News for Women of a Certain Age

Yes, it is time for News for Women of a Certain Age…where I curate headlines which might be of interest to women over 50.  Let’s begin today with two stories which have put a lift in my steps since I am walking more at my new job…as well as, during my workouts.

You may tire of the stories proclaiming the benefits of exercise.  I did not start regular exercise until I was 60…so it is never too late and makes a huge difference for so many reasons.  Read the news here in these two articles…super exciting!



I was so excited to discover that one of the writers producing popular movies on the Hallmark Channel lives right here in my town of San Antonio.  I hope to meet her soon.


A beautiful woman, Issabella Rossellni, discusses ageism in the modeling industry.  Watch her interview on ABC HERE.

These little ones are spreading the news about the new GERBER baby meeting the original GERBER baby (now 91)…so sweet.  See them both HERE.

I really try to keep this feature positive and encouraging, but the loss of Kate Spade this week just broke my heart and is worthy of mention here since she was a woman over 50.  She was talented, inspiring, creative, and beautiful.  If you know of anyone struggling with depression, stay close to them…keep in touch…remind them they are loved…and it is important to seek help. We just never know what is going on inside of others.  Their lives may look perfect, yet be covering pain.

I cherish you all…thanks for being here!  And please…………..




  1. I completely agree about Kate Spade, just so very sad. People carry such heavy burdens and most often we don’t realize. I enjoyed your articles today! The ones about exercise were encouraging and inspirational. I believe we should do all we can to live our healthiest and best life as much as it is within our control. It does take work, but if we can add good years to our lives, I’m all for that! The Gerber babies…both are just so cute! How fun to see them together. Have a great weekend Pam!

  2. Agreed on all points. And so sad about Kate. How can we help our children, friends and loved ones who silently suffer depression to understand their intrinsic value in the world and to themselves? Regardless of the ups and downs of daily life.

  3. Hi Pam,
    I enjoyed the articles you shared on walking and exercise in later years. My dad who is 86 years old made lifestyle changes in his 60’s. He improved his diet, started walking everyday and doing strength exercises. He still walks 2 miles a day and is in better shape than some of my friends in their 60’s. I can really see how the changes he made benefitted his later years and he is lucky to be able to enjoy his great-grandchildren. He is such a role model!

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