Hot Outside, But Feeling Cold Breezes In My Closet!

My July sale shopping this year is proving to be very successful, and while the temperatures go up beyond 100 degrees outside, I can walk into my closet and dream of cooler breezes to come and how I will wear my new pieces.  Somehow it helps me to endure the long hot summers by having new clothes to anticipate styling.  Now, I know there is much competition for our dollars this year on many retail levels, but I have always shopped clothing in July for the best deals…so I had to close my eyes to the otheres!.

I have confessed many times how excited I am to find Eileen Fisher pieces I love at very reasonable sale prices.  I definitely get the most out of EF clothing because I wear them so often taking the cost per wear very low.  This grey jacket was a recent discovery at Dillards and I know it will be a fall/winter favorite for work and even weekend.  I love to pair gray with olive green, purple, pink, red, blacks and creamy whites.

I am also wearing today one of the necklaces from James Avery.  James Avery is a family-owned company which offers finely crafted jewelry designs.  Each timeless piece is originated by skilled artisans in the Texa Hill Country (where I live and play) and is created to celebrate life through the beauty of design.  I have loved James Avery designs for over 30 years and wear them with pride…this is jewelry I will hand down to my children and grandchildren.  Check out new pieces in the summer catalog:  JAMES AVERY CATALOG.

Have you found any fall pieces yet during these July sales?  Please share….give yourself permission to think about fall fashion for a bit.  It’s fun!

I continue to bring you sale items in the slideshow below…so many great pieces on sale right now.

Take a moment to look, and, as always……..




Disclaimer:  I was provided product from James Avery for this post. #ad #sponsored


  1. Beautiful necklace! And I love your nail color, Pam!
    To be honest, I am enjoying the slashed prices on summer items right now. It’s just still too hot for me to wrap my mind around anything for fall just yet. I’m missing out, I’m sure! Love your entire outfit! xo

    1. I understand, Betty. But these prices allow me to afford some quality pieces that won’t be this low in the fall so it is worth it to me financially to grab them now. Enjoy your summer shopping and thanks for stopping by.

  2. You always find the best deals in Eileen Fisher. The Dillard’s in my area rarely puts EF on sale, and when they do it seems to be t-shirts and odd sizes. Good for you for always scoring the good pieces! The gray jacket is a beauty and like you said, will go with so much and work for so many occasions! The necklace is beautiful too. I’ll have to check out that website. I do like unique and original pieces. My big score happened when I was in Ann Taylor and went to the clearance rack. I found two dresses already marked down, sign on the wall indicated an additional 60% off the sale prices. Both dresses fit – one was a size I wouldn’t have normally tried but it looked like it would fit and it did, pays to try. Anyway, I took them to the checkout, both had starting prices over $150 and I got one for $9 and some change and one for $11 and some change. Both for fall/winter. Also found a GORGEOUS winter white peplum jacket at Talbots on clearance, $30 (might have been mismarked?). I considered these finds to be extraordinary!

    1. Woa! You did score big and your best advice here is to get out and shop the racks and then TRY THEM ON. You win my best shopping award for July so far. Karen!!

  3. You have me thinking about fall clothes now which is something I don’t normally do. I’m like Betty in the above comment where I normally focus on summer sales. I have now bought a couple of tops for the fall. I love James Avery jewelry and have some items from that I have been wearing for years. I have a bracelet and a pair of earrings that are my basics that I wear at least once a week. I love that I can take them into the James Avery store to be cleaned and have the clasp checked and fixed if needed especially since my bracelet is 25 years old and retired.

    1. I am happy to have expanded your horizons toward fall, Michele!! James Avery is one of those few remaining retailers where customer service matters!! Thanks

  4. Just informational for you in the event you did not know. The actual man, James Avery died April 30th of this year. I love Avery jewelry. My first piece of jewelry came from him (crosslet ring) and last years Christmas present came from there as well. I am now 63 and still adore the jewelry line.

    1. I knew it the day it happened. Somber moment and thoughts on how many lives he touched. My husband wears an Avery wedding ring and our first purchase for our home together was a large wooden cross which still hangs in our home today. Thank you for acknowledging him.

  5. Love the James Avery necklace but can’t find it in the catalog. Do you know the name of the piece?

    1. Hi Sandy, I promise to send the exact links later today. It is a separate medallion with a necklace style I selected. That way I can change out the piece on the necklace. Will get you the links as soon as I can

    1. I understand the heat but I also understand getting what I want for less. You are right…the best deals are now!

  6. I really like the EF jacket, it looks textured. That will look great with so many things, you’re right, a good investment.

  7. Such a great versatile jacket! I love fall & winter clothes & always feel much more put together during the cooler seasons. Like others have noted, I tend to scout the clearance racks this time of year. I’m usually in search of replacement pieces for items that are starting to look a bit tired & worn. I have a fall birthday, so I usually get some new things for cool weather as gifts.

  8. James Avery jewelry is timeless. I wear a pair of his earrings every day. I just hope his sons will carry on the excellence and great customer service their father started.

  9. I happened upon a few EF items marked down 75% at Macy’s while we were traveling last week. I bought a pair of taupe pants and a gorgeous nubby textured cream jacket. Both pieces are a weight and colors that can be worn year round. They were even cheaper when the clerk rang them up. The original price for both items was over $420. I paid $106. That’s a savings of over $300! I’ll wear both pieces the rest of my life! LOL, another lady asked to have them if I wasn’t going to buy them. She followed me to the register just in case I changed my mind. She was very nice about it. I understood, been there myself! ?

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