Chicos Semi-Annual Sale – Affordable Wardrobe Building Over 50

The Chicos Semi-Annual Sale has played a major role helping me build my wardrobe over age 50…I always find some great statement pieces and staples for my wardrobe for a song! If you are a Passport Member at Chicos, you will save even more and have free shipping for your sale purchases.  It cost nothing to sign up to become a Passport Member.  Now, the pants above are in this year’s sale.  And so are the pants below here…………………..

I love both pair of these pants,and have worn them often.  I always get compliments and they truly are statement pieces for my wardrobe.  Also, this jacket is in the sale and has become a favorite of my work jackets…again, it is a wonderful statement piece.

In the look below, I am wearing an olive green shirt I purchased last year in this sale, with a light animal print jacket I selected to wear this year.

And, never forget the accessories!  You can actually find some amazing pieces for under ten dollars.  I selected this small cuff bracelet from this year’s sale.  I always do some of my Christmas shopping during this sale because I have so many friends who love Chicos jewelry…with many pieces priced under seven, ten, and fifteen dollars, it is just wise to shop for several reasons.  You know, in looking over this post, my hair may have changed over the year, but my loyalty to Chicos as one of my favorite brands has not!

Chicos Semi-Annual Sale is a great reason to shop and save.  Look over some of the things I found, and of course that will take you right to the sale.  Remember these important details

  • Up to 50-70% off Select Styles
  • Now through July 21st
  • Online & In Boutiques
  • Items go fast so don’t wait too long

Click on the pictures below and enjoy yourself!  It is one of many reasons to……………………………..



Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Just spent some time looking over the sale items. Since I have a Chico’s close by, I think I’ll have to stop in to see what they have in the store. SO MANY print pants – I’d have a really hard time choosing! The pieces you feature above are all great looks! I like the animal print jacket with the olive shirt! All of them actually, from dressy to casual! You wear this brand so well Pam! Good idea about picking up some jewelry for gifts. The sales are happening now, whether we want to think of Christmas or not!! Good suggestion. Guess I’ll be making a trip over there one evening this week. Something to look forward to.

  2. Have fun, Karen. I did place a jewelry order…these prices are just too good to pass on. Happy Monday!

  3. I just don’t understand the sizing at Chico’s. I have gone in and tried things on where the lower size is tight and the next size is huge. I like their products but just haven’t been able to figure it all out!

  4. I have worn the same Chico’s size for years but occasionally one of the garment’s Design just doesn’t fit well. The great thing with online shopping is that they are easy with returns and helping you find the best fit for you.

  5. Oh, I really like the animal jacket. You are so right on the jewelry, too. I’ve gotten some real treasures that way.

  6. My boyfriend went shopping with me at Chico’s, was so impressed that he called his broker and bought stock. My wardrobe is probably 90 percent from Chico’s.

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