This continues our discussion of what is on trend for Fall 2018.  Well, as most trends do…this one has been around and come back around again….blouses with bows.  I remember when they were called Secretary’s Bows.  Never understood that one….however, calling it a pussy cat bow doesn’t seem to fit either!

This blouse is a dusty pink with a navy dot print, and I have paired it with a Talbot’s cardigan that I bought last year at the Red Hangar Sale.  I am wearing it with my Roz & Ali denim dark wash jeans and Aerosole flats.

It’s easy to stay current with our style when we know what the trends are…and can often find them among pieces we already own.  I have never worn these pieces together before, but I do like the look.  I am also glad to see so much navy on trend for fall…a softer answer to black!

What do you think of the blouses with bows that tie?  Do you own one right now?  Please comment, and thank you for all of the participation yesterday.  If you did not see it in the comments, Jennifer and I spoke in the afternoon and we are going to continue Would You Wear It…because the majority know how to enjoy it and learn from it.  You guys are the best!   One of you wanted me to explain what I wear around the house and if tee shirts/jeans are ever worn, I decided to address that question in a blog post…so stay tuned….and


These items are from top retailers on deep discounts….enjoy!

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