New Beauty Products for Women Over 50

This week is dedicated to all things NEW!  I want to introduce you to some new products and brands! At least, they are new to me and may be new to most of you.  For those “new” followers, most bloggers are sent products to test in hopes we many mention them to our audience.  I will never write a bad review….instead, I just don’t mention the product at all (and over the years there have been many of these).  So, whatever I do write about, I have personally tested and I like.  So, today, we will begin with new beauty products I have recently tested.This Micellar Gradual Tanner at first glance doesn’t look like this clear water could bring on a tan, but after a couple of days it will gradualling give a natural looking color to your skin which lasts about a week.  I like it and it looks natural and is easy.  It makes the skin look very healthy…I used it on my legs. Read about Minetan Miscellar Tan Water Everyday Glow Gradual Self Tan.Products with bee venom are very new to me and I really liked this one, Rodial’s Bee Venom Cleansing Balm.  Yes, it cleanses very well, but also plumps fine line and wrinkles.  My face looks amazing and feels so smooth after using this product.  It makes me want to try some of the other bee venom products carried by Soft Surroundings.  Find the Rodial Bee Venom Cleansing Balm Here.

This lip treatment is pretty amazing.  It makes our gently aging lips so silky and smooth and placed under lipstick…it is a winner!  Takes out the trouble with dry lines in our lips.  Love it!


Finally, Acai Berries.  This has worked so well for me to keep my system healthy and “moving”…if you know what I mean. If your metabolism is slowing, you might consider trying this natural option.  It is working for me.    ACAI BERRIES HERBAL SUPPLEMENT

That’s all on new products for right now…join me tomorrow to meet a new brand!  Does anyone else have something new they want to tell us about below.  Please comment and, as always……………………………


Disclaimer:  Several of these products were provided for me to sample, but the words are my own.



    1. I know…I was excited to try it and I really like the way my skin felt after using it! Thanks Jennifer.

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