“Hope is a collection of elegant, relaxed pieces that will make all women look and feel beautifully confident. Fashion should be fun and Hope has a contemporary simplicity that allows you to get on with being a busy, sociable woman, while still looking effortlessly stylish.

This mission statement almost sounds like I wrote it…right?  I am thrilled to introduce you to a new brand who’s mission perfectly aligns with my own for this blog.  Hope Fashion is all about confidence, optimism, creativity, elegance, and style.  It is the product resulting from a story of hope by Nayna from Jamaica to the United Kingdom.  I am honored to have so many readers in the UK and to have worked with several brands from there.  They are lovely and inspiring…but this one has excited me for so many reasons.

Of course, I love a brand which features women of all ages and sizes in their clothes…and are laughing and smiling during the photo shoot.  Perfect!

These designs are stylish and effortless…bringing the comfort level so many women over 50 desire.

I am wearing above the Coral Print Shrug and it will be my favorite statement piece this summer.  It is a lightweight chiffon made in Italy, and is a sheer fabric easy to handwash.  The aysemmtrical design can we turned and styled in several ways for fun summer nights.  This shrug just makes me want to go to a beach!!

I have two slide shows for you today.  First are my favorite pics from the current Hope Fashion line!

Second, you have to think of the future.  I am a big fan of off season shopping!  Hope Fashion currently has some cold weather pieces on sale at great prices.  I think they need to hang in the closet for some of you and wait for those cool breezes of fall to blow…you will be ready for it looking your confident best!!  Look at what you can get now at amazing savings.

I hope you enjoyed meeting this new line of clothing.  I am encouraged to see a brand like this and know they will agree, when I tell all of you to…………………………………….



Disclaimer:  I was provided the shrug for this post, but the words are completely my own.

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