I have experienced one whole workout as part of my new healthy lifetyle routine over 50 with new training at my gym. .  It is different, less time, less number of exercises, but much more intense.  I walked off thinking…that wasn’t so bad, but then the fatigue set in.  I definitely need to work on my stamina…and that is why I am there.  I followed it up on Day One with using my FitBit to track steps and activity.  So, here we go….I am off on another “get healthier” adventure.

Since this is all about healthy eating, I decided I would avoid fast food easier if I cooked ahead over the weekend.  So I roasted some veggies just tossed lightly in olive oil, and a little garlic salt.  I also roasted walnuts to eat a few in between meals.

Then, I placed a pork roast in my crock pot with a few sweet potatoes cubed.  I seasoned that with salt, pepper and threw in some fresh rosemary sprigs,  Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb, and a new Avocado Oil dressing….THIS WAS DELICIOUS.  It provided several servings for me and my husband.  I love my crock pot and will use it, often, now that I am back to cooking healthy for us.   I have not read or studied a book as so many of you have, but I plan to check into one or two of the books you recommended.  I am writing down everything I eat, so the nutritionist who oversees the program where I am working out can flag any issues if I do not lose weight.  Basically, I know to avoid sugar, bread, and most dairy.  After I work out in the morning, I will make a protein shake with The Juice Plus Protein Powder, water, and a little frozen mango (great for your complexion!).  Remember avocado and olive oil make up healthy fats…The Avocado Salad Dressing is not that easy to find (unless you have an HEB), but keep an eye for it…it is good!


That is my first day update….I will be working out with the trainers two more days this week and as summer winds down, hopefully, returning to regular treadmill visits in between.


Some of these items are in the slideshow below if you are interested.  No matter your good health plan…………….


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