeans. I think it would be a fun outfit.

  19. I would wear the pants and the jacket, but I don’t think the style and length of the blouse would suit me. I would choose a very simple top to keep the focus on the jacket. I love its three quarter sleeves and fun pattern. I also like the fact that it would look as good with jeans as with dressier pants.

  20. Hi everyone, so glad to have this inspiring blog.
    No, I would not wear that. I have a tendency to dress somber and once in a while I go for bright colors. When I do so, I feel I look like an old lady in the dime store. Just me.
    I think your clothes should reflect your personality and one would not call me bright and bubbly.

  21. I would not only wear it in theory, but would definitely try it on as a real possibility. I don’t like the blouse in either cut or the sort of dead color. I would pair it with one of my endless tanks, as I’m sure I have the green and the coral colors in addition to black. Add a coral cuff and sandals and u would have a fun outfit that would go out to dinner, or even to an afternoon wedding (gold sandals!) or a casual office. If it were washable, I would for sure wear it to teach school.

  22. I would wear the jacket, it drapes nicely and I like the pattern. But I wouldn’t pair it with the loose pleated top – too much going on. I would wear the jacket with a simple skimming tanktop in black or possibly one of the colours in the jacket.

  23. No, I do not like this. Florals=Frumpy. The top’s soft structure doesn’t go with the blazer’s tailored shape. Not for me.

  24. I would wear it…In fact, I had to do a double take…I have nearly the same outfit but the jacket is a bohemianesque kimono and the faux wrap top doesn’t have pleats

  25. I love it, but would put a less busy white shell under the jacket and also love it with black underneath. It’s a yes!

  26. I like the slim pants but I don’t care for the location of the elastic on the blouse and the pattern on the jacket reminds me of my grandmother’s wall paper.

  27. I would wear the jacket and the pants but not the white top underneath – I think that the pleats and the elastic waistband compete with the floral of the jacket and make the whole look “too busy”.

  28. I certainly would wear it! The older I get, the more fun I want to have with my clothes. Ive tried on a floral jacket and it looked great but it wasn’t it my budget at the time. Might be a reason to go shopping.

  29. Not this one. Don’t care for the floral pattern on the jacket. The white top seems to add bulk around the middle. Black pants are a standard and I would wear those. Also, the red shirt pictured to the right, I’d definitely try that one!

  30. I really like it. I’m trying to lose quite a few kilos. So not something I would wear right now, but certainly would love it when I lose a bit more weight.

  31. I love color; floral and pattern designs! This floral patterned blazer (if it were pink hues instead of coral) I would wear. The cream blouse is not my style so would probably pick up the pink or black (w/a long pearl necklace)in a tank style top. Out on the town in a chic pant-suit style, which I miss!!
    Actually reminds me of Carole Little designs 🙂

  32. I like the jacket and pants, and would buy if the price point were right, for a whimsical piece and the jacket was lined or made so it hung well. I’d pair it with a white tee, the blousey top is too much with the busy patterned jacket.

  33. Pam, I could never wear this because I am a Light-Bright color type. The color is too dark and saturated…and light-brights (like me and Jennifer Connolly) should never wear this type of bold print (too overpowering for our coloring).
    YOU, on the other hand, would look FABULOUS in this because you are a Muted/Contrast color type. The colors are rich and the print is bold.
    I could see you wearing this beautifully.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Sharon, but this print is too overpowering for me. I agree with some of the ladies here that this type of print would age me. When I wear a printed jacket it is usually a leopard or graphic print…but not a floral. Thanks for participating!

  34. I like the top and the jeans. But not a fan of the print in the blazer. I like the idea of a print and would wear it if it was the right one. I like the colors in the jacket. Print seems dated to me

  35. I am looking for a floral jacket, and I tried this one. But it makes me look frumpy. I love the base pieces.

  36. Jacket and pants, YES! The only reason I wouldn’t wear the top, is the elastic, I don’t do anything waste hugging. =) I would substitute with a white tank that hangs nicely on me.

  37. No! I feel it would age me. The print looks like something my MIL (whom I adore, and who is uber stylish) would wear in pants.

    I can see this on a couple of friends of mine though….

  38. To start with, that is an extremely nice looking outfit on a mannequin.

    Sorry to insert reality here, how many women over 50 are that size? I wear a size 20, have struggled with my weight for 5 decades. I always wear black pants, or capris. Love the blouse, just not the floral jacket.

    Though if I were a size 2 (and 4’ 8”) I could rock that outfit. Not as much if you are 5’ 11” and a size 20.

  39. Of course I would wear it!

    It would work with my coloring, shape, height and personality. In fact, I bought a similar jacket with a black background and a blue print this spring.

    I would stick to a column of black underneath, or pick one of the colors from the print for the column of color. There are two reasons for this: the jacket stands out on its own. The light top and dark bottom combo takes away from the jacket.

    And two: a jacket like this is great for a triangle shape, but simply won’t work when horizontal lines cut the body in half. I would say the presentation of this outfit is a merchandising mistake, not a failure of yhe jacket.

  40. BTW, Pamela, I get frustrated with merchandising sometimes.

    For example, when petite clothing is placed high on a wall and the petite customers ask me, another shopper, to get something for them, I feel like I am working there.

    Or when tall tights are placed just above ground level, and I have to crawl on the floor to find my size…I have actually been on my knees on the floor when a petite customer asked me to help her reach her size, up high on the wall.

    Surely a female merchandiser would think this through. I actually spoke to a store manager about this once, and they changed it! Elsewhere, these are head office decisions.

  41. Pam,
    I am eating humble pie this week after I commented on your blog last week. I attempted to suggest that this outfit would be a good choice for you. How could I know your personal preferences, when I’m not you? I learned my lesson and even wrote a blog about it. Thanks for helping me realize, “It’s not about styling an outfit–it’s about styling ‘who you are’.” https://qstylethebook.com/pride-goeth-before-a-fall-even-in-fashion/

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