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Happy Saturday, all!  Jennifer Connolly is back from vacation and we are here to bring you twice the fun with WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  Geometric prints are still on trend, so here is a look I thought might bring interest.  Just give us your thoughts…don’t just say yes or no…but explain your answer.  We have learned so much from each other during these posts.  So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Now, head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what you think of the look Jennifer found in California!  Thanks for being here and, of course,




  1. I do like geometric prints but I would not wear this dress. The colors are too harsh for me. Also, I avoid defined waistlines since I no longer have one ?. I do like the length and I think the dress would look elegant on the right woman.

  2. I love it! Am a fan of red & prints but don’t wear either as often any more. Not sure if it would work for me at my heavier & curvier size 12-14 due to larger bust & its pleated higher neck as well as the waist.

  3. I like the look of subdued power that the geometric shapes and the colors provide. It’s femininity isn’t traditional with ruffles. lace and powdery pink. I would wear it.

  4. I love this dress.The print is dramatic.The print leads the eye up and down.The waist is defined.Pam should wear it!

  5. Not for me. I can see it on someone tall and slim, otherwise I think the amount of fabric and print would be over whelming.

  6. I love geos and would try this one for sure. I don’t wear most florals as they can quickly make one look frumpy- but this is very modern. It would look nice on a tall person! I think my stylish stepdaughter would say to belt it with a real belt though not the self tie!

  7. I too am not a fan of geometric prints, sleeveless or maxi so this dress has three strikes against it for me.

  8. I do think it is a nice dress, but not for me. I generally avoid high necklines, sleeveless items and the maxi length. I feel more comfortable covering my arms and wearing v-neck or a slight scoop neck. Also, I have a thick waist and thin legs so I would be comfortable showing my legs.

  9. I might wear it. I would need to try it on. I don’t usually wear geometric prints. However, it looks 1950’s retro. I like vintage fashion.

  10. I’d wear this, if the red were a different color. I have a triangle shape. The triangles on this dress visually make the body wider where it needs to be, while the waistline defines the shape. A slim rectangle body or a triangle shape would work for this silhouette, but you need some height to carry it off.

  11. I always enjoy reading the comments from your readers.
    Please let me know next time you are in the store.
    Would be great to reconnect! I am not a fan of sleeveless
    but would have to try it on to know how it drapes the
    body. With a little topper I could make it work. All
    prints are personal I am not a fan of this one or
    the color scheme, so it is not something I would choose.

  12. I would not. I am petite (5’1″) and the print seems overwhelming. The diamond at the top would emphasize my bust, an area I try to de-emphasize. I have long legs though, I feel very feminine in a maxi length.

  13. No, my coloring is too fair for this look. Again and again, I say a taller person would wear this better, and, the manufacturers use prints that are too large. The scale is better as wallpaper.

  14. I like it. I like the fact that the print is not all over the dress, but in columns. I think the sheer-ish, floaty fabric softens the print and makes it a little more dressy. I would wear it.

  15. I would wear this as I think the design is elegant and slimming. I’d probable wear a bolero sweater with it in a light drape.

  16. problem…..if i wore this dress…no one would ever notice me…just stare at the dress! And…you could only wear it once…because no one could ever forget this dress!

  17. I couldn’t wear this at all. The colors are wrong for me and so is the size of the geometric print. I like the dress and have a friend who could pull this off and look great.

  18. Geometric prints are fine in general as long as they appeal to me but this just doesn’t although I like the style of the dress and the dramatic look.

  19. I’m afraid that I don’t like this dress at all (well, for me). I’m not a fan of the colors or print.

    The shape is nice — I think it would be right for me in a softer color and smaller print.

  20. I like the dress but not for me. I think the print would overwhelm me since I am short. I do like the contemporary feel of the print though and red is always dramatic!

  21. I lîke it but the print would overwhelm me, so I woul,wear it. It is a nice silhouette and I like the sophisticated color combination.

  22. I would certainly be curious enough to try it on. Love the color and vertical direction of the pattern, but it might overwhelm my petite frame and add pounds, something I do not need.

  23. I love the colors and the print but the large geometric shapes might overwhelm me. At 5’2” this is one I would need to try on before saying yes. I bought a geometric print a few years ago without trying it on and it doesn’t work well on my frame. People see the dress and not me?

  24. No, not this. Way too matronly to my eye. The length seems off to me too, colors look muddy.

  25. This dress has all the things I have learned to say “no” to when shopping. I’m 5″1″ so high necks cut me off and are just plain uncomfortable to me. I like my arms covered with a sheer or lace sleeve of some sort to give the illusion of no sleeves. I don’t care for the sash at the waist. The print is too large for me and the colors too harsh. I do like it a lot on the model.

  26. It’s all about timing as I do like it and would have worn it years ago. The dress is too memorable for me to even think about it now.

  27. The geometric print takes me back to the 1960’s which reminds me of my early teens! Love it! Love the colors too!

  28. I would pass on this. The pattern is large and I think would overwhelm me. Also, this pattern is so very memorable that I would not want to wear it often.

  29. I would wear this dress if it were a tunic – without the gather in the waist. I think I could pull it off… To do the dress as it, I would need to revisit my waist.

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