Let’s talk about self-acceptance over 50 today……where you are, at the age you are, at the size you are, in the place where you are.  I got the sense that some of you were a little discouraged when I mentioned my challenges with summer dress and followed it up with how some clothes make us feel older.  A few sounded discouraged themselves and I NEVER want that to happen.

True I have those challenges in the summer, but I do not allow them to get me down.  I also do not allow the heat to get me too down. Sure I weary of it toward September, but I still believe life is short and to be lived to its fullest with joy one day at a time.

I accept the fact that I am aging…that I am a grandmother (though my name is GIGI) and that I have some physical challenges before me as I age.  But, for me, I try to just make “adjustments” so that I still look and feel my best when I leave the house each day.  I have mentioned some of these before, but in an effort to bring encouragement, I would like to mention them again….

  1. I have a torn earlobe. It was ripped through when I was 22 and repaired once in my life.  Alas, it is ripped through again and too weak to hold the fix.  Clip earrings are so painful, that I just choose to not wear earrings at all.  However, I LOVE jewelry (as you know), so I compensate for no earrings with fun necklaces, and bracelets.  I have occasionally worn clip earrings, but they often do not make it through the day.
  2. I have what I call FUNKY FEET. I previously had bunion surgery, and on that foot, I struggle with callouses and hammer toes.  The other foot has begun to have the toe problem.  More so this year than ever before, I am wearing predominantly closed toe flats.  I do wear sandals, but I am not as confident in them as I was before.  But, there are so many cute flats…I never feel like my feet are missing out on fashion fun.
  3. Like most of you, I am showing wrinkles more and more each day, but I do practice good skincare and wear very light makeup. I love my Bobbi Brown serum foundation (you can’t miss it below and worth every penny) . It does not settle in wrinkles ir enhance them.
  4. I have chosen to continue to color and highlight my hair…though I am quite gray underneath. This is a personal choice just for my confidence.
  5. My metabolism has slowed, but I am on top of it with exercise and healthy eating and supplements.
  6. I am a curvy size 16 and have been for years, but I am still working to lose weight (mostly for health reasons), but I do not allow my size to get me down…I try to ignore labels and dress in ways I know are flattering, fun, and confident.
  7. Finally, I am a spotted animal underneath my clothes. My family handed down a heritage of “wisdom” spots…there are too many, and it is too expensive to freeze and remove all of them.  Of course, I have regular checkups with the dermatologist.  But, my longer hair and sometimes a great scarf will help me to hide some of the larger more obvious ones.
  8. I am blind as a bat…but cute rims make it fun!

There you have it…my current aging issues.  Some have been around for a while.  But, I am not going to allow them the power to cause me to not enjoy life.  You know I love Fashion and Style, and I will continue to enjoy it for the rest of my life.  I try to avoid comparisons and to be controlled by negatives.  Most of all, I am determined to sing along with Frank and stay Young at Heart.

Today, I am wearing another outfit showing how I use a print.  This is a look I would wear for running errands or going to lunch…you know me, I love purple.  I know the two purples in the jacket and handbag clash…but I grabbed the bag before I thought to change it out for the picture!

How are you doing with your challenges?  Anything the rest of us can help with?  Please share if you like and for now, always, always………………….



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