Would You Wear It?

Yes!  It is Saturday and time for Would You Wear It!  This is the day you tell all…give us your opinion on the outfits posted.  Explain why you would or would not wear the outfit.  Some of you are so great with the details and we have learned a lot from one another since we began these posts.  So, look it over and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………


  I hope you will return to look through the selections below I have posted from recent offerings in our favorite stores.  As I say often, July is the best time to shop. Tomorrow I will share with you my recent stop by Nordstrom!  Have a wonderful weekend and please…………………………..



  1. The one in back with the jeans, definitely. I the top, might prefer a different color, but I like the rounded hem. Now, the skirt and top…I’d wear the top with skinny black pants or a pencil skirt. I like this type of floral. Knife pleats in skirts look fine on people with no hips, zero. If you have a small waist and normal hips, no. The pleats spread out and look wrong. The pleats are going to add bulk. Compare this to stitched down pleats where the skirt falls in looser folds. The stitched down pleats are more universally flattering. Just my opinion, of course. This is where a three-way mirror is your friend!

  2. I would wear this in a heartbeat. I am not sure about those pleats and my hips, but I could make it work. It looks incredibly comfy, yet really nice.

  3. I like the sleek silhouette and the necklaces, but have to say the print layout of this particular top has me thinking a gigantic pair of lips is nuzzling the mannequin’s left breast. Plus there’s an eye above it looking on… am I overthinking it? Yes!

  4. It doesn’t do anything for me. I have that problem where after 50 I lost my waistline and this look seems (at least to me) to accentuate that. Maybe if the blouse was tucked and pulled out a little, it would appeal to me more.

  5. I think this is a very pretty outfit. I used to wear dresses & skirts a lot but now I’m a pants/shorts kind of gal.
    But if I was still wearing skirts, I’d wear this outfit. I like the pattern on the blouse & I think it looks great with the pleated skirt.

  6. I could probably pull off the outfit in the back, but as elegant as the outfit in the front looks, it wouldn’t look good on my shaped body. I need a little more arm coverage for the top and pleated skirts don’t hang well on my apple shape. I can see it on people with flatter tummies. Pretty, but not for me.

  7. Being that I never wear dresses that said, no I wouldn’t wear it, but the outfit in the back maybe, but with a more colorful shirt and not those ugly shoes either.

  8. This is a perfect outfit for the Jewish holidays when they come early and it’s still hot. It’s too sedate for me to wear anywhere else.

  9. The denim outfit in the back is a definite, I have very similar pieces in my wardrobe already. I love pleated skirts but haven’t tried them this time around. In general I like the outfit and would try it at the store for sure!

  10. I wouldn’t wear this. The top is okay but a little dull for me. I never wear pleated skirts because I am hippy (pear shaped). Not a good look.

  11. I tend to follow the rule “both top and bottom should not be baggy.” I might wear the top with slim black pants or the bottom with a more form-fitting top. Really, I wouldn’t wear the skirt at all-pleats just seem to emphasize my middle!

  12. I would wear the skirt and top with a little black sweater and some long strands of pearls, but I don’t think the sleeve length of the top in the second outfit is flattering and would take the Capri jeans (if that is what they are, it is that a Jean skirt?) and top them with a white tank top and my favorite pale green linen unstructured blazer. If that outfit is a Jean skirt and not capris, same toppings. ?

  13. I like the colors of the outfit, and the blouse design, but I had a similar skirt as a kid that I didn’t like, so I probably wouldn’t wear it.

  14. The pleated skirt would be a great mixing piece for weddings or cruises, as I can imagine it with glittery tanks or even a thin, short linen cardigan, and black would go with a lot. I’m not sure what all the shine would do to my plus size figure, but -small- pleats on a longer skirt can be quite flattering to those with a tummy if the top overlaps the waist a bit. Better would be broomstick pleats, which are also on trend. In fact, I have my eye out for one right now. I would for sure try this outfit on. I feel so-so about the top … the print might be unflattering, but it would be worth trying on. It too could pull double duty in my wardrobe. I usually buy separates, even for more formal occasions, and follow the rule that it has to go with at least three other looks.

  15. Pleated skirt: never. The pleats make my triangle shape look boxy. The color of the top is wrong for my spring complexion.

  16. I would definitely wear the top! I like everything about it and it would easily fit into my present wardrobe. I don’t wear skirts very often and I have never felt drawn to pleats. I do love to dance though and that skirt looks like it would be fun to dance in, so I would at least try it on.

  17. Yes, I would try it on. I bought an updated broomstick pleated navy skirt and like it. I would style the sleeveless top with a shorter jacket or cardigan. Lots of fabric and volume overwhelm my shape so I try to balance it. I stand about 7 feet away from the mirror to see what kind of silhouette I have constructed. Then, (after a good laugh) I start changing out tops and jackets to improve the silhouette the best I can. Proportions are tricky, LOL!!

  18. None of the pieces. They all look old, dated, and cheap, and the colors would do nothing for me. I’m not really a fan of prints, but I’m especially not a fan of this one. The 80s are calling, and they don’t want these clothes back!

  19. What is with makers darn adversion to tops with a real sleeve? I don’t think I’d wear either of these tops, because one has no sleeve and the other the sleeve is a bit short and would hit at absolutely the wrong place on the arm. I’m not a fan of a pleated skirt either – this one looks a bit filmy and transparent. The cropped legs on any pant really need to have the right proportion to look flattering, so often I shy away from cropped look. So I’m voting for “No, not for me” this time.

  20. I bought a black pleated skirt by Vince at last years Nordstrom sale. I have a somewhat hour glass figure and I thought I would try it and probably would return it. Well, it fit well and made me look great. The material is not heavy and I wear a top that is not overly boxy and sometimes a belt. What I am saying is that many styles will work for you and you need to experiment. I think the outfit here has a lot of potential for a lot of different shapes.

  21. I love the outfit, but would have to try it on. Not sure if I have the body type for it. However, I love that necklace with that top and would definitely wear those two together.

  22. It gets a no from me. I don’t wear sleeveless tops without a jacket or sweater, but I don’t like this print so I wouldn’t wear it at all. Pleated skirts are not appropriate for my body type, & this one just looks matronly to me anyway. Sorry Vera, but this is just a miss all the way around, in my opinion.

  23. I agree with Mari, July 14, and Becky. The top print is not at all pretty, and I’m not sure that I would like the skirt material. Perhaps it is a safe outfit for someone who goes for black and white. On that note, I personally get tired of black and white, which people wear because it’s “smart” looking.
    There are so many gorgeous colors. We see them in the vibrant flowers of Spring and in the rich hues of Autumn leaves. God made so many beautiful colors. Why wear black?

  24. The one on the left is just too nondescript. I like color and more close fitting clothes. I’m small – 5’4″ and 115 lbs – so the outfit on the right would totally overwhelm me, it’s just too much fabric for a small person.

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