Finding More Fall Trends in My Closet

This continues our discussion of what is on trend for Fall 2018.  Well, as most trends do…this one has been around and come back around again….blouses with bows.  I remember when they were called Secretary’s Bows.  Never understood that one….however, calling it a pussy cat bow doesn’t seem to fit either!

This blouse is a dusty pink with a navy dot print, and I have paired it with a Talbot’s cardigan that I bought last year at the Red Hangar Sale.  I am wearing it with my Roz & Ali denim dark wash jeans and Aerosole flats.

It’s easy to stay current with our style when we know what the trends are…and can often find them among pieces we already own.  I have never worn these pieces together before, but I do like the look.  I am also glad to see so much navy on trend for fall…a softer answer to black!

What do you think of the blouses with bows that tie?  Do you own one right now?  Please comment, and thank you for all of the participation yesterday.  If you did not see it in the comments, Jennifer and I spoke in the afternoon and we are going to continue Would You Wear It…because the majority know how to enjoy it and learn from it.  You guys are the best!   One of you wanted me to explain what I wear around the house and if tee shirts/jeans are ever worn, I decided to address that question in a blog post…so stay tuned….and


These items are from top retailers on deep discounts….enjoy!


  1. I don’t have a blouse with a bow that ties at the moment. Used to, and I remember the reference to secretaries (another stereotype?) I like how they take the place of a necklace, which can be great if you’re in a hurry to get out the door. I like it a lot with the jeans as you are showing it. That Talbots cardigan is beautiful. I love the color and can see that subbing in for a jacket in so many ways. Great shoes. Lots of pretty things in the slideshow also. The white linen shirt is exactly the style I’m looking for, but long sleeves. I thought they would be easy to find, but not so! Your hair is pretty Pam. I’m always amazed that you can keep your bangs so nice – mine frizz up in the ever-present humidity and I end up sweeping them to the side all the time.

  2. Hi Karen, Have you looked at Foxcroft for the blouse? You might check their site out…excellent brand for no iron blouses. I just in the last few months found a stylist who can cut my bangs really well. I have a cowlick in the bangs and it’s been a problem for years. The stylist also wears bangs so maybe that is the secret ….to find someone who wears them! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you for reminding me about Foxcroft Pam! I found exactly what I am looking for!!

  4. Good morning Pamela!
    You look adorable, pulled together even in jeans and the blouse/cardio combination. I don’t own a bow blouse, but might invest! Most of my blouses/shirts are oretty classic man shirt style as I like the V neck effect.

    You are fortunate, being tall and poised…you look great in everything! I have to be very careful or frumpy……
    I’m five foot four, 133 pounds, busty, smallish shoulders, thick waist, but ok legs and hips. Wish I could afford a personal stylist! V necks are my friend!

  5. I like the idea of the bow, but didn’t think the tight high neck was flattering on me on the one I tried on. So I left the top button unbuttoned, and tied a loose man”s tie Windsor knot a few inches down. I liked that much better. More modern, and it works for those of us who prefer V necks. Love the navy!

  6. I like the bow blouse you have on. It’s a smaller bow than some and has a good drape compared to some I’ve seen. I have a shorter neck so I’m not sure how I will like them on me. I used to wear one back when they were in style that wasn’t quite as high on the neck and it worked for me. Your outfit looks great on you. I’m also loving the navy this year and plan to invest in some basics. It’s my favorite neutral color but sometimes it is hard to find in an outfit that I want to wear.

  7. It’s funny how trends cycle in and out. I used to hate the bow style you are wearing. Now, I’d like to revisit it!

  8. I don’t have a bow blouse now but did in the past. I would need to try one on to see if I like it now. I’m very happy to see all the navy and will be looking for some basics.

  9. I like your bow blouse & how you have styled it. This is an outfit I would wear. It is casual & classy. I currently don’t have a blouse with a bow. Like many others, I had one back in my power suit wearing days, but I didn’t hang on to it when I did one of my closet purges. I may have to take another look at them.

  10. I like this for a soft feminine touch to the blouse. It would give you a nice alternative to your menswear, Paulette.

  11. I love V necks and wear them often. I will try your way, Susan to see how it looks! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have been slowly adding navy pieces and I am so glad I did. I have two of the bow blouses and both have smaller bows. Thanks for your input, Michele!

  13. There are a few trends from back in my 30s that I said I would never do ….and here I am wearing them! I am learning to never say never! And to just try it on!! Thanks Kim

  14. This is a good weekend look for me…movie, church, out to dinner with the family. I like a stepped up casual style! Thanks so much Becky…

  15. Hi Pam – I have worn “bow” blouses to work in the (*distant*) past – but now I really think scarves are more my style. Talbot’s and Spartina 449 are 2 places I have gotten some lovely, lightweight scarves – very colorful and they dress up my 3/4 length t shirts and lightweight sweaters. I wear them to church, work and with jeans and very casual shoes, also. The one you are wearing looks great on you, btw! Keep smiling! 🙂

  16. I love my scarves, Shirley. When I taught high school one student called me the scarf lady. I like both the scarves and bow blouses a lot!

  17. I love to see casual chic. You look so together in your outfit.
    I fondly remember the blouse with neck ties. I have been looking for some time for a silk blouse with ties, now they are available!
    I’m glad you and Jennifer still will continue with your What You Would Wear segment. I must admit that I scan over the comments and found a few comments that are not relevant to critiquing. I find that many of the clothing items are not for me but they would be fine for someone else.
    I know many grandmothers that are better put together clothes wise than their grandchildren!

  18. This is one of my favorite looks on you, Pam! Love the pink dotted bow blouse, the jeans and the navy flats with the lovely buckle detailing. I’d wear this outfit all the time! I will look for this blouse.

  19. Thank you Wendy! I do like the look alot and will probably wear it often when it gets a bit cooler.

  20. Those bow tie blouses got me through my pregnancy back in the 80s … they were great to wear under jumpers for the office (unbuttoned on the bottom half, hidden behind the jumper front). This really took me back … thank you. I don’t remember them being called secretary’s bows … we called them poet ties. I would consider one again because they fit one of my style words, “polished.” I would like one in a stripe or geometric print.

  21. I like “poet Ties” that is the best name I have heard for them, Linda! And I agree that they communicate POLISH. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Yes Pam, I also have a blouse with bow,I would dig it up in my closet!I want to copy your look wearing a bow blouse top with a cardigan.You’re right,navy is a nice replacement for black.:)

  23. Love the outfit on you Pamela. Unfortunately high necklines do nothing for me so I am unable to wear this style of blouse. However, I do have a navy cardigan of a similar length to yours and I have just bought my first dark denim jeans and couldn’t believe how flattering they were compared to my lighter ones. Together with the lovely shoes, your photo shows than denim can look really smart.

  24. I don’t have any blouses with bows. If I did decide to try one, it would have to have a lower neckline than yours. Anything that close to my neck is bothersome due to extensive surgery a few years ago to remove a cancerous growth in one of my saliva glands. I used to enjoy wearing turtle necks in cold month, but sadly they too are out.

  25. There are so many fun gaments…don’t worry about what you can’t wear…just have fun with what you can! Thanks Elaine.

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