Would You Wear It X2

Happy Weekend, and it is time once again for Would You Wear It?  This is where Jennifer Connolly and I post looks we have found around our towns and ask you to tell us what you think.  Make sure you explain your answers and do not just say yes or no.  I found a display dedicated to pattern mixing. So, here are three looks…tell me how they resonate with you….look at how all three are styled and then answer……………………………..


After you answer, make sure to go to  A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think about her look.    Then……………………………………………………………………………………………..


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  1. Oh yes, I would definitely wear the skirt and blouse, if I was still in middle school and it was clash day. I like the other two outfits, but at only 5′ tall I am afraid all that busyness would not be flattering.

  2. My goodness! This looks like someone just put random pieces together and called it ‘pattern mixing.’ I like some of the individual pieces (mannequin on the left), but I wouldn’t put them together in this way.

  3. If I had to pick 1, perhaps the one in the middle with the leafy coat is the least offensive. I’m not a fan of overall patterns, I prefer clean & simple. I really don’t find any of these appealing.

  4. I actually kind of like the outfit on the right. The leopard print is sort of a neutral. I would feel better about it if it was a dress. Nude heels would finish the look.

  5. I didn’t comment last week on the discussion on patterns but I feel like patterns and prints in clothing can be camouflaging if done correctly. These combos seem so random and overly busy. The print on the middle jacket is too large for my short frame. It would completely overwhelm me. I do like the blue striped shirt but would wear it differently than shown here.

  6. I would not wear any of these combinations. Separately I would wear most of the items, I am more conservative in my choices and do not mix that many patterns at once.

  7. I love the middle look-the Vienna inspired coat from L148. Would definitely wear the whole outfit!
    For the other two outfits-while each component I would wear on their own- together they are way too busy!

  8. I like the middle outfit being tallish 5’9″ I can get away with a longer print jacket without being swamped in it. The blue jacket on the left I would try on it would work with dark slim fit slacks/jeans. As for the dress/tunic no too schoolgirlish & the pants look like they would hit at a weird spot on my legs. The peplum top on right is too high cut on the neck & I just don’t care for the color & pattern as for the skirt no thanks to me it looks like something an old woman who was trying to look younger would wear.

  9. Nope! Nope! and Nope! As I said about Jennifer’s “Would You Wear It” mannequin, I would walk right past that hot mess. It looks like no thought went into the choices. I’m way too busy to sort out the pieces I might wear. I like outfits that I can purchase that are well put together. I will many times purchase the entire ensemble. It makes it easy for me to shop and dress that way.

  10. Thanks for sharing, Diane. I really feel like retailers need to know what we are thinking when we buy…that is why I think WOULD YOU WEAR IT is valuable for all of us! Thanks for being here.

  11. No to all. The one in the middle would overwhelm me even though it is the least troublesome to my eye. The skirt and floral top just look like someone threw something together on a whim. The top I would wear with slim fitting jeans, in spite of it being a small floral. I do like the top. The jacket and pants on the left has far too much bulk and looks very sloppy to me. Dressing in layers to the extreme!

  12. Center outfit yes- the rest of the combinations are offensive to my eyes, but that’s a personal opinion! On others – definitely. I would wear all the pieces independent of each other!

  13. The display people are trying harder at this store than Jennifer’s. The left look and leaf print coat are for a taller person. I would wear the middle pant and top, shorten the necklace to mid chest, change the boot color to tan/ luggage, change purse, and but a Burberry trench on. I would wear the skirt, with a cashmere sweater, brown leather belt, and Burberry. I would not wear the right, I don’t care for black on myself. But I would style it with a red belt, black pants with a red side stripe, and a great blazer, with a bug brooch on the lapel.

  14. Sounds like you should be working in merchandising, Eileen! Thanks for the detail!

  15. Interestingly, I like most of these pieces and would wear them… but not together as styled. Pattern mixing can be very creative or go terribly wrong. This is too erratic for me.

  16. I would wear some of the individual pieces, some of which are nice. All together, they are jarring, and if I saw someone dressed like that I would think there was a fashion shoot ora circus nearby. The clothes are too overwhelming, the way they are thrown together, so randomly. You can mix and match if you do it carefully and have a good eye. A lot of the are too young for me.

  17. I like the one in the middle/back. I would wear that. I like the long coat and the pop of blue pinstripe is nice and makes the blue in the coat pop as well. The one in the left, I think if the jacket was darker it might be a better look and the blouse and skirt is a big NO. That one looks like they just grabbed a blouse and skirt and out it on a the mannequin.

  18. I would definitely wear the outfit in the middle. I personally really enjoy seeing pattern mixing. It is whimsical , unexpected and makes me smile. I think the key is to keep to a similar color wave.

  19. I love the middle look because that’s how I dress. I’d try the one on the left and tweak it. Full disclosure: I love prints! ?

  20. Center outfit: Yes, I like the colors, prints, style!

    Right outfit: No, I don’t like the floral print on me but colors and style okay. Skirt print and style is okay but I would pass it up.

    Left outfit: No, the jacket looks like a snug fit but I like the print and color. Also, I like the plaid but too much of a good thing, style is cute though.

  21. No! No! No! It appears that the sales staff are trying to display some items and not trying to make flattering outfits. How about some pretty summer dresses this time of year?

  22. I pick the yellow duster and pant outfit as the one I would wear. The yellow is the perfect shade for me, and I often wear longer cardigans, so this outfit is not outside my frame of reference.

    I would not wear a necklace that long, because it would catch on everything. I like accessories only if they don’t interfere with movement.

  23. The only two garments here I would possibly buy are the blue/white striped jacket & blouse. Looks as if the store here was dressing the mannequins to attract attention…that it did, but maybe not as intended! Haha! Anyway, maybe it did work, as it drew my eye to the blue/white. No to the printed jacket (too big print on large garment, to my eye), no to the peplum top (don’t care for the cut or flowers), and no to the skirt and the pants with the wide stripe down the leg (on the far left). That about sums it up for me! Thanks Pam! – oh! The little cross-body bag is actually quite nice! 🙂

  24. I wouldn’t wear any of them. The only one that doesn’t look like it was put together randomly is the middle one. The pants have a trouser look too them and would not be flattering on my short legs. I like the top and jacket on that one but not enough to buy. I also should choose a different bag … not silver, but more neutral or gold

  25. No to all of them. Most pattern mixing is just to busy for my taste. I like both the tops on the left, but they look more like dresses to me. I wouldn’t wear them together no matter the pattern, & I wouldn’t wear them over pants. I like the blouse in the center, but the coat reminds me of a blanket.
    I enjoy reading all the different opinions because that is what makes each of us unique.

  26. Thanks Mari! I would how many young women would think this looks are aging??

  27. I agree with you Barb….pattern mixing seems to look best when in the same color families!

  28. The center outfit is winning the most YES! I would also wear it. Thanks Linda.

  29. It is about that time when retailers begin to feature Pre-fall styles…I am going to make an uneducated guess that is what this grouping is meant for…but I could be wrong. Thanks Ruth!

  30. So true, Becky! It is what makes each of us unique and I think we learn from each other during these Saturday exercises.

  31. I would wear most of the pieces but not together. The skirt and blouse are great pieces but not together. The blue striped overpiece is great but I did not care for the rest of the pieces on that manikin and I really liked the middle outfit. I’m fairly tall and could wear it.

  32. I like the middle outfit best and would wear it. At second glance, I do like the animal print skirt and floral top. The mix of prints is fun!!

    In my opinion, I don’t think these outfits were displayed very well. Individually they are good. But grouped together they clash with each other and are way too busy. The reds and blues don’t work along side each other.

  33. Good point, Beth! You are the first one to mention what they do to each other when grouped together!

  34. I would wear the outfit in the middle but not the other two. Animal and floral is just too busy for my eye. The stripe isn’t too bad but I wouldn’t wear something that long – i’m 5’2”. I would look like I was sinking into the ground!

  35. I like the outfit in the middle, but with a smaller print in the jacket. The giant leaves would overwhelm me. I like the top on the right, but not with the skirt. I would wear it with black slim pants and red heels. I would want to add a jacket in black silk with red shot through it. I don’t find anything attractive about the outfit on the left other than the color.

  36. The outfit in the center is the least offensive to the eye. 😉 It’s probably a good choice in an area that is dull and grey, a lot and needs one needs a little lift. The pattern mixing on the right and left are too much, looks like a 3 year old put the outfits together. Sorry, I like a little pattern mixing, but subtle, classy. The two on the outside are too loud and make no connection, no sense.

  37. I like all the outfits, but the one I’d wear would be the animal print skirt and floral top. Perfect for hot Florida summers and ballroom dancing, my favorite exercise.

  38. I LOVE the one on the left and the one in the middle! I think mixing prints – when done correctly – is super stylish and a great way to make otherwise basic pieces on their own look particularly charming. Just not sure about the floral and animal print. But if can wear it and OWN it, then I say “go for it!”

  39. Individually, there isn’t a piece here that I wouldn’t wear and I think I’d be okay with either of the left two combinations, but I would not put the flowered top and the animal print skirt together. The first two combinations work because the blues in the patterned pieces pull the looks together.

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