Meet Hope Fashion for Fun, Confident Style Over 50

“Hope is a collection of elegant, relaxed pieces that will make all women look and feel beautifully confident. Fashion should be fun and Hope has a contemporary simplicity that allows you to get on with being a busy, sociable woman, while still looking effortlessly stylish.

This mission statement almost sounds like I wrote it…right?  I am thrilled to introduce you to a new brand who’s mission perfectly aligns with my own for this blog.  Hope Fashion is all about confidence, optimism, creativity, elegance, and style.  It is the product resulting from a story of hope by Nayna from Jamaica to the United Kingdom.  I am honored to have so many readers in the UK and to have worked with several brands from there.  They are lovely and inspiring…but this one has excited me for so many reasons.

Of course, I love a brand which features women of all ages and sizes in their clothes…and are laughing and smiling during the photo shoot.  Perfect!

These designs are stylish and effortless…bringing the comfort level so many women over 50 desire.

I am wearing above the Coral Print Shrug and it will be my favorite statement piece this summer.  It is a lightweight chiffon made in Italy, and is a sheer fabric easy to handwash.  The aysemmtrical design can we turned and styled in several ways for fun summer nights.  This shrug just makes me want to go to a beach!!

I have two slide shows for you today.  First are my favorite pics from the current Hope Fashion line!

Second, you have to think of the future.  I am a big fan of off season shopping!  Hope Fashion currently has some cold weather pieces on sale at great prices.  I think they need to hang in the closet for some of you and wait for those cool breezes of fall to blow…you will be ready for it looking your confident best!!  Look at what you can get now at amazing savings.

I hope you enjoyed meeting this new line of clothing.  I am encouraged to see a brand like this and know they will agree, when I tell all of you to…………………………………….



Disclaimer:  I was provided the shrug for this post, but the words are completely my own.


  1. These clothes are beautiful! You look wonderful in that shade of blue and what a gorgeous top! It looks better on you than it does on the website!! I love some of the fall/winter looks and am always looking ahead for that season since it lasts so long where I live. I’m going to spend some time on the website after I sign off here! I missed “Would You Wear It” on Saturday as this was my weekend out of town shopping with my sister. We went by so many displays and I’d laugh and point things out and say, “This is EXACTLY what Pam would put on “Would You Wear It”!! The larger department stores show things so much differently than the smaller shops. The smaller shops have things in the window that draw me in, where in the large department stores this is not the case! But it is entertaining and interesting to see the combinations they come up with! Incidentally, I would not wear this past Saturday’s outfit. If the top was longer most definitely would wear that. Off to check out the “Hope” clothes!

  2. I love the prints and the look of the summer pieces but feel that they would overwhelm me at on 5’2″. And I’d be catching those sleeves or floaty ends on everything – I’m a klutz that way. However, some of those cold weather pieces would work! I’ll bookmark them for later!

    PS – your website still isn’t saving my info

  3. How exciting that I was on your trip with your, Karen! Sounds like we had fun! Happy Monday!

  4. Thanks Margie…my website designer is out of town…but I hope to get it fixed soon. Also, on the HOPE website they tell you the height of the models wearing the garments…I noticed a few petites in there.

  5. I know…they do have excellent warm weather offerings…like I said, I could see this one on a beach! Thanks Rosemary!

  6. Again, hooray for all the color you are using! I love this outfit and it looks fantastic on you! Would you mind sharing where you got the lovely clutch purse? I also think the silver accessories just top off the look. The pieces for summer would overwhelm my stuture at 5 feet tall, but like someone else suggested, the winter pieces might work for me!

  7. I love this outfit… it looks absolutely beautiful on you!! It definitely looks cruise or tropical vacation, but I would wear it anytime!! I also love how you accessorized it!! Yes, I would wear it anytime!! Pam, I really love your post. I don’t always have the chance to comment, but they are all great!!

  8. I agree I would look like a rolly polly with all the looseness… pretty colors!

  9. These are great fashion pieces. My sister has recently digitized all the old photos from our childhood. I adored my grandmothers and in the pictures, by my calculations, they were far younger than I am today. My one grandmother was married at 15. Their clothes and general style aged them terribly and I know why they didn’t play with us like we do our grandchildren. Who could run around and play in those dresses and shoes? Today’s fashions, even casual pieces exude fun and happiness. I’m sure my grandmothers were happy, but their clothing didn’t reflect it.

  10. You look very elegant in that shrug! The color is a pretty pick for you, too.

  11. Hi Linda, the clutch was found at a local boutique a couple of years ago. I love it for going out!

  12. You are so sweet, Susan. Thank you for the encouragement…always welcomed and needed.

  13. Again, Cee…they do have styles for petites on their website. What I wear is never meant for everyone…just to show you what the brand can do.

  14. My grandmother’s clothing never said joy…I hope my grandchildren will remember me differently. Thanks so much Nina.

  15. Thank you Diana…not a color I usually wear, but I do like this piece alot.

  16. Popping in a day late–thank you for introducing this brand, Pam. I want to take a look at the mustard colored dress shown with leggings.

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