Chico’s Kimono: The Other Side of the Story

Last week, I shared with you this wonderful kimono I found at Chico’s during their recent big July sale.  I mentioned it was reversible….so here is the other side of the story, ladies!  Just to remind you, here is the side I wore first…..

I actually believe one side is more summer-like, and the side at the top more autumn-like.  But, it is a win-win for me because I like both sides….alot.

I do recommend trying on both sides in the dressing room to see what you think.  When they do this, they make the tag inside the garment very easy to remove.  I noticed they have a similar garment in their new collection, so it is in my slide show below.  Your cost per wear is way lower with a reversible garment, because you get twice the wear out of them.  It makes economic sense as well.  Now… because I was asked about the pants…here are a couple of links.

Also, if you get an opportunity to add a bronze shoe to your collection, I highly recommend it!  I have worn these Cole Hahn ballet flats so much in the last four years when I purchased them in a July clearance sale at Dillards.  They still look and feel great, but the color adds to so many outfits.  Keep your eyes open…metallics are so much fun to put on your feet!

And don’t forget the accessories…when I am going casual, I can wear a few more pieces to add to the fun.

Do you own many reversible garments?  If so, how often to you reverse them for different looks.  This is the first one I have purchased, but I bought it because I saw many possibilities for both sides.  There is a slide show below with some new options in it and it includes several reversible items (Chicos is 40% off today)……..thanks for joining in, and as always….




  1. You would certainly never know it’s the same garment!! Both looks are completely different! I do love the sleeves on that one! So true about cost per wear. I had a reversible skirt once with a beautiful lettuce hem that fell in subtle layers and I could wear it two days in a row and no one would know. I got a lot of mileage out of that skirt as you will this kimono. I like it with the deep green pants, and just love the first look too! You found a winner!

    1. Thanks Karen…it is a winner and your skirt sounds amazing! Good point about wearing a garment like that close together and no one knows.

  2. Looking at both photos you’d never guess the kimono was the same one! I love the kimono look although I’ve never worn one- yet! The colors on both sides are amazing and look great on you (we have very similar coloring). I would wear this outfit, head to toe! Also love the olive pants and they are nice change of pace from jeans. Have you mentioned these pants in a post before?

    1. Hi Wendy, Yes I have mentioned them often. They are the Eileen Fisher crepe knit ankle pants…I have them in five colors. The fit is amazing and they are lightweight (perfect for warmer climates like South Texas). I have a sixth color on the way right now! I do love them and often put them in my slide shows! I have linked to them at Nordstrom, Macys, and Dillards. Also, Eileen Fisher has 20% off on their website right now.

  3. Every time Chico’s has a reversible garment I’m in. I feel like I am getting two for the price of one. I have many Chico’s reversible in my closet. They can’t be beat for travel since yo
    U can pack half the amount of clothes and leave more room for souvenirs.

  4. This kimono looks like it is a bit more structured than the ones I have seen. I have tried on a few but felt like I was wearing lingerie. Both patterns on this one are lovely.

  5. Wow! I love that you are able to have two very different outfits from the same garment. I love the pants you have on today — can you tell me the brand?

    Great outfit, Pam!

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