Recently,  one reader commented about her success following my Foundational Five Style Guide for developing your own personal style, and another asked WHAT IS THAT?   My whole story is told in the free PDF called 8 Steps to Reinvented Style, which you can receive when you sign up in the email.  But, in order to answer the question, please allow me to briefly hit the highlights.

When I turned 50, I had a wake up moment where I realized I had let myself go for a long time and I would describe my style at that time as being sad and frumpy, frumpy, frumpy!  I went through a series of steps to turn my life around, and when it came to dress, I wasn’t sure where to begin.  But, at that time WHAT NOT TO WEAR was popular on television and Stacy London and Clinton Kelley kept asking, WHAT DOES YOUR CHOICE OF CLOTHING SAY TO OTHERS ABOUT YOU?  I had never thought of clothing as sending messages about me, but, of course, it does.  I began to ask myself what I wanted others to know about me from the way I dressed, especially at work, and with my family (the legacy I leave).

It made sense to me to select adjectives I wanted my look to communicate and I thought by selecting five that would not be too many or too little.  What I discovered was this:

  1. If I asked myself each time I dressed if the look communicated those adjectives, then I began to develop a personal style.
  2. If I asked myself about those same adjectives in the dressing room, I made fewer mistakes when shopping….bought less, returned less.
  3. As I controlled the messages, my confidence grew.
  4. Friends and family get it…they now know my style. They know what to purchase for me for gifts.

So, when I get dressed (before I leave the house or dressing room) I ask, does this outfit say about me that I am smart, strong, current, approachable, and creative.  I want to always be chic…with a twist!

There are hundreds of adjectives!  Pick the five which you want to communicate the most.  Then make a commitment to them and always ask if they are communicated with what you choose to wear.  This works…you will begin to get more confident and comfortable with your wardrobe.  Also, remove from your closet ANYTHING that does not communicate your adjectives…just say goodbye.

I Love this quote from Stacy London, because I know it to be true…..

“It’s not an overstatement to say that style teaches me over and over again how to live in my skin. It helps me find courage, and confidence and control when I feel I have none.  While I was drawn to the world of fashion as a little girl, because of it’s sparkle, I love the world of style now because I understand it’s transformative power.”

A word about today’s outfit….the jacket and the necklace were recent purchases during the Chico’s Sale…the necklace was under $15 and the jacket under $45.  I was so happy about the pieces I found in the sale…and this jacket is reversible!  These are how I show my creativity!

If you had to pick five adjectives right now that you would like your style to communicate, what would they be.  These five adjectives are how you describe you and set you apart from others…what do you want to say about you??

Like other readers, if you have questions, let me know and I will do my best to get them answered!  Now, make sure you…………………


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